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  1. habitualpurpose

    Starting TODAY 8/18/17

    Hi all Its been a long time since I've done a Whole30...TOO LONG!! I am now in a situation where I've put weight back on, I feel like crud and I'm not as strong as I'd like to be. It's been a tough few years with a son who has spent much time in the hospital and me stress eating and putting my own health on the back burner. Now I have hip arthritis and am looking at hip replacement surgery in mid November. I need to get my $&[email protected] together and get my health in order. My goals: - Slay the sugar dragon - Reduce inflammation - Feel more in control and eliminate the stress eating - Sleep better - Improve overall health - Lose weight (it really does need to happen to help ensure a smooth surgery experience) Glad to have others on the journey with me! Cheers!
  2. habitualpurpose

    Sashimi and ???

    I've asked them to make rolls with no rice before and they either rolled it in Nori with some extra cucumber and avocado (depending on the roll) or in sliced cucumber. It worked out quite well.
  3. habitualpurpose

    Need suggestions

    Thank you all so much for the suggestions and support. I'm going to start with a trip to trader joes to get some easy food. When I'm home next I may try to cook up some stuff to take with me too. I haven't taken care of myself at all these past 5.5 months he's been there but it just has to happen. He's a teenager and this isn't our first time going through this with him--but the last time was 7 years ago and I was younger.
  4. habitualpurpose

    Need suggestions

    Hi all, I did a few successful W30s a couple of years ago and stayed paleo for about a year. I've slipped quite a bit since then and really need to get back on track. I have been planning to start a Whole30 but my circumstances are not ideal. My son has been hospitalized the last several months and I spend all days and about every other night there with him. I have no access to a fridge and very limited storage space. There is a cafeteria but aside from the salad bar (at least they have a good one that also includes eggs and olive oil and vinegar) there really not much in the way of other trustable W30 choices. I anticipate the salad bar quickly getting boring. Do you have suggestions for food I could take and keep there that does not need refrigeration/cooking and doesn't take up too much space? Suggestions for eating in the cafeteria? I don't want to keep postponing a start until he comes home because I really don't know when that will be. My body really needs some help! Thanks!
  5. habitualpurpose

    Mayo FAILED!

    I just tried this method with a cold egg and mustard (minus honey) and it worked PERFECTLY!!
  6. habitualpurpose

    Whole30/Paleo Cookbooks

    I'm cooking her pork loin recipe from Practical Paleo as I write this--one of my favorites!
  7. habitualpurpose

    Making a recipe a WHOLE meal

    One of the tricks I often do is prepare protein ahead of time (I use a slow cooker to prepare a bunch of balsamic chicken thighs). Then I either shred or cut up the cooked protein and keep it in the fridge to toss cold on top of a huge bed of mixed greens with avocado. Super easy lunch or dinner!!
  8. Welcome to Whole30! You can do this!!! Like you, I've had quite a bit of weight to lose. I've found that THIS way of eating has helped me tremendously in my health, my body image and my relationship with food. You can read more about my thoughts on this here: http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/5214-w30-and-morbid-obesity/?view=findpost&p=47978 You really can do this! And we're all here to support you!
  9. habitualpurpose

    what are coconut aminos?

    It is an awesome compliant substitute for soy sauce. I use it to make an awesome adobo chicken and also to take with me for "sushi" (my version is sushi without the rice) or sashimi. I buy it at Whole Foods or Andronicos (SF Bay Area). You can also find it for sale online. The brand I use is Coconut Secret.
  10. habitualpurpose

    Why can't I get this going???

    Hi there, First of all....you CAN do this!!! I've had a few false starts recently (have successfully completed full W30s in the past) and am now working on a fresh W30 and am on day 5. You really CAN do this...and you are not alone. We're all here to support you! Some thoughts... Find some ways to make food interesting. Do you have any cookbooks? Some of my favorite resources for W30 compliant food with many recipes that aren't super complicated are below. I find that mixing up what I am eating keeps me interested. I balance that with also having some staple "go-to" meals for when I'm feeling stressed and just need something I don't need to think much about. You might try recipes from here: - Nom Nom Paleo - Her blog is great and her recipes are delicious. - The Clothes Make the Girl - She has a lot of great recipes on her website. She also has an AMAZING cookbook called Well Fed.
  11. habitualpurpose

    Fast/on-the-go breakfast options?

    I also often scramble my eggs or do a veggie/egg scramble the night before. It reheats fine.
  12. habitualpurpose

    Best Mayo!

    When using an immersion blender to make mayo, what speed do you use? I tried this a month or so ago and ended up with very runny mayo--wondered if I had it on the wrong speed.
  13. habitualpurpose

    Military (and panicking...just a little)

    tuna/other canned fish fruits and veggies smoked salmon/avocado/lettuce wrap in nori (one of my standard lunches at work) almond butter (great with celery, apple, banana, etc) For both now and when on the ship you might find these helpful: http://primalpacs.com/. I usually keep a good supply on hand for when I know getting quality food may be difficult. I've also been considering trying soem from http://stevesoriginal.com/store. I'm sure others will be along soon to add their ideas.
  14. habitualpurpose

    Explaining Paleo to Skeptical Family/Friends

    Love this. Thanks for sharing!
  15. habitualpurpose

    Facial Skincare Routines?

    Thanks, Missi. I use Bare Minerals makeup but have never tried their skincare products. Will check them out.