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  1. If you're eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables, especially uncooked, (broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, etc.) You can try cutting back, as they can be difficult on the digestive system.
  2. slc_melissa

    Brand new.....Can I have tomato sauce? Also need ideas

    Some breakfast ideas: In general, if something says cook in avocado oil, cook in whatever oil you want. Add some protein to this: Check out: (Warning: Do your own vetting of any random internet recipe that claims to be Whole30. There are plenty out there that don't embrace the spirit of the program, even if the ingredients are technically compliant. Always try to build a template meal - protein + veggies + fat. If you see anything like chia seed pudding with berries, RUN THE OTHER WAY. I didn't look at every single recipe on this one, but definitely DON'T go with the Apple sandwich thing at the end as your sole breakfast.) And some other ideas in this thread:
  3. slc_melissa

    Mothers Day Brunch at IHOP

    If you end up at IHOP, they put pancake batter in their omelettes.
  4. slc_melissa

    Whole30-Approved, Freeze-Dried Meal

    I don't see that specific flavor you're mentioning, but also:
  5. slc_melissa

    Whole30-Approved, Freeze-Dried Meal

    They're kind of pricey and I've never had one, but I've heard good things:
  6. slc_melissa

    Help I'm Picky! Not Eating Enough

    Looks like you need to add some fats to your meals. That will help you feel full.
  7. slc_melissa

    Day 30 and feel defeated :(

    Are you adding fats to your meals?
  8. slc_melissa

    Reason to stop?

    I'm more than a little baffled why you want to keep on with a program that hasn't been successful for you and not at least try to return to foods you found easier to cook with bacon grease or butter, but I wish you the best and hope you find something that works for you.
  9. slc_melissa

    Reason to stop?

    Melissa wrote about it here: I feel like it could be argued that the re intros are basically the point of the program. It's the way to know what is affecting you. If you like cooking in butter or bacon grease, why not re intro those and see how you feel? Although I understand being nervous if you've been having a tough time so far. Also for future reference and other readers, all potatoes are allowed on the program (commercially prepared chips are not.) I'm also wondering if something like a digestive enzyme might help you, if you've been eating a limited diet, it does change your gut. Some people (off whole 30, I'm not analyzing the ingredients) use something like
  10. slc_melissa

    Reason to stop?

    I'm no expert, but fats are important from a body biochemistry standpoint. Some vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants are fat soluble, fats is important for the nervous system and brain, etc. I remember you saying that you used to love cooking in butter. Have you re-intro'd that and had a negative reaction? What kind of "very sick" are you getting? (Nausea, diarrhea, rashes, headaches?) Did you re intro groups one at a time with several days in between? What exactly have you tried adding back in?
  11. slc_melissa

    Reason to stop?

    And, in reality, once you've done re intros, it's nice to be able to, say, put store bought ketchup on your otherwise compliant burger patty. Or use some marinade that has honey in it. Or mustard that has wine in it. Are you eating any fats?
  12. slc_melissa

    Need Eggless Breakfast Ideas

    That chia seed pudding is highly not recommended for a Whole30. The meal has no vegetables and very little protein, is high in seeds which are best limited, is dangerously close to re-creating oatmeal, and in no way follows the recommended meal template.
  13. slc_melissa

    HELP! Need Complete Meal Prep Help (Printable)

    Consider making yourself, say, a 7 day or 4 day plan that you repeat. No need to eat something different every single day of the month.
  14. slc_melissa

    Day 26 - Itchy scalp?

    I'd agree that the meal template PDF can be confusing regarding fat sources and how to incorporate them. It does seem to imply to add ALL those fats to every meal, and really it's more like 1-2 of the options, and doesn't particularly say anything about limiting nuts, but if you poke around in the forums, the recommendation is to keep nuts on the lower consumption side.
  15. slc_melissa

    Day 26 - Itchy scalp?

    Nuts are often recommended on the forum as one closed handful every other day at most, due to a variety of reasons including fat ratios and nuts are disruptive to a lot of people. You're eating about 12X that amount. If that's a huge change from before, then I'd try taking them out to see if that helps the itchy scalp problem.