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  1. Jager07

    Your 2 Favorite/most used Condiments?

    French's Super Classic Yellow mustard and Frank's Red Hot.
  2. I alternate, but one I've been using lately is "Go hard. No excuses."
  3. Jager07

    Shop local.

    Well dang! HEB is THE Texas supermarket and I'll definitely use this info to check for better at the little organic stores. Thank you for the info!
  4. Jager07

    Days 5-7 Lower Joint Pain

    Congratulations! Way to rock out your 30 days. I look forward to seeing your success story and yes, a glass of wine sounds delightful!
  5. Jager07

    Days 5-7 Lower Joint Pain

    Hey there! Saw your post on another page and wanted to check in and see how you're doing! Yes, sitting at the Domain (Cru) and sipping a beverage would be such a treat. Maybe in the future when I've got a better handle on reintroduction and all that jazz.... Yay Austin!!!
  6. Jager07

    "Pasta" sauces for muy spiraled veggies??

    Yep. One can tomato puree, 1 can fire roasted diced tomatoes, a bunch of jarred garlic, 1/2 onion, some salt, ground oregano and a bunch of Italian seasoning. I dump it in with fried hamburger and eat it almost every day over sautéed mushrooms.
  7. Jager07

    Clarified Butter is brown

    First time making clarified butter today...it turned out slightly lighter color than coffee. Is it still okay or is it now not Whole30? Thank you in advance!!
  8. Jager07

    Start May 11th.

    Happy Day 1!
  9. Jager07

    Start May 11th.

    That would be great aggiejamie!
  10. Jager07

    Start May 11th.

    Hi! I'm starting tomorrow, too and teaming up would be great!