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  1. Looking for conception success stories

    Well guys- I'm super excited to wrap up this thread with my own success story! That's right! I'm pregnant! The holistic approach finally worked. I really appreciate the support and information on this site! For posterity sake: We were trying for 16 months. One whole30 and a paleo-majority diet for the last 8 months, some off-wagon periods throughout. Acupuncture, supplements and chinese herbs. I will probably start a new thread, either here or in the post-whole30 forum to blog about my pregnancy. Hooray!
  2. Rice bran oil?

    Yea, what's up with that marketing? Trader joes carries it now, proudly next to the coconut oil like, hey paleo people look at me!
  3. Looking for conception success stories

    Thanks ladies. Rory, thanks for sharing about acupuncture. I'm definitely doing at too And it's great to hear a success story about that as well!
  4. Looking for conception success stories

    Wow, you were choked full of synthetic hormones on Depo and the whole 30 cleansed it right out! Surprise indeed! That's amazing. I know you were expecting it, but Congratulations! Meant to be! Looks like you already have a little boy, is he excited for a brother or sister? Thanks for posting!
  5. Chipotle?

    is rice bran oil safe? I see they say it's non-GMO. Which is less bad- sunflower oil or rice bran oil?
  6. We've been trying to conceive for about a year and doing any number of alternative methods not the least of which is nutrition. (I would really like to avoid the fertility specialist route) I was wondering if anyone would share their whole30 or just nutrition success stories when it came to them trying to conceive. I could use a little hope and inspiration, and would love to hear your happy stories! Thank you!
  7. Indian and Thai restaurants

    What do you think they put in the curry dishes like Tikka Masala and butter chicken? I can find paleo versions of these to cook myself, but I'm wondering if the restaurants make them entirely differently, or they are pretty close anyway. Wondering also for Thai curry restaurants. I know this probably isn't whole 30 by a long shot, but if these restaurants are viable option for eating out, perhaps with some modifications, that would be good. Or, do they almost definitely use gluten or some sort of thickener? Thanks!
  8. Starting Sunday 2/18/13...Anyone else?

    I started yesterday! My husband is doing his own diet, so I'm on my own! Day 2 down! Feeling good about the cooking, so many great resources out there. This site is great and so is and clothesmakethegirl. I might be eating too much bacon, but if it helps me through these tough first days, go for it right! Not weighing in going to be very hard, but it totally makes sense why we don't. I have fallen into that mental frustration trap before on every way of eating. Can't wait for big energy!