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  1. Hi everyone! Day 8 here is over! I just wanted to say that I am feeling amazing! I have so much more energy, I don't feel pain anymore in my joints, I wake up without alarm and sleep without medication. My days have not been perfect - as for 3 times I had to stay out of home more than planned and had only a fruit + nuts as lunch. In the beginning I was missing sweets and substituting for fruits, but now I don't even remember the taste of them I am really satisfied and I can really see changes in my mood. And that is the most important thing to me Sometimes I am tired of eati
  2. Hi Shannon! Thanks for your amazing help! I started realizing there are some changes necessary to do, but I also understand it is my first time doing it, so it's ok to have some mistakes I did my day 6 like you said, adding more fat (as olives/olive paste), different types of protein and I felt less hungry! Today I'm feeling great. I had 2 boiled eggs + spinal + melon + pear + a bit of coconut milk for breakfast. I didn't have avocados for the morning, but I just bought and I'll have them for lunch, together with a salad with eggs and serrano ham + other veggies. I am also try
  3. Thank you Shannon! What would you recommend to have in between meals if I need? Could I have apple with almond butter? Or should I aim for eggs + something. I have some trouble to understand which kind of proteins I could get rather than meat or egg. I have a daily calorie burn of about 500 kcal, and about 15 km walk everyday just because of my work. Maybe that could be interfering in my hungriness? Regarding dates, do you recommend me to have them? I had 3 yesterday night with almond butter, but Im not 100% sure what's the limit here. Thanks!
  4. Day 4 complete now and so far so good. I'm feeling distracted and having hard time to focus on what people talk to me. I feel a bit tired, but mostly hungry. One thing is concerning me is to be hungry in the night. Last time (around midnight) I had to go for a snack. I had grapes. I was hungry and couldn't go back to sleep. This was happening with me before the whole 30 as well, but before I was going for cookies and chocolate. So that's an improvement. Any tips or explanations on why this is happening? Today I had: - Spinach omelet for breakfast - Tuna bowl sala
  5. Hello everyone! This is Maria and I'm in Denmark. I have been reading the book for the past 2 weeks and when I woke up today I decided it would be the day I am starting the whole30! No excuses, it should be today. I did a nice omelet wrap with nice vegetables for lunch and I'm doing meatballs with vegetables on the oven for dinner. I'm still new and learning, but I am attentive to the rules and trying to follow. I am sightly anxious already but I'm hoping for the best. I just hope I my mood don't kill anyone in these first days