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  1. Hmmm tricky. I’m a runner and do long runs, 20kms etc but I don’t think I’d be doing one on day 13 W30 especially as it sounds like you’ve not hit the tiger blood yet. First one I went out sugar free I was a bit worried but it was fine. Carb loaded and drank lots of water the night before. I miss the electrolytes more than the sugar, there is literally no commercial electrolyte supplement that doesn’t contain sugar or sweeteners.
  2. For me it’s always sugar that creeps back in. I could live day today day 100% grain and dairy free, but I do reintroduce alcohol and then eventually sugar creeps back in. That being said, I can go months without any. Usually it is emotional eating that brings it back, not a genuine desire for a specific thing, but triggered by a stressful situation where I revert back to my old coping strategy. I’d like to do longer than the month without alcohol this time round, I regularly do a dry month (did 5 last year) but never more than a month at a time! my hip hurt today, a recurring injury
  3. It’s finally Friday. This week has been so busy! We have nothing in for dinner either and so my husband is going to pick something up on the way home. To prepare for this I ate a chicken breast after work just to take the edge off my hunger and strengthen my resolve a bit. I barely even stopped for a drink of water today and have hardly eaten any veg. If he brings something off plan, I think I’ll do a baked potato and salad and just go very simple. The weekends are always harder for me, I just find I eat more generally and not always mindfully. So that’s my aim for the weekend, just
  4. Hi everyone. i’n not sure what I’d do with the sugar dilemma. Maybe see how you feel once the covid has gone. I had no actual symptoms when I had covid but the brain fog and weird neurological side effects lingered for 6 weeks and it took a good strict w30 to clear it and feel better. The effects of a few spoons of medicine are going to be negligible but if it prevents you ‘slaying the sugar dragon’ then you might need to add a few days more on . I’m feeling so tired. That’s not w30 related, just exhausted from life. It’s Thursday, it’s been a loooong week. I also find sometimes w
  5. @MizRikoh no, hope you recover quickly re: tater-tots! Ok, like a potato croquette type thing? Mash potato inside, coated outside? My kids would love them! Lots of brands of potato products here have dextrose in them, in fact a lot of stores own brands have every single potato item with dextrose added <Morrisons> To make them crispy. Sometimes it’s easier when it’s just ‘no’ to all isn’t it? I find you can’t beat a roast potato, made properly with love and duck fat. Joyous! tiger blood? Yes I think I’m starting to feel her roar! I ran 16km yesterday and at times I
  6. @Aliem999 MSG is in loads of things here in the UK, it’s not that I buy things with it per se. It’s usually one of many banned ingredients on an ingredients list! Stock cubes, snack foods etc, a lot of Chinese food and seasoning etc. all contain msg. Considering it’s so widely recognised as being a chemical that makes you want to eat more (once you pop, you can’t stop?) I find it strange that it’s now allowed on the programme, especially as it holds zero nutritional value.
  7. I think as well because it’s to do with compulsive behaviour around food. The replicated baked goods are so easy to overeat, and to eat when you’re not hungry <hence my ban of nuts and nut butter and compliant bars> and I guess the same would apply to potato products (but what on earth is a potato tot?!). But you can make your own potato chips /fries and they are just as nice. It’s probably an age old discussion around compliant and non compliant foods on here! What really surprised me is that they have ‘un-banned’ MSG- I find that bizarre if for no other Reason that msg makes everyth
  8. I think the pancake rule extends to as much as whether it’s something you eat addictively anyway. I find it quite vague, not helped one bit with all the compliant branded products available that we get emails about. And larabars and pouches of baby food fruit purée….. there are lots of compliant things that I will not buy as I eat them so compulsively that I can’t have them in my house during a w30 (dried fruit, nut butter, nuts) For me, once my 30 days are over, I actually like almond flour bread and biscotti, and I do use compliant potato products as I see them as nutritionally complia
  9. I’m feeling really tired today. I did 2 classes at the gym this morning, slept well last night etc but this afternoon I’ve just felt really tired. I might have a bath tonight and try and get to bed early. My son has covid (asymptomatic) but I hope it’s not a sign of that being on the cards… I made some pork mince burgers tonight with tomato purée and dairy free (compliant) cheese (which I’m fairly sure that although the ingredients were compliant, the concept isn’t?!) the cheese wasn’t on the top, it was like a Parmesan style and it was mixed in with the meat.very tasty. I will be having
  10. Are you having the snacks at mealtimes (eg. Are you eating breakfast, waiting 4-5 hours, then eating another meal but that meal is snack size?) or are you eating those ‘snacks’ throughout the day and then not hungry for meals? They advise to eat enough at each meal to see you through 4-5 hours to your next meal and if you can’t do that then you’re not eating enough. If you can do that, even if it feels like tiny amounts, then you’re probably ok. intermittent fasting does train you to go long periods without food though, and that could be playing a part in it as well?
  11. @MizRiki completely understand, I have a lifelong love:hate relationship with my scales. Of all the whole30 things we have to give up, I find that the hardest.
  12. Well it’s day 13 here and I feel good, considering my boy has covid, I’m working from home, I’m missing some really important things at work and have had to leave them in incompetent hands and…. I feel chill. Serene. Ran after I finished working and definitely felt the tiger starting to purr. food prep is one of my ultimate favourite things about this plan. Is my Sunday ‘me time’, while cooking the family roast I make all my things for the week. Usually it’s my mayo, a meat thing (eg koftas, fish cakes or chicken) for lunches, a veg thing (this week it was roasted tomatoes with garli
  13. Also fave recipes: chimichurri chicken, all the W30 recipes I’ve tried have been good, there’s a citrus ginger sauce one on fish that was particularly delicious. tonight I’m having a pork in paprika with cranberries and Clementines juice. Looks delicious but I’m going to hiit class first and will eat it later
  14. @itskatiegirl11 if you experiment with brands of coconut milk in cans you can find them with a high fat content, store in the back of the fridge and when you open the can you get a thick dollop of coconut cream which is very nice with frozen fruit on . Use the liquid coconut milk for a smoothie or other cooking anyone in the uk- the brand In Lidl is almost entirely solid coconut cream in the can! bare in mind though that any sweet ‘treats’ /puddings are technically banned, they are under the ‘baked goods’ rules/used to be called SWYPOs and the moderators will tell us off and delete
  15. Difficult day for me today. Had my covid booster, felt a bit rubbish and have a really sore arm and a headache tonight. All day at school we’ve been covid testing and I have spent the day phoning parents and chasing covid results- genuinely, covid makes up 75% of my daily work. What would I do without it??!! (Jokes, it’s a nightmare and I can’t wait for it to be over!) foods been on track but average. Leftover roast dinner, cold roast pork, fruit, salad. Glad I prepped so much yesterday as it was great to open the fridge and find good w30 staples in there. 1/3 of the way though
  16. Morning everyone, it’s 8am Uk Sunday here! Yesterday I had a weird day, I went to bootcamp then took the children out and did 17,000 steps before having any lunch. I felt so hungry as soon as I ate, I had salmon and salad (at a restaurant but I ensured it was all on board) but I think the knock on effect of all that was that I was exhausted, hungry and really struggled all evening to keep out of the kitchen. Our cupboards are empty too so nothing i could make as an evening snack. I did restrain myself (didn’t crack and eat the kids junk) but it was hard. It reminds me the importance of plannin
  17. I like the cacao orange one from Lidl but they are too yummy so I’ve banned myself from them for this round. Friday night, no alcohol, no junk food! I am so incredibly hungry, meeting overran at work and I missed my lunch, then worked at home and now just cooking dinner. A simple rib eye and sweet potato fries and salad! I hope to get a good nights sleep tonight, and feel the benefits of no alcohol tomorrow!
  18. @christine19 happy new year! Good to see you here too! I slept much better last night, no weird night sweats, no weird dreams…. I’m glad it’s Friday but also slightly apprehensive about the first dry weekend. A lot of my family are doing dry January so that’s quite motivating. I also have those flickers of motivating energy, it’s amazing how quickly they reappear and I find quicker with subsequent W30s. I have this tremendous urge to clear out my wardrobes and storage in Marie Kondo style, just throw everything to charity and have lovely open clear cupboards! Usually an indicator tha
  19. For any uk people, there certainly are w30 compliant things available, we just have to look harder for them! NKD bars are compliant (equivalent to the much promoted ‘larabars’) and Lidl’s own version is too although I find them sweeter and more ‘no brakes’ than the more expensive ones. For seasoning etc, a lot of store own spice blends are compliant whereas Schwartz brand tend to be sweetened and contain gluten. There’s also some Jamie Oliver curry pastes which are compliant, makes a really easy curry with coconut milk and chicken and veg. Tinned fish in oil and also some of the brands in toma
  20. @Mamatutu I agree- we have no approved W30 things here. I manage ok but i get very envious when I hear about compliant Italian sausage and things like that! day 5 for me today. I feel pretty good, work was busy and I was starving by lunchtime but I had taken my food with me so was fully prepared. Tonight I have made a spicy pineapple chicken dish which I will have with mashed swede. Looks really tasty in the oven at the moment. no workout for me as such today, Wednesday is always my rest day. I will do a yoga video later though, I am following Adrienes 30 day yoga this mont
  21. Hi everyone, I’m a bit late to the party. I started 1st Jan do this is the end of day 4 for me. It’s been fine so far, I ate a lot on Saturday and Sunday (compliant, of course but just LOADS) to get through and now feel fine. I think this is my 5th w30 since 2020 and other than a brief “off the rails” time during November and December last year, I’m been pretty much clean paleo + wine since July 2020 with occasional strict W30’s thrown in. sugar is always my nemesis though, and although I skip easily back in to w30 mode, I do struggle with eating too much fruit, and compliant foods (nkd ba
  22. Hi, I’m doing my….5th? Whole30! I’m in the UK too. I Did my first in lockdown 2020 and then since then have done a fairly long stint of clean paleo with occasional strict w30s thrown in. Then in November/ December this year I have just lost the plot a bit. A difficult year and very difficult few months at work, I just felt really depleted. I was a lot more relaxed over Christmas than I wanted to be and as a result I gained weight and also I ache! I’m a runner and by reintroducing grains and dairy I have got slower, and have had a flare up on my plantar pain and hip pain (may be coinci
  23. Well done everyone. We made it! I’m not going to stop the food yet, I know it’s not about scales but I’d have liked to have seen some weight loss and I didn’t really, certainly not substantial. I will probably do a combination of strict food in the week, more relaxed but compliant at weekends, plus wine. I’m not going to do reintroductions yet, I know dairy makes me miserable and grains make me hungry! I’ll probably do that til around 23rd Dec, then have Christmas week, then we always do dry January anyway so probably do another round in jan. even Christmas week, I can’t see me eating too much
  24. The thread did go weird! Not sure who asked about the milk but I genuinely don’t think I could drink milk now or eat cheese. I work in a school so I think school dinner cheese smells have reinforced this massively!) - I was such a cheese addict before, I did keto for years and lived on cheese! Funny how we are all different as I don’t miss milk at all. I miss dough- sometimes I miss it so intensely I could cry. Once off strict w30 I can recreate a cake type bake with compliant ingredients but there is no paleo sub for dough is there?? And add to that the fact that it makes me so uncomfortable
  25. Interesting you say you’re going to carry on, I am too. Except alcohol. I never reintroduced anything previously, certainly not as a structured programme, but instead just ate these thing mindfully as they came up. I know from the last 18 months that a) there is enough compliant food to keep me going once the 30 days are up because I can reintroduce compliant snacks like occasional ready salted crisps or nuts, and b) dairy and grains make me feel crappy so I’m not in any rush to eat them. Last Christmas I was pretty much compliant, plus wine, and I think I had one piece of my Christmas cake (