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  1. September 18 start date

    Any foods that don't contain items specifically outlawed are OK on the plan. Most bacon is cured with sugar, ergo most bacon is off the plan.
  2. Getting Enough Veggies at Breakfast

    How about a warm blended soup? Like:
  3. Magnesium Carbonate

    No, no added sweeteners in any amount. But there is an article for your situation:
  4. 6pm Workout - Preworkout?

    The suggestion in the meal template is a small amount of protein (1/2 a meal size or smaller) and (optionally) a small amount of fat (1/2 a meal size or smaller) for pre workout.
  5. Whole30 Ketchup Recipe

    The internet is the wild west as far what any blogger can call "whole 30." Dates are allowed (in certain applications) if not encouraged on the whole 30. I would assume they had a quite different recipe (compared to others) in their book to help give people options that they hadn't considered. But, feel free to modify recipes to suite individual tastes. Some people like really vinegary ketchup or say bbq sauce.
  6. (Over)sensitivity after whole 30?

    That's what your food freedom is going to be. Are the consequences of eating those foods worth it to you?
  7. Adding dates or trying to recreate sweet additions is not allowed for whole 30. Otherwise, Coffee is fine, coffee with coconut milk is fine. (It's not sweet, we're talking the stuff from the cans here.) There are other reasons to add something to coffee, for instance to cut the acidity. or to improve mouth-feel or add fat to a meal. And let's face it, many people like the caffeine. And people can choose whether or not to consume it. There are plenty of teas out there that have soy lecithin or sugar as ingredients, so keep an eye out for that.
  8. More downs than ups!

    Can you list or a few days of food, being specific about types of veggies and how the amounts relate to the meal template? Are you drinking water, salting your food, working out? How are sleep and stress? You can also google whole 30+psoriasis
  9. Replacement options for Avacados?

    Fat-wise, any compliant fat: ghee, tallow, olive oil, coconut products, olives, limited nuts, etc. If you're looking to replace avocado in, say, tacos, you may be out of luck.
  10. Can I have: steak 2 out of every 3 nights?

    You can have it for every single meal if you want. Eating a variety of foods can help with getting a variety of nutrients, but you can eat whatever compliant ingredients you want. It's not a crutch, it's just food. There was someone once who basically only ate beef and I believe zucchini for his entire whole 30. (And some sort of fat, of course.)
  11. Brands of coconut milk that are compliant?

    Depending on what you're using it for, I have frozen coconut milk before. I would say it's ability to blend smoothly is affected, but not the taste. So, frozen coconut milk into your coffee might look strange, but frozen coconut milk into a curry would be essentially unnoticeable.
  12. Almond Flour and Coconut Flour

    Also, don't use the flours to try and re-create baked goods....and if you don't have a specific plan for an ingredient, I'd recommend not buying it.
  13. Muscle Fatigue

    Double check your meals against the template and make sure you're eating enough.
  14. I just can't imagine...

    If you list out a few days worth of meals, being specific as to types of foods (list out individual vegetables) and how much as it relates to the template, (i.e., a palm size of chicken vs trying to say 4 oz. or chicken, or whatever), we may be able to help suggest tweaks that could help. But: Are you: salting food, eating plenty of fats, some starchy carbs, and drinking plenty of water? Also, coming from a change of years of very different eating habits may have different mileage than some folks. It takes the body a while to re sort hormones and figure the good foods out.
  15. Newbie struggling with first week

    If it's a texture thing,canned chicken purees really well into soups. (specifically canned, something about the canning process seems to alter the texture so it shreds/purees well. I'd recommend trying to blend some broth and chicken, then use that to cook soup with some nice hearty vegetable chunks in it.