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  1. Hi Rebecca! How is it going with your not having dried fruit and nuts thing? Has it got better with the snacking? How was spending easter with the no-dairy chocolate?
  2. Hello everyone! Happy Easter I just want to do a few updates after the spring clearly coming up here in Denmark. This week I had a small break from the whole 30 as I had 2 ice creams during the week, 3 buns and 50 gr dark chocolate today because of Easter. Above all this my food has been compliant. Thoughts about how this "junk" food has treated me so far: - My taste on sugar and chocolate has definitely changed. Before I would easily eat 100 gr of chocolate and wanna more, today I could barely cope with 50. Also even dark chocolate I find it very sweet now. Maybe at some
  3. Congratulations on your 250 days from the first Whole30! That's a big step! Regarding chocolate I have exactly the same feeling as you. It is emotional, and I don't feel it goes away the anxiety after eating. So I am trying to avoid it. I'm keeping all compliant, and today I decided to have some feta cheese for dinner, so let's see how that goes. After feeling horrible (physically) because of the nutella, I am trying to be very careful with the reintroduction. So tonight I'll have a salad with feta, a beef and some potatoes. Let's see how that goes. I was considering starting anot
  4. Thank you!!! Exactly, I am feeling the same as you. I introduced cheese on monday and it didn't taste the same. It tasted weird and I'm not sure I want to have it again. I am feeling sad now, I tried nutella. I couldn't resist, I was anxious tonight and I felt terrible. I tried today about 3 spoons, and I'm feeling awful! Like terribly awful. Feeling guilty, but more than that.. my stomach hurts, I want to puke, this sugar bomb is having a really bad effect. I guess it is in my not-worth list. I never liked very very extremely sweet things, so I guess next time I try a chocolate wil
  5. Hey @Rebecca001 @ShannonM816 and everyone else Thanks for all the support in these 30 days! I finished the day 30 yesterday and I feel amazing. I am also sad, because it is over and I'm looking so much forward to start again Scale victories: - 4 kg and - 2% body fat. I was not aiming to lose weight so I let myself eating everything allowed in the programme and didn't restricted that much regarding carbs. So to me is impressive that I still lost all that. I am happy Non-scale victories: I've never been so happy, positive, excited and energetic in my whole life. My skin glows, I
  6. Hi @Rebecca001I'm feeling much better. 2 days later I was feeling already good, I think it was a good recovery I can see that I've got much more color in my face, not pale anymore! YAY! I'm not sure. I'll be studying about the reintroduction this week. But there's nothing I really miss to be honest, not even chocolate Any suggestions on that?
  7. Update over here! It's day 23 and I am already starting missing "bad" food. But not in a terrible way, some desires are coming but they go. It's getting so easy to prepare my meals now that I actually don't think I'll ever get back to the old habits. Not having eggs for breakfast??? Whaaaaat? I wanna my eggs for breakfast! hahah I feel motivated and my skin is glowing. I don't really miss things, just some quick desire. Have been having lots of teas and that helps a lot as well. This week I'll start preparing for the reintroduction! Any tips on what to do better in the last week
  8. Thanks @Rebecca001. Hokkaido is a type of pumpkin. Yesterday was terrible. I slept/was in bed whole day and I tried to keep with the whole 30, but I don't think I did. "normal food" was not holding in my stomach, the only thing I was able to eat was nuts. I had them several times, so obviously I didn't have only 3 meals. I was able to do a soup in the night, with potatoes and carrots and that went well actually. But I still feel awful. I'm not sure now if I should just start the programme all over again, once I feel better or if I should continue, finish the 30 days and start again
  9. 14 days done! That is amazing. I'm so energetic and happy about it, that I have no words to describe how the whole 30 is treating me well. In these days I learned: - Eat eggs and always focus on protein + fat + carb, instead of just having carb - I'm not craving for sweets anymore, almost never actually. And I started realizing that when I crave is actually because I'm hungry, so I am going for healthy choices instead of just eating a fruit. Something annoying happened yesterday and I wanted your help. - I did a baked Hokkaido and I think that was passed. I ate half y
  10. Thanks @Rebecca001! It's a relief to know that the one I bought is compliant. I prefer tuna, of course, but I also got a bit tired of it and it was my first time trying mackerel. It's nice Good to diversify. Also, I've bought Serrano ham the other day and it was written, pork and salt as the ingredients. Nothing else. But I've seen other brands and some contain sugar. So I'm not sure if I bought something compliant or if they did not labelled that. I'll try to avoid this banana coconut milk in the future I am not really an ice cream person, so I guess it will be ok. I just wished I hav
  11. Hi @Rebecca001thanks for sharing your thoughts. I went straight to the market and got mackerel. But I have a question. Here in Denmark we have only mackerel in tomato sauce and I'm not 100% if that is compliment. I ate and now I'm feeling bad that I made a bad choice and have to start all over In the label, it says this: 64 % makrelfilet (Scomber scombrus) uden skind og ben, 23 % vand, 12 % tomatpasta, salt. - Which means 64% of mackerel fillet without skin or bones, 23% water, 12% tomato concentrate, salt. In the supermarket's tomato concentrate, just says tomato concentrate in the
  12. Hi everyone! Day 8 here is over! I just wanted to say that I am feeling amazing! I have so much more energy, I don't feel pain anymore in my joints, I wake up without alarm and sleep without medication. My days have not been perfect - as for 3 times I had to stay out of home more than planned and had only a fruit + nuts as lunch. In the beginning I was missing sweets and substituting for fruits, but now I don't even remember the taste of them I am really satisfied and I can really see changes in my mood. And that is the most important thing to me Sometimes I am tired of eati
  13. Hi Shannon! Thanks for your amazing help! I started realizing there are some changes necessary to do, but I also understand it is my first time doing it, so it's ok to have some mistakes I did my day 6 like you said, adding more fat (as olives/olive paste), different types of protein and I felt less hungry! Today I'm feeling great. I had 2 boiled eggs + spinal + melon + pear + a bit of coconut milk for breakfast. I didn't have avocados for the morning, but I just bought and I'll have them for lunch, together with a salad with eggs and serrano ham + other veggies. I am also try
  14. Thank you Shannon! What would you recommend to have in between meals if I need? Could I have apple with almond butter? Or should I aim for eggs + something. I have some trouble to understand which kind of proteins I could get rather than meat or egg. I have a daily calorie burn of about 500 kcal, and about 15 km walk everyday just because of my work. Maybe that could be interfering in my hungriness? Regarding dates, do you recommend me to have them? I had 3 yesterday night with almond butter, but Im not 100% sure what's the limit here. Thanks!
  15. Day 4 complete now and so far so good. I'm feeling distracted and having hard time to focus on what people talk to me. I feel a bit tired, but mostly hungry. One thing is concerning me is to be hungry in the night. Last time (around midnight) I had to go for a snack. I had grapes. I was hungry and couldn't go back to sleep. This was happening with me before the whole 30 as well, but before I was going for cookies and chocolate. So that's an improvement. Any tips or explanations on why this is happening? Today I had: - Spinach omelet for breakfast - Tuna bowl sala