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  1. CAK911

    Panera Bread Hidden Menu

    That's pretty great -- a couple solid options for while I'm out and about at least. And, the steak breakfast bowl looks really delicious.
  2. CAK911

    Weight Loss?

    Also, to echo something I said on another thread: I'm on my 2nd Whole30. The first one, I couldn't let go of tracking, and I tracked in a super detailed way. The Whole30 worked (I got the sleep benefits, my guts cleared up, I felt great physically for the most part, and I even lost some weight), but I was still worrying about food in a way that took up a lot of my time and I'm sure contributed to anxiety. This time, I'm just keeping a very simple log here on the forum -- just a list of what I eat at each meal. I'm about 8 days from the end, and I feel even better than I did last Whole30, and for the first time in YEARS, I have almost no anxiety about what I'm eating. I don't think about what to eat next. I don't worry that I ate too much or too little or the wrong thing. I'm not perfect every day (ie, sometimes I get slightly off template), but I feel confident that my days average out to eating really, really well. Basically, I just want to reiterate: Trust the program. It's worth it.
  3. And, I'll totally echo the Vitamin D recommendation. I have a therapy light I use a few days a week; when I first got it, I used it daily for about 30 minutes. It made a marked difference in how I felt -- and, there's research backing that up. Therapy lights work for about 80% of people who use them.
  4. I have GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), and it's definitely less of an issue on Whole30. In general, any time I'm eating less sugar, my anxiety is lower -- it's a total vicious cycle, otherwise, because I (like many people) find food treats comforting, but they also cause anxiety spikes, so then I crave them more. I'm rarely soap boxy about things, but if he gets nothing else from this: please tell him to cut out caffeine. I can occasionally have A cup of coffee, but I usually stick to decaf, because caffeine causes me to have anxiety attacks if I'm not really careful. My general regime for dealing with my anxiety is this: Work out 3-4 times a week. (I just do Zumba for 20 or 45 minutes, I really think anything helps, including walking). No caffeine. Sleep 8 hours a night at regular times (I try to do 11-7). If I don't sleep at times that "normal" people sleep, I feel more removed and weird, so I try to stay on a schedule as if I have a regular 9-5 job, even though I don't. Klonopin for anxiety attacks. I don't have as much constant anxiety as some people, I tend to have kind of spiked attacks that last a day or so. Klonopin knocks these out. I know it's often not the first thing doctors prescribe, because it has a high risk for abuse. For me, the daily pills (all SSRIs) did not really work as intended. It's better for me to treat things occasionally. Several of my friends with anxiety swear by various mood stabilizers; I think those are great for a lot of people, and a lot of people for whom SSRIs alone don't work alone find a mood stabilizer is great. Basically, it's worth it to spend time sorting out your meds, even though the process totally sucks. Eat at regular intervals. Do not skip meals. Eat adequate meals. Avoid any foods that cause blood sugar spikes or crashes or anything else like that. I can go out for ice cream once a month, or have dessert on an important anniversary if I want to, but I can't/shouldn't stop at the pie shop on the way home just because it smells good -- it always smells good. Interact with other people, even if it's just walking to the corner store for a coffee. If I spend too much time alone in my head, I get weird -- and this is even though I live with a spouse. I need to interact with strangers or people I don't know well. It's often really scary for me, but doing it more often makes it less scary, and it keeps me from obsessing over terrifying social scenarios, because I get a lot of regular feedback that I'm actually fine, I can talk to people.
  5. CAK911


    I don't know, but I do know I drink way more water than I used to, and it makes me feel good. So, maybe just drink more water? I drink about 96 oz. of water a day. I think I've been drinking even more lately, just because the dry air from all the heaters running inside really dries me out. Similarly, when my asthma is really in check, I wind up needing more water just based on water evaporating from membranes along my respiratory system.
  6. CAK911

    The crazy things people say

    Yes! My mom has been saying this, and it drives me crazy.
  7. CAK911

    Ideas for more fats?!

    We cook almost all vegetables in fat, or top with fat. I like clarified butter on a lot of things, particularly broccoli and brussels sprouts. I drizzle olive oil on anything that is a salad.
  8. ... when they've become a master of hacking, tweaking, and otherwise remaking recipes.
  9. CAK911

    Bedtime snack or tough it out?

    I do a handful of nuts if I'm serious business hungry, too. It's usually a sign I should have eaten more at dinner, but I have a hard time eating large meals in a sitting sometimes. I find with small-ish snacks like that, I still wake up hungry, so I assume they're not sending me too far off course.