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  1. I wonder if something like a homemade gummy would help? (Ignore any references to honey, sugar, sweeteners in the recipes.) They're not the same as a hard cough drop, but it could give you something to suck on. At it's easiest, it's fruit juice and gelatin. Good luck!
  2. Can you list out a few meals worth of foods? Although some energy loss at the early stages seems normal, it sounds like yours is more extreme. I'm wondering if you may not be eating enough. It's really easy to accidentally go low carb. It's also easy to not eat enough fat to cover the accidental calorie gap. Are you eating any sweet potatoes / potatoes / butternut squash kind of starch? If not, I'd add those to 1-3 meals per day. (Also, depending on female/male and where one is in the cycle, more starchy carbs can help.) I agree with prepping meals, I don't get food boredom, so
  3. Oh good, I was just coming back to suggest starchy carbs might also be good, but I'm glad you're figuring it out!
  4. My first guess would be that your'e not getting enough water and/or electrolytes. How much water are you drinking? Are you salting your food? I get really bad headaches when I'm dehydrated.
  5. @heb2014 I'm very impressed with your meal planning. Do you happen to have a link to the Pozole recipe that you use/adapt? Thanks!
  6. If you're eating nuts as your primary protein source, I think you'll be lacking a lot of protein. Nuts can be very hard on the digestive system, are recommended as a handful every other day at most, and don't have great omega 3/ omega 6 ratios. Anecdotally, nuts have been a factor in a lot of people's skin problems on the forum.
  7. Please note that sugar free doesn't necessarily mean it's whole30 friendly, you still need to look at all the ingredients.
  8. I like this soup for breakfast: If you're using pre-cooked sausage like I did, watch the ingredient list. This made a really big batch.