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  1. CAK911

    Weight Loss?

    Also, to echo something I said on another thread: I'm on my 2nd Whole30. The first one, I couldn't let go of tracking, and I tracked in a super detailed way. The Whole30 worked (I got the sleep benefits, my guts cleared up, I felt great physically for the most part, and I even lost some weight), but I was still worrying about food in a way that took up a lot of my time and I'm sure contributed to anxiety. This time, I'm just keeping a very simple log here on the forum -- just a list of what I eat at each meal. I'm about 8 days from the end, and I feel even better than I did last Whole30, and for the first time in YEARS, I have almost no anxiety about what I'm eating. I don't think about what to eat next. I don't worry that I ate too much or too little or the wrong thing. I'm not perfect every day (ie, sometimes I get slightly off template), but I feel confident that my days average out to eating really, really well. Basically, I just want to reiterate: Trust the program. It's worth it.
  2. CAK911

    The crazy things people say

    Yes! My mom has been saying this, and it drives me crazy.
  3. CAK911

    Ideas for more fats?!

    We cook almost all vegetables in fat, or top with fat. I like clarified butter on a lot of things, particularly broccoli and brussels sprouts. I drizzle olive oil on anything that is a salad.