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  1. Based on what I have read and heard last night, you are good to go if you “rice” or “noodle” a whole vegetable or chickpea
  2. Any suggestions for pre-workout meals taken just 30 min before HIIT workout? I go to a gym class at 6:00 am. Up to now I have never eaten anything. Just drink water. I often will get heartburn if I eat beforehand, too close to the class. I was thinking maybe just the powdered protein?
  3. Thank you. Can you share the science or reason behind this? I am having a hard time understanding how the plant-based suddenly allows foods that weren’t allowed in the original W30? What is it about mixing soy and animal based foods? Or legumes and animal foods? this isn’t a challenge, just understanding the basis behind it all helps me immensely.
  4. I’ll be second. Hi! I have been plant forward for a few years. plant forward means I am primarily plant based but will sporadically have something with egg or cheese… tacos are my weakness . My husband is WFPB which enabled him to get off of his heart meds and stay off for three years now. This is my first time trying Whole30. Never bothered before because it went against a lot of the lifestyle we carry. I have started to realize that my dietary needs are different than my husband’s. I have very healthy cardiovascular, so cholesterol, BP, heart health isn’t a risk. Instead, it is the wei
  5. I recently (1 mo ago) brought salmon back into my WFPB lifestyle, and eggs have been a part of it for even longer. can I keep these as I follow the Plant-based Whole30 plan?