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  1. Colleen Roy

    Whole 30 & Robb Wolfs 30 day meal plan

    Check out nom nom paleo's website. She has a day by day menu for a whole30 you can look at and use. I think I remember the same thing on too.... I bet if you googled whole30 meal plan you'd come up with links to folks menus. You just have to make sure they really are whole30 compliant and not just paleo. While whole30 can be considered paleo, the purpose of it is to break the cycle of needing sugar and unhealthy food that cause inflammation. If you eat paleo-fied foods, it's harder to break the habit and desire for non-paleo versions. Stick with strict whole30 guidelines for the thirty days. When you finish, you might want to try those paleo-fied foods.
  2. Colleen Roy

    Can I sub cashew butter for sun butter in Pad Thai?

    Heck yeah you can! I use homemade almond butter in mine as I'm not a fan of the flavor of the Sunbutter. It's yummy!
  3. You could try making your own almond milk and see if you like it better.
  4. You don't need to eat eggs for both breakfast and lunch. It really does help to stop thinking of them as breakfast, lunch and dinner too. The Meal 1, 2, & 3 concept makes it much easier to think about other options besides eggs for protien sources. I love leftovers for Meal 1 and Meal 2. Makes planning so much easier too!
  5. Colleen Roy

    Whole30/Paleo Cookbooks

    EVERYTHING in Well Fed is delicious!!! Absolutely, positively, ridiculously freaking delicious!!! My favorite is the Paleo Pad Thai with Sunshine Sauce. It's like crack for whole30ers! And the Chocolate Chili is yummy. And the Bora Bora meatballs! and! and, and.....seriously. Everything is yummy!!!! I'm anxiously awaiting my copy of Well Fed 2, which I also bought for myself for Christmas!
  6. Huma energy gel is whole30 compliant I think. It's not really gel....fruit and chia seeds? I'm out of them at the moment, or I'd check the ingredient list, but I'm pretty sure it is compliant. But if you're post whole30, and it isn't compliant, it still works!
  7. Colleen Roy

    Yoga help LOVE this site. You get a free trial, the it's $18 a month. Well worth it. There are tons of videos and workouts from beginner to expert that are super easy to follow. Check it out!
  8. Colleen Roy

    butternut squash

    Cubed and roasted. Then I eat it as a veg at one meal, throw some in chili for another meal or two, throw some in a salad for another meal or two, mash some for a side , save some for soup....I like butternut squash, so I like to have it cooked and ready to go! It's all about prepping ahead at my house. No prep = bad food choices for me! Like last!? Good thing we aren't in the middle of a whole30, right? But I know that the zoodles with homemade bolognese sauce would have tasted ten times better-just didn't have an ounce of energy or willpower to do, guess what I'm doing today? Major prep day-BEFORE I go over to school for a few hours to catch up and plan after being out sick with the flu for three days last week! Food first, everything else second!
  9. Colleen Roy

    Cauliflower Soup

    That is a crazy easy and delicious recipe. I did use stock instead of water. Yum, yum, yum!
  10. Colleen Roy

    Well, today is day 31!

    Alcohol kicks my butt since I did my first whole30 a little over a year ago. We've done two more since and I have a much lower tolerance for alcohol than I did prior to completing a whole30. Love it. I'm a much cheaper date these days. Plus, I feel much better after a celebration!
  11. Colleen Roy

    day 5 and worst run ever. marathon in 2 weeks

    I despise running in the afternoons....this whole teaching thing really gets in the way of my morning workout routine! I love starting my days with a run or WOD. Yes, having the time to do it in the afternoon is better than not being able to do it all, but still, give me my mornings back!!!
  12. Colleen Roy

    Slight slip up

    Depends on your reason for doing a whole30. Are you doing it to identify possible allergies or intolerances? Are you doing it to eliminate the sugar dragon? I would say that as long as you just had one little taste and nothing else off plan then I think you are ok. Add a day on the end. But that is just my humble opinion and I'm no expert....q
  13. Colleen Roy

    day 5 and worst run ever. marathon in 2 weeks

    Definitely skip things like half a head of cabbage before a run!!! Sweet potatoes every day saved me during my whole30. I still eat half a sweet potato every day with breakfast. I can feel it when I don't get enough good veggie carbs and fat. My runs are harder and I am slower for sure. Hang in there. You should feel better in time for your marathon, but don't be afraid of adding extra carbs before a training run and especially before the race. You need to try different fuels for during the race too. Don't want to mess around with that on race day!
  14. Colleen Roy


    I just salt them and let them sit on a clean kitchen towel for 10-20 minutes, then roll them up and wring them out. I never rinse them-just toss them in to some hot evoo and sauté....I especially like them with garlic, red onion and red peppers, and a sprinkle of crushed red pepper.
  15. Colleen Roy

    Question about breasts

    Eating this way is the only time my breasts have gotten smaller! I lost 25 pounds at the end of my whole30 last summer and have kept most of it off-I fluctuate 5-8 pounds here and there, but I don't worry about it. I know what puts it back on and how to get it off. I broke up with the scale this summer and am going by how I feel and how my clothes fit. I went down two cup sizes and one band size last summer-first time that's ever happened!