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  1. Cook yours first, then you can use the same pan for the others after.
  2. Alternative to dates as sweetener???

    Is there a reason you wouldn't use something like honey in your post whole-30 food freedom, if you re-intro'd it and didn't have problems?
  3. Breakfast struggles

    It sounds cheesy, but you could also try positive self talk. “I love breakfast.” “I’m super hungry and excited for this meal.”
  4. Help!!!!

    Also, unless you work there, get out of the mall.
  5. Am I doing this right?

    I've made little meatloaf muffins similar to this: but added like sweet potatos and other veggies. Very portable.
  6. Pleasure feeding

    So, maybe "eat" isn't the strictly correct technical term. Say the Whole30 doesn't permit digestion of the off plan ingredients, but that would sound fairly strange to say it that way to many, "eat" seems to cover it for 99.999% of folks, so I wouldn't exactly call it an obscure rule. Chemical digestion begins with saliva in the mouth as enzymes break down foods.
  7. Breakfast

    Leftover roasted vegetables and chicken. And some avocado today.
  8. Cashew Cream Veggie Lasaga?

    Part of the difference, to me, is how the ingredients are applied. Say I make a tomato and veggie sauce mixture to eat with meat. I’d regularly put zucchini in it anyway. Eating zucchini chopped or noodled makes no difference to the dish. But I would never make a tomato and veggie sauce and add whole cashews. (Other people might, I suppose.) I know some people don’t see the difference. But, like previous posters have said, there is no whole 30 police, so *shrug.*
  9. Celiac Appearing for First time

    Have you had any severe stresses on your body? Emotional or physical? Apparently severe stress on the body, like broken bones or surgeries, can fire up some DNA and essentially push you over some edge. (I broke my leg and ankle requiring multiple surgeries a few years back....and became gluten intolerant. Grrr)
  10. …”some” fruit

    Look at the meal template and try to build meals off that, don't think about calories: (The fat portion can be confusing, Choose 1-2 fat sources per meal, not every fat at all meals.) If you're snacking, your meals still aren't big enough. Ideally you can go 4-5 hours between meals. However, if you're genuinely hungry, like ladyshanny said above a "snack" would have protein and fat for staying power. (I try to think of mini-meals instead of snacks.) Nuts are also recommended as about a closed handful or so every other day at most. (Nuts can be problematic digestive-wise, don't have a great omega fat profile, and are very easy to over eat especially in a "snacking" sense.) Any GORP type thing would probably still be repeatedly spiking your blood sugar, as ladyshanny also said above. I like olives and hard-boiled eggs or chicken as a mini-meal, personally.
  11. The New Rx Bar - Chocolate Sea Salt

    The ingredients of the RX bars are compliant, but they are no longer on the Whole30 Approved page and haven't been for years: (I know this is nit-picky, but I get really hung up on language specifics and people asking if things are approved vs. being compliant.)
  12. Lenten Whole30 2/14-4/1

    You can eat anything for breakfast. Leftovers. Soups. Salads. Anything you’d eat for any other meal.
  13. Extreme gas

    If you're struggling with fat sources as a separate thing, in the meantime you could go for fattier cuts of meat. Chicken thighs (you may already be doing that), higher % fat ground beef, pork roast, beef short ribs, canned salmon or sardines. (Maybe even look for a fish oil supplement, they are pretty tasteless pills, but watch the ingredients, some include filler oils, also, always take with a meal) I sometimes throw chia seeds into my meatballs, they're not a huge source of fat, but do include some.
  14. Extreme gas

    Yes, not consuming fat can be a contributor to constipation. The body doesn't work just one piece at a time, it's a myriad of processes going on simultaneously. If you are under-eating, that can contribute. Also, are you on any medications or pain killers?
  15. Extreme gas

    Are you eating plenty of fats? Is anything a big change from what you've eaten before? If you're suddenly upping your fiber intake, the gut can take a while to reset. Digestive enzymes, probiotics, or magnesium supplements may help. 60oz of water is good if you weigh 120 lb, recommendation is 0.5 oz/ body weight/ day. Things that jump out at me are lots of cruciferous vegetables and raw green peppers and carrots.