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  1. So I’m on day 20, feeling great! However I just realized that sugar may be in the melatonin I’ve been taking. I had no clue that would even be possible. Needless to say I’m very frustrated cause I’m almost done. I have been so good at looking at ingredients but didn’t think to look at a “natural” sleep aid. Do I have to start over?
  2. I already threw the bottle out lol! But I’m good to go, on day 17 and I feel fabulous! ❤️
  3. I have been very cautious with reading labels/ingredients. I’ve also done this cleanse once before. I use red wine vinegar often and was under the impression that all vinegars except malt were okay, so I didn’t look at label of it. I’m now on day nine and see where the brand I was using had sulfites. I really don’t want to start over. Is it imperative that I do?