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  1. A big discovery for me has been roasted slices of sweet potato that goes with any meal. Also spaghetti squash and homemade marinara sauce with chunks of tomato. Thanks for the fat and salt suggestion. I’ve got my avocados on hand. Day 5 success!
  2. I love avocados! Grew up having a tree where we could pick them fresh and had two crops. Boy do I miss that convenience, but now I am blessed with four pomegranate trees and a very productive fig tree. I definitely celebrate when I open an avocado up and it’s all good. Day four went well. How much longer before the cravings go away?
  3. I’m interested, if you’ll have me! This is my first Whole30 and I started January 1st. Everything is going smoothly for me. I live alone. Well, not exactly, but my roomies are the four-footed variety. I began to prepare by sort of a transition between Christmas and New Years so I don’t feel terribly deprived. I got to eat my peanut brittle, Christmas cookies and one of the chocolate dipped strawberries before handing them off to a neighbor. im grateful for soup weather and an afternoon with a big bowl of steamy veggie soup.
  4. Awesome post Becs. Filled with ideas, which I value. Day 2 for me - reminding myself not to think about food like the soft pretzels in the freezer, or even the rice I prepared for the dogs. That’s right, I’m withdrawing from the carbs I’ve gotten so accustomed to. I’m reminded that before long I will no longer have the urge to munch mindlessly. A big realization for me is how much of a “taster” I’ve been (I am stopping that.) For meal prep, I’ve got an eye round roast that I made and sliced up for several meals this week, and hard boiled eggs, fruit and cut up veggies for emergency small
  5. Thanks for posting Alyssa. We can do this!
  6. Just keep in mind that you are not alone. There are a whole lot of us out here working on it along side of you. Take it a day at a time and it won’t be unsurmountable. Right?
  7. 30 days is so doable, especially when you realize what 2020 has been! you’ve got this!
  8. Thank you. I’m a simple cook!
  9. Thank you Healthgrab. Any words of wisdom? Helpful tips?
  10. Hi. I am planning to start Whole30 on January 1, 2021. I will be using the next few days to prepare. I’m sort of excited.