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  1. I'm not sure if I get issues from other fermented food because I've not hard sauerkraut. Gluten free soy sauce treats me fine but I knwo it's out. Other coconut products are also fine. I appreciate the tip that it could be the fermentation. My stomach is finally returning to somewhat-normal today so yeah, I'll not be trying it again. Sucks though - no soy sauce or aminos means basically no asian themed meals. Mommyofthree, that's super interesting that you both had that same problem as I did. Have you had coconut aminos before and it was fine or was this your first time? Are you guys feeling a
  2. I've tested and re-tested this theory several times now, always with the same results: coconut aminos really mess up my stomach. I have celiac, and the reaction I get to the aminos feels very much like the reaction I get when I'm accidentally glutened - VERY bloated for at least 2 days, tight, painful stomach, and just overall extremely uncomfortable. Even gluten free baked goods with grains don't hurt me as much as coconut aminos. Like I said, once I suspected they were what was causing that, I didn't have it for a while then mindlessly put some in a stir fry I made the other day. For the las