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  1. Hello. Is this bacon out because the sunflower oil is not high oleic? Thank you INGREDIENTS:PORK, SEA SALT, SPICES (ALLSPICE, BLACK PEPPER, FENUGREEK, MACE, NUTMEG, WHITE PEPPER), SUNFLOWER OIL.
  2. Hello. I will find out and reply. It was her account at the time.
  3. Hello. I've read the forum and saw old posts that say no, newer ones that say "Natural and artificial flavours are not ruled out during your Whole30. It's up to you if you want to include them or not. If you google how artificial flavours are made, you may wish to avoid them. But it's not a rule." And then we have a message from Melissa saying NO! What is the FINAL VERDICT!! Thank you
  4. Are these wraps compatible? My gut says no because recreation. Thank you Jo https://egglifefoods.com/product/eggwhite-wrap/