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  1. Whole 30 restaurant foods in NYC

    Hu Kitchen is paleo to begin with, so I think you can find W30 foods there, too.
  2. NYC

    Hu Kitchen most definitely. Bareburger also.
  3. indian food

    Maybe the burger and a side of their veggies steamed instead of stir-fried?
  4. Coconut milk/cream powders any good in coffee?

    Is it even possible to have coconut milk powder without maltodextrin?
  5. What does everyone use their mayo for?

    I use it almost like sour cream. So if I'm having something that just seems dry, I add some mayo to make it creamy.
  6. Sweet Potato Woes

    You could also try yuca or plantains for a starchy vegetable.
  7. tea or other caffeine sources besides coffee

    Yerba mate might be good. Brew it for a short period of time at first, because it can taste grassy. Guayaki brand can be found in a lot of places. http://guayaki.com/category/12/Loose-Leaf-Mate.html
  8. I keep thinking I should just give up...

    The fact that the juicing is so hard to let go of may be a sign that it's the thing you need to let go of the most. I'm that way with chocolate. I tell myself plenty of things when I'm not on a W30 about how just this one piece is fine, it's not that much sugar, it has ingredients that are good for me! And in no time, I'm eating a whole bar a day because I'm stressed at work. Who wants to need something to that extent? If you stop juicing for 15 days and eat vegetables instead, is that going to give you cancer? I'm fairly sure you don't believe that's true. Branching out in veggie choices is one of the unexpected side benefits of doing this. Other than kale, spinach, and onions, what have you tried or do you like? Maybe we can recommend recipes. I also had huge hormonal problems on my first W30. I have hormone-related vertigo. Most of the time, I would get vertigo around my period. It would last a day or two and was mostly manageable. Three days after I started W30, I had THE WORST vertigo I have ever had in my life. Literally knocked me on my ass. I couldn't stand up, I stumbled like a drunk if I tried to walk, I was nauseous. If I moved AT ALL the world spun so fast that I couldn't actually see anything. It was a few days before I could really walk anywhere, and the vertigo didn't go away on its own. New crystals had formed in my ears and I had to see a specialist to position them so they'd stop giving me spells. And I spotted. And my period showed up early. And I was already a low-carb eater. So the fact that you're having hormone shifts is evidence that W30 IS having an effect on you, even though it feels like complete crap at the moment.
  9. Franks Red Hot

    Oh man, I didn't know the wing sauce wasn't okay. It's the canola oil and preservatives, I guess? Good thing I ran out before Jan or I'd have had it on some wings by now.
  10. Balsamic vinegar

    Really? Even Rice Wine vinegar? I was thinking of trying to make a mayo with it.
  11. Is there a substitute for coconut?

    You might be able to replace coconut milk with cashew cream depending on the recipe. Cashew cream: soak 1 c raw cashews in 3 c boiling water for 30 minutes. Drain, reserving one cup of liquid. Put cashews and liquid in a blender and blend until smooth, adding more water as needed to arrive at desired consistency. All that being said, whether or not I taste the coconut in coconut milk depends on the recipe. In, say, indian food, I can't really taste it. In coffee, it just makes my coffee taste like coconut.
  12. Places I have been compliant!!

    Look for a Cuban restaurant. A lot of Cuban recipes are pretty simply prepared meats, and tostones or yuca work as sides instead of rice. Just have to be careful to ask what oil they cook in.
  13. NYC Recommendations

    Wow! Not quite W30, unless the meatloaf on the lunch menu turns out to be sweetened with raisins, but they have some nice looking side dishes and some great post-W30 stuff.
  14. How can I order in an Indian restaurant?

    I've had decent luck asking indian places if any of their dishes are dairy-free.
  15. Crio Bru

    Unless pure cocoa also "blocks fat" I'm not sure how Crio bru could. It's just crushed cacao beans.