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  1. Laura B

    Organic vs. non-organic almond butter

    I purchased the Costco jar. It has lasted me a while. Haven't had any fruit for it to be paired with since starting this W30, but I would cut up a banana and dab some on each slice after a meal in the past.
  2. Laura B

    What's wrong with popcorn?

    What's right with it?
  3. Laura B


    Hey AuntB. I am sorry to hear about your acne woes. I have been suffering with some kind of acne since I was bout 15. I get the big red cysts, as well. Usually I will get one around my period and I definitely get them when I am not eating very clean. Sometimes, they come about due to stress, so I wanted to ask how your stress levels are. Do you find that you are stressed out? If you don't think you are, could it be something underlying that you are not acknowledging? I know that doing a W30 can be kind of stressful in and of itself. Do you think you are worrying about eating something unintentionally that is off-plan? As mentioned above, it very likely could be to something you have increased in your diet, maybe eggs or nuts. Are you eating a lot of almond butter?
  4. I stopped taking all supplements during my first W30 and never looked back. I try to take fish oil regularly and I take enzymes while I am on a W30.
  5. Laura B

    Scared Bride to Be

    "means knowing that I will be slim and free of bloat/digestive issues in 30 days."--This is exactly what the Whole 30 is designed to eliminate: bloating and digestion issues. The bloating is likely a manifestation of your stress. You need to try to relax! If doing something this different is going to put you over the edge during one of the most exciting times in your life, then I suggest you wait until after your wedding. Look at it this way: you will have something to look forward to after the big day and your honeymoon are over. Good luck!
  6. Laura B

    Pre-Workout Meal Timing

    Hi there I usually eat lunch between 12-1pm and workout (CrossFit) at 6pm. I have a quick something before I workout (20-60 min before). I find that I can workout just fine without a snack but, I can't really lift. I like lifting, so I usually eat something. Normally it's a small chicken thigh, hard boiled egg or a hot dog (applegate farms has W30 approved dogs).
  7. Laura B

    Congrats on Baby9!

    Yay! Congrats M & D!
  8. Just hang in there and keep up the good food habits as much as you can. You have had a long relationship with food and it will take more than a few months to change it. The analogy of a divorce is an awesome example.
  9. Laura B

    Coconut Manna substitute for coconut oil?

    But seriously, if you are going to eat 1-3 tbsp of coconut oil by itself then I would certainly recommend coconut manna/butter instead. It would definitely be more palatable. Not sure if you can cook with it? I just eat that stuff right out of the jar. Personally, I get plenty of coconut oil daily from cooking nearly everything in it. Even when I steam veggies, I add a few tbsp to the pot to ensure the BF and I are getting enough fats.
  10. Laura B

    Coconut Manna substitute for coconut oil?

    It is the food of the Gods.
  11. Laura B

    My First Try at Reintoduction

    I am glad to hear your arthritis has improved! I know that can be so painful. So did you at least enjoy eating the bread? Was it as fun to eat as ice cream?
  12. Laura B

    Frugal meat cuts

    I tried to do something like that when I first did a Whole 30 and it was helpful at first, but it took a bit of effort to do. I was standing at the butcher counter writing down meats and prices at WF for like 15 minutes lol. The butcher probably though I'd gone mad. I just recently decided that the meats we eat most often must be of the highest quality, so grass fed ground beef and pastured eggs from the farmer. We eat chicken for our lunches, and generally get the breasts. Since these aren't fatty, we stick to organic from BJs. It is just the best combination of economical + clean. I had been getting some natural beef at BJs (It's 11.99 for 3 lbs so a steal) and it just doesn't compare to the local grass fed beef. Every time I eat the local beef I swoon. When we were visiting the BFs family last month we ate standard eggs and they had absolutely no flavor. It was a serious let down. I just can't imagine eating standard eggs again. Plus, you just can't compete with the "Thanks, Laura! Have a great week!" that I get from the farmers when I pick my food up. Talk about warm and fuzzy.
  13. I was in the same boat (mentally) as you during my first W30. I weighed myself before and was quite nervous to do it afterwards, even though I felt awesome and had made serious strides in my relationship with food. Body image was still a work in progress that has thankfully come a LONG way. I am actually starting to see myself differently. I have not weighed myself since my first W30 ended in August. I would suggest getting on that scale in the name of science and then breaking up with it for good. You said you were trying to make a point, and I think you understand that the W30 isn't about weight loss, it's about health. I think regardless of what the scale says, you can paint a much better picture of how your life has improved or not.
  14. Laura B

    Trick or Treat?

    I ended up buying 2 bags of candy I have never had. I don't think I would have been tempted either way, but this helped keep the boyfriend and roommate at bay. We were busy cleaning up the house for boyfriend's parent's impending visit this weekend, and by the time we finished up dinner I was spent. It was like 8pm, anyway so we didn't bother turning the light on. I'm gonna return the candy today...