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  1. Megan

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Hmmm... thanks all, good food for thought. Day 22 and I feel awful, I was doing well and only just starting to feel like I had some energy and strength, until I got my period. Now I'm back to having no energy, feeling weak and today I'm really bloated and light headed. I've increased my intake of red meats, decreased my nut intake and increased intake of sweet potatoes to one a day. I had my period a couple of weeks before starting W30 and with my medication should not get another period for at least three to four months. So I wasn't expecting a period during the W30. I don't think,my discomfort is due to W30 but due to my condition as no one else seems to have the same difficulties. I'm hoping things will get better after period has finished.
  2. Megan

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    Has anyone else experienced changes with menstrual cycle? I have endometriosis and this causes me a fair amount of pain and discomfort (hysterectomy may happen). Yesterday I started my cycle without warning and due to the medical interventions I have in place for endometriosis I'm not due for at least another two months or more. As yet no positive effects in reduction of pain etc, but I'm not bloated which is nice. Has anyone else had changes?