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  1. Also, I don’t know if I’m allowed to share a link to a podcast but if mods say I can, I will. It’s a lifestyle podcast I love by a very smooth voiced, handsome English doctor (if that’s your thing?) but this week he is interviewing some foodie guru about Real food and I thought it might be of interest to us here. I plan to listen to it today and then I can post the link if if I’m allowed? The whole series is very good, all ‘life enriching’ topics about health etc
  2. And let’s not forget that when someone says ‘no thank you, I am trying to eat less X’ everyone looks down at their big plate of X and thinks ‘maybe I should eat less X too’ (and deep down they probably know it, especially if x is pudding) - but they haven’t done this process so it seems like a massive jump for them. They feel they need to defend their, and your, right to eat X. When people ask ‘but what do you eat??’ I do remind them that I came to this from a place of no dairy, very few carbs/rice/pasta etc, I’d done several stints of sugar free, I train daily, I do yoga daily.... this was a
  3. For breakfast I often have tinned fish (eg tuna or mackerel in olive oil) with salad and mayo and lemon juice- really tasty. You could make a batch of sweet potato fritters as well to have if you need more food (I read your previous posts about your exercise) or fishcakes/meatballs. I’d personally avoid having just fruit and coconut milk because it won’t sustain your hunger for long. But you don’t need to have just meat as your protein source. I get bored of eggs too! If you’re not bored of them you can make little egg ‘muffin’ by adding veg to a cupcake tray and add beaten eggs
  4. Ouch, that’s not good @Lorna from Canada, hope that won’t set you back too much and will go as soon as it arrived once you reset. I suppose the FWNB thing is that, if I use food to ‘solve’ a non food problem (like a dilemma at work, or feeling unhappy, or hormones) then any food could have no brakes, because the brakes I’m applying aren’t from satiety or being nourished, they are emotional brakes- so unless eating (the whole jar of) almond butter resolves the mistake I made at work or makes my kids behave better, they aren’t going to apply themselves no matter how satisfying/nourishi
  5. Do you think though that food just becomes ‘food with no brakes’ when we start eating them (either consciously or unconsciously) without our foot on the pedal so to speak? So eg. I found that my daily dried fruit and nut, nutritious post- run mini meal was becoming a daily ‘sweet fix and crunchy carby treat’ and therefore relegated them to the FWNB pile (for now)- but I suppose in doing that what I really should have done was look at why I was taking, or at least allowing, my foot off the pedal in these situations. In reality everything can become a FWNB if you never think about the brakes.
  6. I was a bit better today, I ate more protein at my breakfast and added extra veg to my lunch. I don’t think it is hunger causing my sleeping issue as I have always had intermittent insomnia and it does come in ‘waves’ but I certainly have noticed that it gets worse when I’m all hyper on the tiger blood, which is definitely increased when I eat who knows?? anyway, i’’ve had another good day today, my food’s been really good and again, no grazing or snacking. Made a really nice bbq sauce which I had with pork steaks and salad, and I have prepped some things for the next few days -
  7. So today I was really hungry, right from the moment I got up. Not hungry, but ‘wanty’ actually. I ate big portions at my 3 meals and stuck to that rule, and I’m glad I did because I could have eaten so much if I’d let myself. I made a pineapple chicken coconut curry for dinner. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be, it just didn’t work how I thought it would in my mind, and I put tumeric in it which I have occasionally found to give me a bit of stomach cramps, and lo, it has done again tonight, so therefore 4. turmeric is now on my not worth it list.
  8. @christine19 wow that’s some good NSVs! Especially the hip, because that will improve your sleep as well so that’s multi faceted. I’ve been SO HUNGRY today, literally from the moment I woke up. I ate breakfast, then a huge dinner (I had two small leftover portions of a dinner, and I ate both!) and have just had a big evening meal as well. It coincides with me thinking I was looking quite skinny, so maybe that’s my body saying ‘nope, feed me!’ - but honestly I could have eaten all day if I’d let myself. I have stuck to my 3 meals though, even though they’ve been massive, and I did hav
  9. @SugarcubeOD I agree, I find with red wine the hangover actually starts as soon as I drink it. I was ok with white though so I will probably try that again to really test it out! I’m feeling good today- despite not sleeping well this weekend- and was really feeling the flickering of tiger blood this afternoon! My 3 meals a day is going very well and I actually look noticeably slimmer and more muscular all of a sudden!
  10. @Lorna from Canada that is a dilemma isn’t it? I think for me it will be a ‘not (always) worth it’ and may occasionally stay on the menu. It’s odd because i reintroduced it last time no trouble, and actually even as recently as Christmas I was drinking it happily and just accepting a little hangover. But this time it feels really counter productive. Which I suppose is a sign that I’m making good strides with my health this time... I don’t know. I have rosacea on my cheeks which also seems to be aggravated by red wine as well, another reason to avoid it. I don’t seem to have as many issues with
  11. So it’s 21st feb today, and I have done a lot of thinking this week. I’ve had a really successful week of just eating my 3 meals, nothing else. It’s a very important change for me. I reread my notebook from January and even there I can see that I struggled in round 2 with eating outside of mealtimes. This last week I have literally had my 3 meals a day. I can feel the tiger blood returning so I think even though my food was 100% compliant, it was overloading my insulin responses and just making me feel sluggish, and (ironically) hungry. So that’s the first thing I’ve come to conclude should be
  12. Tricky isn’t it? More so than food I think, in many ways. I think I would genuinely miss having a glass of wine at times, and I also wonder if it would spoil events knowing that there would be unpleasant consequences to indulging (because that’s the alternative outcome of reintroduction isn’t it? To say 99% of the time it’s not worth it but occasionally it is worth the consequences and then suffer them?) I wonder if for me it’s the alcohol or the sulphites? Or both? interesting anyway, and food for thought. I’m drinking sparkling water tonight at least!
  13. It also depends how long you’re running for, but when I do a long one I like to run fasted or I get a stitch so I ‘preload’ the night before, having sweet potato and some protein before I go to bed, and drink loads of water the day before too, so I can get up and go straight out without having to eat and wait. Would that work for you?
  14. I’m a runner and I find that actually it’s the day after when I feel like I need more food (even if that day I don’t run) - running itself can be quite appetite suppressing- so I’d Be mindful that you are eating enough. I find the early weeks of W30 aren’t great for running stamina though, (a bit like you’re dragging a heavy weight behind you sometimes?) and I find it takes a while to get the balance right of pre-run/ post run, and meals. I think you’ve identified that something’s not quite right and if you normally love your run and you’re not feeling it this week, that is maybe your bo
  15. @Lorna from Canadagood going on the spreadsheet. I am similar, I hate doing my budget and have taught myself excel for my job, so now I have a zippy little spreadsheet that totals and transfers and carries over and all sorts! Having a good week here, I definitely needed to switch off from work for this half term break and I feel much better for it. Only problem being our freezing weather has moved over and in its place is wet, drizzle, grey and windy- horrible. I had a few days off from running to rest my legs and I have done yoga every day by the fire and feel quite recuperated. My food ha
  16. R3D6 today- food yesterday was good, as was today. I had chicken thighs, a few chunks of roasted sweet potato and sliced roasted beetroot, and salad for breakfast after my run, then lunch was prawns in leftover curry sauce again, with carrot sticks. The curry sauce is 100% veg with cauli rice on the side as well. Dinner was sausage patties with squash and mashed sweet potato with broccoli and peas, and I had a banana after my meal as well. I’ve done a 6km run and a 6km walk today, plus yoga. I’m feeling good, it could partly be due to having the week off work, however I think the w30
  17. Hi @Horseygirl426, how are you getting on? I find it really helpful to keep a notebook/journal each day. I’ve noticed a couple of things. 1) I get the urge to track/write down/ mentally tot up the calories in my food on some days still; these tend to be the days when I am stressed or tired or my mind is in overdrive. (I think for my whole life counting cals has Been my ‘anchor’ and I am still drawn to it as a coping strategy?) 2) I tend to want to tot up more when I know I have eaten more than I needed- eg the other night I ate a banana because my kids were having pancakes (?) and the ha
  18. I’m ruminating on my rules as well. I don’t really know where I will end up with them. I currently don’t really want anything, maybe I will in another 25 days though! I didn’t reintroduce last time in any formal fashion, I just waited until something came my way that I couldn’t resist. I think I’ll probably do that this time as well. However, and this is becoming quite apparent to me these last few days- I think when/if I get to that stage where although my food is 100% compliant, it’s not ‘in control’ (as in grabbing handfuls of nuts and eating lots of dates for example) then I maybe need to
  19. Good luck! Great motivation. I’m not Christian but ever since I was a child I have given something up for Lent, usually chocolate. This year my kids laughed at me because as they say “you’ve already given up everything good” so I have nothing to give up this year! So I’m going to pledge to do yoga daily until Easter instead.
  20. @christine19 it’s interesting because I am reading Food Freedom and in it she gives alternative protocols for resetting based on different circumstances if you didn’t want to do full w30. For sugar cravings she suggests giving up all nuts, nut butter and fruit, which is exactly what I had found- especially during the long lockdown January I certainly replaced my ‘treats’ with nuts and fruit and I feel so much brighter without them. I had quite a successful day yesterday but it was really hard while the kids were having their pancakes, and especially as I’ve been reading FFF so I was
  21. R3D4 today- another really good day. Breakfast (chicken, egg mayo and salad), lunch (errrr more chicken, more salad, and avo with some veg sticks and tahini lemon dip), dinner was really delicious- cauli rice, chicken breast and a spicy curry sauce with butternut squash, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes blended with coconut milk. I did have a banana after dinner (breaking my no fruit rule!) but that’s ok. Feeling good with no snacks and no extras, and sticking to my meal plan to the letter.
  22. I’ve not canned it but I have made it and frozen in small jars and then just get a jar out every now and then when I fancy some.
  23. R3D3 - feeling good this evening. Did a good, hilly run in the sunshine and yoga this evening. breakfast: chicken thigh, egg mayo, veg crudités and cherry toms, tahini/lemon dip lunch: roast lamb, roast sweet potato, roast parsnips, braised red cabbage and mayo dinner: pork shoulder steak, shallots, spicy apply sauce, red cabbage and peas and mayo No snacks, no fruit except in savoury meals, no nuts, - none of my ‘not worth it’ list. I have also really focussed on having that clear 4/5 hours between food and a few times today I was tempted but stuck very well to my plan
  24. I’ve had quite a good day today, I am back into that nice easy zone where it just happens and works - what’s the difference? I genuinely think it’s the removal of nuts and fruit and really just focussing on my meals, loading up my plate- and going 4-5-6 hours between meals which just seems to control my appetite so much better. I do believe I am quite ‘insulin resistant’ and constant snacking and IR never go well together. breakfast was veg sticks, a chicken thigh, a tablespoon of egg mayo and tahini and lemon dip. I was tempted to take the remainder of my veg sticks to work this morning
  25. R3 D1 went ok, to be honest it was just more of the same! I had salad lunch with mackerel and fried egg. Dinner was a raclette/hot plate type thing with seasoned pork belly, chicken with shallots and salads. I made more of the amazing mango salsa from Friday as it was so tasty!! R3D2 today: James and I went for a cold Valentine’s Day run together, a good 12.5km and I did that fasted, so had 2 small pieces of pork belly when I returned, just to keep me going until brunch/lunch. I realise this means I’m skipping a meal today however it’s impossible some days to fit them all in and stil