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  1. Thanks for responding! I always do assume I'm not eating enough starchy vegetables/fruit when I start to get ketosis breathe, but sometimes even adding in what I think is a sufficient amount doesn't do the trick so it's a real head scratcher for me. Like yesterday (among other things) I did half a sweet potato at breakfast, and a handful of delicata squash slices at lunch, my dinner did lack starchy veggies but I had a handful of raspberries and some apple with my salad. Do you know if that falls in line with what would be recommended?
  2. Made it to day 6! Still going strong but... Despite having thoroughly read "It Starts with Food" twice and having total confidence in my decision to start the program, I let my brother get into my head last night and spent the whole morning googling "Is Whole30 good for you?" and felt a mixture of surprised/not surprised when all of the articles that came up said, "NO IT'S THE WORST DIET EVER SAYS NUTRITIONISTS." I had to take a deep breathe and remember the fact that I am the only person who at the very least knows how different foods make me feel. I resolved to keep going and try not to
  3. Day 5 guys, we're almost through the first week!!! Congrats!!! Oddly, I've been feeling pretty good physically, but have been an emotional wreck! My friend who's an herbalist told me that it's probably because of the chemical changes I'm going through and the fact that my microbiome is changing and things (bacteria) are literally dying inside of me The other thing I find odd is that I really haven't had much of an appetite the last 5 days and have actually been forcing myself to eat enough at each meal. I read that this is normal... but yesterday my mom broke the news to me that I ha
  4. HI! I'm also starting October 1st. I did the Whole30 a few years ago and (aside from the adjustment periods!) it was the best I had ever felt in my life - emotionally, mentally and physically. I've been "mentally preparing" to do another Whole30 for a few months... okay it's just been plain procrastination. I had to reread "It Starts with Food" and just finished this morning. My biggest issue is sugar addiction. Amazingly I've managed to stay away from refined sugar since February, the final straw was when I realized how detrimental it really is to my somewhat fragile emotional health (I have