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    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    Oh, one more... ... sweet potatoes have become a normal breakfast food (I forgot how odd this was to most people after the weird look I got when I said I eat sweet potatoes for breakfast.)
  2. Bethany Lannon

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    ... they start to get anxious when their coconut milk supply is down to just a few cans.
  3. Bethany Lannon

    Panera Bread Hidden Menu

    Thanks... I'm going to call back and ask about the possibility of cooking my food in olive oil instead of canola as well. Might be a long shot, but can't hurt to ask.
  4. Bethany Lannon

    Panera Bread Hidden Menu

    I just stumbled upon this thread... So canola oil is okay?? Hubs and I were talking about going to Genghis Grill (build-your-own Mongolian BBQ), because we figured I could get meat, spices, and lots of veggies. I called and found out they cooked the dishes in canola oil, so I figured it was out. I'm happy to see that canola is ok (provided I'm reading it all right... When it comes to compliant and non-compliant, I don't want to get it wrong!).
  5. This makes me feel better... I'm breastfeeding my 7-week old baby now. As it stands, I'm already an "every 3 hour" eater (I start W30 on May 7th), so between that and breastfeeding, the "3 meals per day, no snacking" rule was seeming doubly as daunting for me. I'm not quite sure what I'll snack on, without it being almonds/pistachios/cashews every time, but hopefully I'll find at least one non-high fat substitute (my current fave snack is almonds with dried goji berries).