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  1. I did a slow roll (verrrrry slooooow) over about 8 months because I, like you, thought there were no food sensitivities and was mostly working on my relationship with food. However, by doing that I have found I absolutely have some effect from dairy and gluten/grain, I also am very sensitive to pimento (allspice) and I have also learned since incurring an injury to my hip that I am sensitive to too many eggs. Eg can eat mayo, or 1-2 eggs, but if I have 3 or 4 in a day then I get inflamed. So I would still suggest that you reintroduce things gradually and separately and monitor how they affect
  2. @Healthgrab I’ve had a really bad start actually as I’ve had terrible food poisoning on Wednesday (day 3) and then as a result, my food on weds and thurs was precisely nil and my food on Friday was potato and a tiny amount of mango. And a can of full sugar fruit fizzy drink (like Tango?) to get some sugar into myself. Today I have started again but my appetite is tiny and I am really not in the mood for any kind of raw veg or salad, so the meal template is fairly non existent. it’s annoying because I really wanted that lovely boost of feeling better and now even more so I need that!
  3. I started my 4th round on Monday but then on Wednesday was struck down with the most horrific food poisoning. So it’s been a shaky start. I was already pretty much w30 anyway as I had reintroduced so few foods, but on Thursday the only thing I could stomach really was a slice of toast with marmite- cue almost instant flare of inflammation in a long standing hip injury which still has not completely subsided. I will resume my full W30 when I feel properly up to it but at least for now I know that’s a no-no, along with dairy (which I reintroduced after one of my previous rounds). What I ha
  4. I’ve been doing W30 since July, with a few w30 and a few reintroductions. I’m starting a reset today, I won’t do quite 30 days as I am going on holiday on May 29th. is anyone else starting (or restarting?) today?
  5. After having some dairy last week my hip flared right back up again and has taken a full 6 days to get back to pain free. So dairy is now, fully 200% on my not worth it list. I knew this anyway, I don’t know why I had it, but this has proven to me it’s not worth it. starting an almost-30 today. A reset of sorts to get the tiger blood pumping and get myself back on top form before we go on holiday on May 29th. So not quite a full 30 days but I think I will still see benefits in that time
  6. How is everyone. How is it May already??! May means holiday and the start of summer and yet here in the uk it is still pretty chilly and not feeling very summery at all. I’m going to start a 14 days reset tomorrow, just another back to basics few weeks to try and get myself back feeling the tiger blood and feeling a bit brighter. I have had a horrible April and hopefully now my hip is on the mend. I may attempt a tentative run tomorrow but I’m not going to unless I really feel it’s 100%. It flared up again this week and when I tracked back I had eaten something dairy so now dairy has
  7. @SKUtahhi, how did you get on in the end? Have you made any reintroductions yet?
  8. Oh my, it was so yummy!! Went down very well! I used chicken thigh instead of breast and it was very crispy and tender, highly recommend that recipe. Thanks both for your thoughts
  9. I didn’t reintroduce anything except wine after my first 30 days and now after 10 months I can count pretty much on one hand the number of non compliant foods I’ve had in that time. I didn’t have any specific goals in terms of chronic illness or things like that, so I didn’t see any real need to experiment with reintro and actually I wanted a springboard into a permanent, clean, paleo lifestyle. When things have come up , for example Easter eggs, I have just navigated those, and they’ve not always been easy. When I have done reintroductions I have quite quickly established that I don’t really
  10. Hi- can I ask you to look at this menu with your w30 and non-w30 heads on and help me decide if it’s ok. guests: 2 adults, no food allergies or issues. Very polite people who will eat whatever I make and say it is marvellous regardless. Plus my husband (ditto- the guests are his parents!) plus me (the only w30 follower) However I do want to impress them and for them to genuinely like the meal, plus I’d quite like to impress/surprise them as they think I live on kale and seeds and I’d like to impress them with my delicious menu! so: I am going to do this Persian sumac chicken
  11. @christine19 I think here in the UK our food standards are a bit higher overall and use of antibiotics and hormones is certainly less than in USA. There are quite a few additives that are banned here but allowed in the US. I’m not sure if wider European rules follow suit though; I know danish pork for example is quite inhumanly reared, not sure about hormones though.
  12. Oh @christine19, I am so sorry that you have lost your friend. I hope you are ok I found Easter really hard. I couldn’t make a decision about chocolate (which sounds so stupid as I write it) and I had injured my hip which really does impact how I feel because running was agony and my mental health was suffering. When I say ‘disastrous reintroductions’ it’s more that I ended up feeling very out of control with foods, I ate lots of compliant things that I didn’t need, and then a few things non compliant (a slice of toast, some chocolate, a biscuit) which again I know sounds ridiculousl
  13. this is my current thread where I pretty much talk to myself about food. You are welcome to pop in for a chat!
  14. @LadyM I’m around but I sometimes think I’m the only one! I’ve been doing this for 9+ months and I do occasional full whole 30’s but mostly it’s a ‘Whole30 + wine’ that I settle in.
  15. Just checking in. Coming towards the end of April I am looking bank over this month, I feel like it’s been a total rollercoaster. Some disastrous reintroductions and it’s thrown me off course quite significantly. I feel tired, I haven’t felt like this for a long time and yet my food had still been, pretty much, on plan. Certainly for the last week or so. The tiger blood feels a very distant memory. so with the remaining 5 days of April I am going to continue my round 4, and just try and claw myself back onto the straight and narrow so I can start May fresh. I am genuinely worried abo
  16. @SugarcubeODSurely though if you’ve got both protein and fat to hand as well you’d be better just eating those items (eg your meat stick and your mini pack of nuts)? I do remember reading in the book about baby food but it baffles me sometimes that certain things are ok when you can’t recreate them yourself (eg use puréed apple and coconut milk to make a kulfi for example)
  17. I guess it’s compliant ingredients - but not sure it’s in the spirit of whole30? Why would you eat this but not an actual apple or whatever? I can’t imagine a scenario where I would have this to hand but not anything else compliant that is better overall. Plus while fruit is compliant, fruit as ‘dessert’ is not, so you shouldn’t eg, freeze it as a sorbet or eat it as a pudding. after your 30 days you could introduce it but check your sugar cravings because I imagine it’s very high in natural sugars.
  18. Do you have a freezer? That’s where the secret is! I have a busy family and I’ve been doing this for 9 months now. My meal planning goes a bit like this: Write shopping list and menu plan at the same time. Plan all meals including 7x breakfast and lunches- sounds silly but you’d be amazed how much food you need, eg. 14 eggs, 7 chicken thighs, etc just for me! after shopping check the use by dates on everything and put everything you can except the next two days into the freezer. check your meal plan and if you didn’t get something, change the plan at this stage so you’re not stuck on
  19. Another day, another yummy dinner from my dr’s kitchen book. This time it was Vietnamese style chicken balls which I had with stir fry pepper, mushroom, spring onion, sugar snap peas and 5 spice seasoning. Lunch was a salad and boule eggs, new potatoes and mayo. I’m feeling that familiar tiredness today, a good indicator that w30 is underway. One thing I notice with each new round is that the side effects begin more quickly and subside more quickly too, so hopefully I will feel a bit better tomorrow. I didn’t run in the end today. My hip was -mostly- pain free and I thought I would give
  20. R4D2 today. Stomach growling a bit again this morning and I probably should have eaten something but I forgot to pack anything to take to work. I came home and immediately had chicken thighs, salad, and 2 boiled eggs. Had pre workout snack of an egg and some chicken, and now about to have spicy lime cauliflower and prawns. I’m starving! my hip was ok at circuit training so tomorrow I might try a little run after work- but I’m not going to push it if it isn’t 100% better.
  21. This is great, I’m glad you have felt such amazing benefits! I think week 3 is when it really starts to feel awesome, your food is sorted, your cravings have gone...well done!
  22. @SKUtahno it was from a recipe book called The Doctors kitchen, but it has a lot of compatible recipes or ones that are easy to sub. leave out the soy sauce or use coconut aminos loads more here on his website. tonight I’m having spiced lime cauliflower and sweet potato with prawns from the same book
  23. @Rebel RoseOne thing that helps me is to ask myself ‘am I craving the food itself, or am I craving the experience?’ ; it’s ok to want to engage in the excitement of pancakes with your kids or ice cream at the beach, or birthday cake. It takes practice but I find I can now separate the two and not eat it, but still enjoy them having it. What you will find is that when you finish your W30 and begin your food freedom journey, you’ll be faced with this a lot. I think this is why they say no baked replica treats: you need to wean yourself as much off the experience as off the food itself.
  24. @christine19 sorry to hear about your friend. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating to be kind to yourself in these circumstances. You know how to pull it back if you feel that you need to. I did R1D4 yesterday, it went well. I made some sofrito chicken which I had for lunch with salad and mayo, and for dinner I had a lemongrass Thai curry with coconut and cauliflower rice. Really tasty, lots of veg. I did only have 2 meals yesterday however. I find when I am not running that my appetite drops significantly. I am just going to follow my appetite and eat when hungry today a
  25. Thanks @SKUtah i have had a good day today, R4D1. In fact, although my stomach was growling away this morning, I have eaten very lightly as I am really trying to actually listen to myself this time. I feel lighter and energised this evening, and despite returning to work after 2.5 weeks off for Easter holiday, I have had energy this afternoon for a walk, hung some washing out and did some housework. My food today has been lovely, a salad with sofrito chicken and mayonnaise, and then my evening meal was a lemongrass Thai chicken curry and cauliflower rice, so loaded up with veg.