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  1. My in-laws did that (they ate some sugar and some not-great oils, and refused to do proper breakfasts, heh), but I just refer to it as their *finger quotes* "Whole30" and they have pretty good humour about it. They know they fudged.
  2. malie

    What did you eat on day 31?

    P.S. The first time, I did reintros basically as outlined in ISWF. The second time I didn't do proper reintros, and it feels like such a wasted opportunity. Always do proper reintros if at all possible, just for your own (very important) information!
  3. malie

    What did you eat on day 31?

    I just didn't tell my in-laws I was done this time around, so they kept on feeding me paleo, haha!! This time around my first reintro was sugar, so on day 31, I ate coconut whipped cream sweetened with maple syrup, sweet potato pancakes sweetened with maple syrup, and dried papaya sweetened with cane sugar. Lesson #1: I CANNOT EAT DRIED FRUIT. Good gravy. Lesson #2: Sugar makes me tired, cranky, and anxious.
  4. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    This time around, I am aiming to do more focused reintros to really drill down on a handful of things. First one will be sugar—just sugar, no gluten or dairy with it, in a few different forms. I really want to pinpoint what sugar specifically does to me, outside of how I would normally consume it in baking or ice cream. Then I want to try soy and white rice individually. If circumstances permit, I may try to nail a couple other things down too, but those three are my priority.
  5. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    I really really really REALLY recommend breaking up with your scale... PERMANENTLY. I haven't weighed myself since December for my driver's license, and it is one of the most mentally healthful things I've done body image–wise. Seriously. REALLY. It just does. Not. Matter. WHAT the scale says.
  6. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    I agree with the above, that in my last two Whole30s I noticed the difference in the first week and then in the last week. Those middle two can be discouraging in that respect, but are encouraging in so many other respects — are you sleeping better? Staying full longer? Experiencing less gastrointestinal distress? Fewer headaches? Those are MAJOR wins. Pretty happy to have made it through yet another social event this evening, a BBQ at our house. I ate my burger topped with homemade guac and salsa, veggie crudités, and watermelon. I avoided chocolate cake, tortilla chips (the hint of lime ones — past favourite!), rice krispie squares, taquitos, beer, wine, AND potato salad. Phewf. Something I'm realizing this time around is how beneficial it is to practice being at these events around these foods WHILE on the Whole30 with its strict ground rules, to better equip myself to say no later on when I'm riding my own bike. Practice, practice, practice! Avoiding these situations on my Whole30 (which I did more of the last two times) leaves me at a loss for what to do when I'm in them and not on a Whole30.
  7. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    Day 12! Doing great! I too had a couple of meals out this weekend, at friends'/family's homes, and both cooked compliant dishes for me! What a pleasant surprise. I was completely prepared to eat only what I'd brought myself. I find the biggest battle in this area is getting people to be 100% forthcoming with everything that's in their dish. "A little bit of honey" or "a little bit of bacon grease" is a BIG DEAL SON; I need to know these things so I can make the right choice.
  8. malie

    Oral Allergy Syndrome

    I too have OAS, and I am on my third Whole30. I roll my eyes in silent frustration a lot at all the recipes chock full of nuts that make their way around here, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Haha... We can roll our eyes together. Anyway, I haven't found it to be a problem; I just eat other things. In fact, I noticed my symptoms for certain foods, notably raw carrots, celery, peppers, bananas, and apples have GREATLY diminished since I went Whole30/paleo. Kiwis are still a problem, and I'll probably never bother trying melons (first and worst allergy!). I can eat almonds, but only roasted and not more than a handful or two, and much more than a couple tablespoons of almond meal in a recipe makes me uncomfortable (literally, physically). All other nuts are taboo for me. Commiseration!
  9. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    I have a bachelorette next weekend as well. It's a long event (for me), about 4 p.m. until maybe 11 p.m. (I'll probably pack it in early because I'm old compared to the rest of these girls, ha.) My plan: 1. Eat a bigass meal before I go. 2. Bring my own snacks (baggies of chopped veggies, fruit, olives). 3. Drink soda water with lime wedges all night. 4. Eat when I get home if I'm hungry. That's it! Just make a plan and you will be fine. Most friends are supportive, especially if you explain that you're doing it for your overall health and well-being, not just to lose weight as some fad diet. My go-to excuse is, "I can't sleep when I eat wheat and sugar. I need to be able to sleep." You know you don't HAVE to eat grass-fed on Whole30, right? I certainly don't. Ain't nobody got $$ for that. Hang in there, this is slump time. You really do need to give it the full 30 days to know if it "works" for you.
  10. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    I'm here! Trucking along. If you are sick of protein, try a mild white fish?
  11. malie


    I have no tips, but I sure sympathize! Our monthly groceries budget line has had to be beefed up big time since we went paleo/Whole30. But it's worth it to feel great and fuel your body and health. I have come to learn that I just can't get organic, grass-fed, free-run, pastured, etc. very often or even at all. So my eggs aren't always happy, oh well.
  12. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    Love Well Fed and Well Fed 2! I cook almost exclusively from them and get no complaints. Day 3 and already feeling SO much better. I know there may still be a detox crash coming, but at this point I am flying high -- sleeping ever so much better, head so much clearer, didn't wake up with a headache today like I do when I'm eating poorly, mood is more manageable. We do eat Whole30-style at home regularly (like I said, WF and WF2 all day every day!), it's just that lately we were going out to family events a lot where there were not great choices to be made anyway and we made worse ones than we could have. So the foundation is pretty strong, but I did expect more detox symptoms these first few days... We shall see!
  13. malie

    Cheat 'coupons'??

    I really prefer the term "indulgence" instead of "cheat" or "treat." Cheat to me speaks of bad behaviour and guilt, and we are trying to learn that What We Eat Doesn't Dictate Who We Are, right? Treat makes me feel like I'm giving myself something I deserve, which is exactly the kind of food relationship I'm trying to get away from—rewarding myself with food for both good days and bad days. Enough of that!! Therefore, "indulgence" works for me. "I am indulging in this piece of chocolate cake because it was made by my sister-in-law, who is an amazing baker, and every bite will be decadent, and I will not feel guilty for it afterward." OR "I do not need to indulge in this pizza, because I don't even like pizza that much, so it will not feel special or like a true indulgence." Does that make sense? Am I crazy?
  14. malie

    Brand new - starting May 15th

    I am also starting tomorrow! This will be my third Whole30 — first was June 2013, second January 2014. We try to eat paleo in between, and mostly do at home, but the more we go out, the more we're riding our own bikes... right off the road, sigh. My goals for this Whole30 are to (1) finish, (2) do a couple of reintros I've been wondering about (white rice, soy, and specific types of dairy), and (3) afterward get into a workable everyday rhythm of Making Better Choices, i.e., riding my bike safely on the bike path. Good luck to you and anyone else starting tomorrow!
  15. malie

    Who's made what from Well Fed 2!

    This week, I made: Piña Colada Chicken on Coconut Cauliflower rice -- NEW FAVOURITE!! Oh so comforting. Cincinnati Chili -- My husband loves it, but it's too spicy for me even with the cayenne halved. I guess I'm still a Chocolate Chili devotee! Beef Stew Provençal -- Delicious, and I guess I like balsamic because I wouldn't agree with the poster upthread who said there's too much in this (maybe make sure your balsamic is still good? Old balsamic is nasty). I can't remember if I already posted this, but I also made the Fiesta Pork Chops a couple of weeks ago. They were good, but IMO don't make great leftovers. Also I'm just not that into pork chops, heh. We're done our Whole30 as of tonight, so this weekend will bring me Plantain Nachos for sure.