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    Started reading through this thread thinking woo-hoo! I can eat at Chipotle! Then I saw that there was some doubts, and my heart sank...but then I kept reading and finally made it over to the actual website ingredients. Woo-hoo! I can eat at Chipotle! Except I won't, at least not today, because of this: I haven't bought or eaten beef in a long time because of how expensive it's gotten but I ate some recently and my body's response to it was about as close to orgasmic as I get with food. Now I'm wondering: How much grass-fed beef could I buy with that one Chipotle carnitas salad? Thanks for the info,'s good to know there's an option there.
  2. This is actually pre-Whole 30, but...I too had major sinus issues a few years back, and it got to the point where I had surgery (which I paid for mostly out of my own pocket). Later that year some angel of mercy steered me towards gluten-free/wheat-free eating, and the difference it made was enormous. Of course I fell off the wagon, with painful results (e.g., on descending planes) but since doing the Whole 30 I have avoided wheat and gluten completely. I don't think I'll be falling off the wagon this time...the very thought of eating a baked good causes a twinge in my sinuses...