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  1. I have been feeling the same way and yesterday, day 17 was horrible. I ate very lightly (probably not enough because I got a terrible headache) and skipped nuts completely. Today I feel much better. A bit of gas, but nothing like yesterday. So I wonder if the nuts had anything to do with it.. Today, I'll cut out nuts again, but have my coffee with coconut milk to see if that's the culprit. I hope not, because I actually really like coconut milk in my coffee and want to continue that. I didn't have much dairy before W30, but I always put half and half in my coffee. Anyway, I am experimenting because I don't want to have any more days like yesterday. It was debilitating and I am a day behind on school work because I just had to rest and watch bad tv in between bathroom trips.
  2. My boyfriend and I are doing Whole30 together. Our food bill has gone from $150-$200/ week to $400 per week! we're buying way more produce and about the same amount of meat, but we're focusing on better quality. We're spending more because we're eating more. I used to have just breakfast and dinner and snack on a bit of granola or fruit in between. Now we're making full meals and hitting the template as best we can. We've tried alternating between Whole Foods and other stores when we want to save money, and we're eating out way less. We're still feeling the financial pinch. We want to make this a way of life beyond the 30 days, but this is day 15 and we have spent $800 on food already!
  3. yogajen

    Can we talk poop?

    Usually for breakfast I have a 3 egg omelette with mushrooms or spinach, coffee with a bit of coconut milk, sometimes a half avocado, sometimes a slice of compliant bacon. For lunch, I have a green salad with cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes and tuna mixed with Whole30 mayo. For dinner, I have usually had either a piece of chicken or fish with a potato or sweet potato topped with ghee, and some veggies, like asparagus or broccoli, sometimes roasted cauliflower. I often have spaghetti squash with Whole30 Italian meat sauce. I drink 8-12 ounces of water with each meal, several cups of water between meals and a cup of herbal tea sometime before bed, so about 70-90 ounces of water depending on the day. Occasionally, once in a day, I'll eat a handful of cashews or almonds with a piece of fruit if I get hungry. Today is day 15. For the last two days, I had no gas at all, but my functional dyspepsia was very painful. This morning I woke up with a lot of gas and had a significant amount of diarrhea.
  4. And other digestive issues? This is day 12 and I have yet to have a normal bowel movement. I had ascual diarrhea for a few days after a bout of constipation, and ever since I have small, smooshy movements a few times a day. Sometimes I feel like I really have to go, but nothing comes out. I never feel empty. I have very bad gas that gets trapped and becomes painful. I also have a diagnosis of functional dyspepsia which bsically means that I have bouts of severe stomach pain with no real cause. (Had all the tests possible) I am eating protein, veggies and fat at every meal with occasional starchy veggies and ocassional fruit. I have a handful of nuts a couple of tomes per week. Some veggies cooked and some raw in a salad. I really hope to start feeling better soon. I am getting to the point where I don't want to eat because I get a little more uncomfortable with every meal. can anyone relate? Any tips? oh, and I drink a lot of water.
  5. yogajen

    Bloating on day 4??

    Shannon, You mentioned kombucha. Is there a brand that doesn't have sugar? I'd love to learn how to make my own as well!
  6. Wow, I started my Whole30 Monday and felt great. Plenty of energy, no cravings, no headaches, nothing...with the exception of an unfresh taste in my mouth for a couple of days. I went to bed last night wondering if I am doing it right because I don't seem to have followed the timeline at all (I know everyone is different, but I felt nothing but good.). My boyfriend seems to be following the timeline almost exactly, so I thought I was doing it all wrong for some reason. Well, I spoke too soon and this morning when I woke up, my blood sugar was so low that I honestly thought I was sick. (I had food poisoning on New Year's Eve and thought I was having another bout.) I had a headache, felt dizzy, sick to my stomach, weak... etc. I have eaten a good breakfast of eggs and compliant turkey bacon, a banana and a cup of coffee with coconut milk, had a (TMI WARNING) major bowel blowout in the bathroom and although I feel a little tired still, I feel SOOO much better. I looked back at yesterday and in addition to what I think is a delayed detox reaction, I realized that I had an orientation for school last night and didn't eat enough dinner before I went. While there, I had a banana, some water and a compliant Lara Bar ( I have one in my bag in case of emergency, and the other students munching on the delicious looking cookies the school provided as refreshments seemed like enough of an emergency to me!). When I got home, I had a few cashews and raisins before bed. I think it was too much fruit sugar and not enough fat and protein from about 4pm until 10pm and I was crashing hard when I woke up. I also walked a lot yesterday with my dogs and to and from the bus to school (about 4 to 5 miles total). Today I am going to take it easy and make sure I am well hydrated since my bowel seems to be interested in cleansing today! All in all, I feel positive!
  7. I am hoping that Whole30 will help me heal my bipolar disorder and help me get off meds. Can anyone share experiences?
  8. yogajen

    Starting July 7

    I am starting July 7 with a group of people on Facebook, but also wanted to get some support here. I am excited and although my official start date is July 7, I want to practice giving up the foods i will need to give up so that the transition will be smoother. I am going to miss my protein shakes after workouts!