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    New workout focus

    So recently I'd been in a training cycle for a marathon. I ran the Asheville marathon on Sept 28, so up until that point, the bulk of my workouts came from running. Granted, I included strength and running workouts like hill repeats and tempo runs, but for the most part, my workouts were running-based. Since running the race, I have changed the focus of my workouts to more strength, HIIT cardio/weights, functional fitness. It's only been a couple weeks since my race but I feel like I'm having difficulty seeing any change in my body comp. My goal is more fat loss now that the race is off my plate. I know that when I was running, I topped out at 44 miles (give or take a couple) in one week. I know that my workouts now aren't totaling the same calorie burn as my running did, so I feel like I should be eating less. My question is, should I expect an adjustment period from my body, going from chronic cardio, so to speak, to more strength training, before my body composition starts changing? I'm eating according to the template, however not on a W30 currently. I'm hoping there might be some experienced athletes out there who have made a shift from cardio-focused to strength-focused workouts and have therefore noticed if there was an adjustment period in how their body reacted to the different form of fitness? Thanks!
  2. Bethany Lannon

    Should I finish the 30 days?

    Yes! It'll get easier! You'll start to find a routine and method to how you plan/prepare. I do little food prep but my prep comes in planning meals for the following week and its corresponding grocery list. Lunches come from leftovers. It'll get easier, I promise!!
  3. Bethany Lannon

    Fitness Instructor Needing Advice!

    Among other suggestions, I would suggest trying some BCAA's such as by this brand: Only the capsules, don't get the powder. I am in marathon training myself. My schedule is not as hectic as yours but I found myself dragging and so exhausted almost to the point of crying during my peak weeks with my highest mileage. I'd been taking BCAA's pre & post-WO (4 capsules each time), but my husband had me start taking 3-4 with each meal as well (this was on a day where I only ran 5 miles, was supposed to run 12, but felt like I had run 30). It was honestly like I felt alive again. I wasn't dragging, I wasn't wishing my day away, I wasn't thinking about when I could brew my next pot of coffee. They made the biggest difference in my energy levels. I have a 3.5yo son and a 5.5 month old daughter who I am breastfeeding. So when my energy plummeted, it was miserable trying to function with an active toddler and an infant, all while trying to get my miles in. So, for energy levels, definitely try the BCAA's. I'm betting you will notice a huge difference as soon as you start taking them. Good luck with your training!! I'm tapering now, so its all downhill from here.
  4. Bethany Lannon

    Frozen Yogurt/Ice Cream

    I believe Breyer's brand has all natural ingredients (I have not checked this myself, so please nobody string me up by my toes if I'm wrong). Also, I have found a brand of ice cream made with coconut milk and no other junk in it, the So Delicious brand. I have only found them in pints, but they're pretty delicious for post-W30!
  5. Bethany Lannon

    Another "Should I start over?" Post

    How did you make the homemade creamer? Did you use the separated coconut milk trick and just whip that up or did you make something else?
  6. Bethany Lannon

    Post Whole30 Looking for Food Advice

    In regards to something like dips, you can use a homemade mayo as a base and then flavor it. I have had the best luck with this mayo recipe (made in my food processor): The ranch dip is amazing. You can also take your mayo base to make a chipotle lime dressing/dip. Same method used to make the ranch dressing, just different seasonings (I use salt, paprika, chipotle pepper powder and lime juice; all in amounts to taste preference). I make mine and keep it in the thick mayo consistency. So its like a chipotle lime mayo (or you can use coconut milk to thin to desired consistency), which makes a great topping on veggies (pan roasted carrots with salt, paprika and chipotle pepper powder rocks!!) and meats (recently on a mocha rubbed pot roast... So good!). Also, coconut milk (full fat) makes a great addition to soups to give it more of a creamy base.
  7. I would give them a shot and see if they affect your baby. I am EBF my 5.5 month old and I eat all of those veggies that you listed on a daily basis, if not 2-3x per day. I say go for it.
  8. Bethany Lannon

    Missing food group?

    Here's my issue with Beachbody coaches: they are so obsessed by their beloved shakeology that they can't accept any other fueling methods. I personally think shakeology is filled with junk, not to mention its waaaaaaay to expensive for only getting a month's worth at a time. I am not saying this is true for all Beachbody coaches, but all of the ones I have encountered have very much of a "my way or no way" attitude. There is nothing "fad" about eliminating processed foods and only eating foods that make you healthier. If you ask me, drinking a shake that costs $80/month when all you're buying is the name (because let's face it: you can buy protein powder for much cheaper than that, and that's all shakeology is. Period.) is more of a fad than anything else.
  9. Bethany Lannon

    Recipe site? has a TON of compliant recipes, and even has a dedicated section of W30 compliant recipes.
  10. Dates stuffed with homemade nut butter. Drop the nut butter into a ziplock bag, cut off the corner and squeeze into each end of the pitted date. Flash freeze in a single layer, then wrap individually (or sets of 2) in wax paper. Keep frozen until you leave for your run, keep them in a ziplock bag during your run. The nut butter will ooze a bit so it helps to have any potential mess contained in a snack-size ziplock. They have been my saving grace during my long runs (currently training for a marathon, running 20 tomorrow).
  11. Homemade nut butters and coconut butter are my faves... I have made coconut butter, mixed nut butter and coco-nut butter... The mixed nut butter is: 6oz almonds 6oz cashews 4oz macadamia nuts 2-3 tbsp coconut oil Pinch salt The coco-nut butter is: 10oz almonds 6oz shredded coconut 2-3 tbsp coconut oil 1-2 chopped pitted dates Cinnamon, nutmeg, pinch salt Coconut butter: 12oz shredded or flaked coconut 2-3 tbsp coconut oil For all recipes, throw your ingredients in the food processor and whir it up until it reaches your desired consistency. Use nuts with no added oils and roast them in your oven on parchment at 350 for about 10 min, stirring halfway. I'll add that I am currently post-w30, so these are swypo for me and only limited to pre-WO fat sources, except for the coconut butter which I will put on top of a baked sweet potato (delicious!!!). Good luck, I hope you're able to get things going in the right direction!
  12. Bethany Lannon

    Endurance Athletes: What Do You Eat?

    Btw, Marks Daily Apple has a post on "How to Fuel a Marathon". He discusses a "train low, race high" technique in regards to carbs... Train on lower carbs and then on the days leading up to your race and the morning of your race, increasing carb intake. I've definitely been "training low", and I have my first of two 20-mile runs next Saturday, so I'm going to experiment with a sweet potato pre-run and see how it affects my 20-miler and my energy through it.
  13. Bethany Lannon

    Endurance Athletes: What Do You Eat?

    I am in marathon training --- before my long runs, I have been having 2 HB eggs, coconut milk in my coffee, and 1/2 avocado. During my long runs, I have been having great luck with coconut water and dates stuffed with homemade cashew/almond butter. If you choose to do the dates, you make the nut butter, spoon it into a ziplock bag, cut off a small corner and then squeeze it into each pitted date (I fill it from both ends to get the most into it I can). I will then wrap 1-2 dates at a time in wax paper (like how caramel candies are wrapped). I keep all of them inside a ziplock bag of its own so that if any of the nut butter oozes during my run, the mess is contained. I also keep them in the freezer until I leave for my run. Post-long run, I'll have 1/2 sweet potato and a can of tuna. I know that doesn't sound very appetizing but its my best/quickest option for lean protein, as I have a 3yo & 5-month old to tend to as soon as I get home. I'm also going to start getting all-natural/organic sweet potato baby food pouches for quick post-WO carbs as well, instead of having to steam a sweet potato each time. I have also started using nuun tabs... I break them each into 4 pieces and chew them throughout my run. They have artificial sweeteners in them, so they're non-W30 (I'm not currently in W30), but its been at 100% humidity and low 70's for all of my runs over the last several weeks, so they have been somewhat necessary. I chew instead of put them in my water because of the sweetener - in case it has a negative effect on my stomach, I haven't sacrificed a bottle of water. I got this idea from ultrarunnergirl who posts throughout the forums. Hope this helps!
  14. Bethany Lannon

    Sauerkraut and fermented foods

    Bubbies is the best brand I have found for sauerkraut. However I make my own now, so much cheaper! has a tutorial on sauerkraut. All that's needed is a head of cabbage, a couple quart-size mason jars, some salt and about 15-20 minutes.
  15. That's interesting to read your experience... my 5month daughter's weight percentile went from 90-something at birth to 70-something at 2 months, to 8.6% at 4 months. I've been training for a marathon and keeping my carbs right around 100 per day (give or take 25; with exception of long run days... carbs are way high on those days). I just took her for a weight check at 5 months and she only gained 6oz in one month... I've started to see that maybe carbs are the culprit (I'm sure that dietary fat isn't the issue, I'm getting plenty of that). Of course googling anything of the such brings up a thousand different references, all of which say something entirely different from the last. I'm working on keeping more carbs in my diet, mostly via sweet potatoes in some form. I've been suspecting carbs, but your response has made me believe that the carbs really could be the main issue here. Thanks for sharing your experience.