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  1. We did a Whole30 in January and I had a pretty miserable period from the fourth to the ninth. I started my period again on the 30th (weird for me as I usually have 30 day cycles). Then we took a few days off, I ate way too much sugar, and so we started another Whole30 on the third. I'm still on my freaking period. Day nine. My long cycles are six days. This is getting crazy. I'm hoping if I just keep eating Whole30 compliant it will all even out, but this is miserable. I get cramps, exhaustion, and really awful depression before and during menstruation, so it's been a rough month.
  2. Mine seem to get worse when I'm doing a Whole30, too. But then they get way, way better as long as I keep my diet strict paleo. Then I slowly start allowing more and more sugar or dairy into my diet and they slowly get worse again. Then I have to do another Whole30. It sucks, but is also a pretty steady pattern for me and I logically know what I need to do to avoid it.