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  1. That was my plan but I just wanted to make sure! Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I'm planning on starting a Whole30 soon; I've gotten out of control food-wise and it's time for a reset. That said, I'm concerned about one thing- my side business is a bakery. I develop and test recipes all the time before they can go out for sale in my business and part of that is tasting items that are in NO WAY compliant, lol. How does one get around this hurdle? Are there any other professional bakers/pastry chefs out there? How do you deal with taste-testing new products during a Whole30? Taste and spit it out? Trust someone else to taste it for you? I want to commit to the program but I also don't want to sell products that don't taste good! Thanks in advance!
  3. cupkayke

    October 17th Start

    I'm starting tomorrow too! Spent the whole day prepping so I could stay compliant while while working AND going to school full time plus feeding the husband and 1-2 children at any given time. I'm glad to have this support, here's to an awesome 30 days!
  4. cupkayke

    sausage question (and bacon)

    Aidell's chicken-apple appear to be compliant, and Trader Joe's Garlic-Herb chicken sausages are as well, at least the last time I checked.
  5. Apricot and Cran-Raspberry are my jam. I'm going by Target this afternoon to pick some more up! Passionfruit is ok, but only extra chilled or over ice.
  6. cupkayke

    My First W30! Starting Oct 6th

    Hey MandyK, I'm in Portland too! I'll buddy up with ya!
  7. cupkayke

    Starting Monday October 6th

    Thanks Danielle! My ND gave me a tincture to help with my gnarly nicotine withdrawal symptoms so I'm crossing my fingers that it'll work...
  8. cupkayke

    Starting Monday October 6th

    How's day One going for everyone? I made sure to apologize to my family and co-workers for any non-intentional bitchiness that comes through in the next few days. I'm quitting smoking as well so that's like a double-whammy on my moods!
  9. cupkayke

    Starting Monday October 6th

    Awesome! I'm starting my first (hopefully) complete Whole 30 on Monday too! PM me if you need moral support.
  10. cupkayke

    Whole 30 Compliant Chicken Sausage

    When I did my last Whole 30, I found that the Garlic and Herb Chicken smoked sausages at Trader Joe's were compliant. No sugar added!
  11. cupkayke

    Cauliflower Bad for us?

    It's kind of funny to me; didn't "they" say not too long ago that cruciferous veggies helped prevent cancer? I love broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower and if I'm not supposed to eat them you can pry them from my cold, dead hands.
  12. When it gets here, I'll make sure to look up the video. I've never asked about the sugar in New Seasons bacon- someone who works in their meat department told me that was so; it's second hand info for me.