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  1. @ShannonM816, I did read about the slow roll, but I was kind of wondering if, on the fast track, I could just not do the 2 days in between thing? The "eat a certain food, go back to W30 for two days, eat another thing, back to W30", etc. Is that only if there's a reaction, or that's the way to do it period? Like I said, I see no evidence thus far that any food adversely affected my health, so I'd rather go back to eating foods without always checking labels (or have a piece of toast with my eggs) as soon as possible.
  2. We're a couple weeks out from the end of the 30 days. My husband has had great results, but he started off with a lot of issues. I did not start with any issues, and at this point I've only lost some pounds. No improvement in health, sleep, energy, etc. Again, I really wasn't suffering from anything anyway. I am changing my relationship and attitude towards food, which I plan to continue to work at. But my question is, since I'm pretty well convinced there are no allergies or sensitivities, do I have to transition the way it's laid out on the website? One day add something in, then two days 10