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  1. Laura B

    Digestive enzymes at mini-meals

    Sometimes I will take 1 with a pre-WO meal which I try to keep as protein and fat.
  2. Laura B

    Extra Meal When Up Late and Active?

    If you are dancing for hours at a time at the end of your day I would definitely recommend an extra meal!
  3. Laura B

    Organic vs. non-organic almond butter

    I purchased the Costco jar. It has lasted me a while. Haven't had any fruit for it to be paired with since starting this W30, but I would cut up a banana and dab some on each slice after a meal in the past.
  4. Laura B

    What's wrong with popcorn?

    What's right with it?
  5. I stopped taking all supplements during my first W30 and never looked back. I try to take fish oil regularly and I take enzymes while I am on a W30.
  6. Laura B

    Fitness & body shape progress

    Hey Little Muffin. I am glad you are posting about this as I think it is an important topic that needs to stay top of mind. Before my first W30, I was obsessed with getting the perfect body. I was working out with a trainer who had me doing carb cycling and I was obsessive over every calorie I put in my body and every calorie I burned (using a HRM). Once I did the W30 I learned to let go of all of that. You have to remember that your body decides how it will look, not you. It doesn't matter if you eat the exact way someone else does and works out exactly like them, your body will do what it wants. I have found that just eating whole foods and exercising regularly is key. As mentioned before, sleep & recovery are so super important! You really don't need to workout for 1.5 hours a day. Sure CrossFit classes are an hour, but we probably spend half of that actually "working". The remainder is rest, instruction and mobility. Don't be afraid to try it. I think you'll find it is the most un-intimidating environment you will ever walk into, once you actually get there.
  7. Laura B

    Last meal timing

    Hi Claudia! I WOD at 6pm and often do not eat dinner until 8-9pm. I would much rather be eating right when I get home at 7:30, but eating dinner is better than not. I eat a small something before I WOD (either a chicken thigh, boiled egg or applegate farms hot dog) and consider dinner my post WOD meal. I have found that this really works for me.
  8. Laura B

    Muscle cramping and slow recovery

    Sounds like your quads are just really tight. What are you doing to help your body recover? What kind of mobility do you incorporate into your routine aside from yoga? Any foam rolling?
  9. Laura B

    Pre-Workout Meal Timing

    Hi there I usually eat lunch between 12-1pm and workout (CrossFit) at 6pm. I have a quick something before I workout (20-60 min before). I find that I can workout just fine without a snack but, I can't really lift. I like lifting, so I usually eat something. Normally it's a small chicken thigh, hard boiled egg or a hot dog (applegate farms has W30 approved dogs).
  10. Laura B

    Paleomg Salisbury Steak

    I have enjoyed all of her recipes so far
  11. Laura B

    24 workouts in 24 hours

    I would get some sweet potato baby food so you can digest it quickly, as well as some eggs for protein. Eat when you are hungry and rest when you are too tired! Have fun! A girl at my CF told me about one of these she did. Phew...sounds like a lot!
  12. Laura B

    Congrats on Baby9!

    Yay! Congrats M & D!
  13. Just hang in there and keep up the good food habits as much as you can. You have had a long relationship with food and it will take more than a few months to change it. The analogy of a divorce is an awesome example.
  14. Laura B

    Coconut Manna substitute for coconut oil?

    But seriously, if you are going to eat 1-3 tbsp of coconut oil by itself then I would certainly recommend coconut manna/butter instead. It would definitely be more palatable. Not sure if you can cook with it? I just eat that stuff right out of the jar. Personally, I get plenty of coconut oil daily from cooking nearly everything in it. Even when I steam veggies, I add a few tbsp to the pot to ensure the BF and I are getting enough fats.
  15. Laura B

    Coconut Manna substitute for coconut oil?

    It is the food of the Gods.