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  1. slc_melissa

    Day 14; becoming scared of foods i like

    Just eat the sweet potatoes! A lot of people, especially women, especially if you have depression, especially depending on where you are in your cycle, especially if you're active, benefit from more starchy carbs. Also, it can be beneficial to be aware of the language you're using. "Cave" for instance, implies that you are doing something wrong're giving your body necessary nutrients to be alive, it's not a bad thing. I "choose" to eat sweet potatoes. I'm "excited" to eat sweet potatoes. I'm fueling my body for awesome things with sweet potatoes! Also, make sure you look at the meal template and make sure you're matching it as much as you can, if you're undereating or unbalanced somewhere else, it'll affect how you feel. (Fun "I love sweet potatoes so much story" - I was once on a 3 week group camping trip, about two weeks in somebody asked what we missed the most. I thought (or assumed) they were talking about what food I missed the most, and I said roasted sweet potatoes. Everybody stared and me and asked "Really? Not friends or family or pets or home or...." They had meant anything, not food. But yeah, I missed sweet potatoes.)
  2. slc_melissa


    Sulfites can be naturally occuring, which is fine for the Whole30, but added are the problem. If the sulfite was added, it would be part of the ingredient list in some fashion, like Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source, sulfites), or it would specify "added" in the "contains sulfites" part. Way to be heads up!
  3. slc_melissa

    Full all the time

    Did you look at the meal template that was linked above by Shannon? Your meals are not meeting them. Especially if you're working out, you can add a pre and/or post workout something or other. 1 hard boiled egg is not a big portion, I don't care how small your hands are. (A serving of eggs is generally considered how many eggs you can fit in your hand....) Sometimes people lose their appetite if they are not eating enough, like Babsie said above. Your meal 1 has no vegetables, not enough protein, not enough fat. Meal 2: Between the bell peppers and onions, was there about 2-3 cups of vegetables? And what is the equivalent of 300g eggs as far as number of eggs? (Lots of people on the board have no real grasp of grams for food as the United States stubbornly refuses to use the SI system.) Meal 3: Added fat? Especially if you're working out, you may want to add some more starchy vegetables in there somewhere - squashes, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, beets, carrots, parsnips, etc.....
  4. slc_melissa


    It probably has at least one of the following: soy, pea protein, brown rice syrup, canola oil.....any one of which would rule it out. (Canola oil is not for home use, although technically compliant since you'd never be able to eat out otherwise....) I think there's a egg-less mayo recipe involving coconut butter in one of the Whole30 recipe books.
  5. slc_melissa


    Painkillers are OK, being in pain is not the point: For some cold/flu strategies that are Whole30: But note it says: *Many over-the-counter cold and flu remedies (like zinc lozenges, Airborne, or Nyquil) will contain added sugar or other non-Whole30 ingredients. Always follow your healthcare provider’s orders, even if it conflicts with Whole30 rules. (Doctors know best!) And if it’s a matter of taking the Nyquil and sleeping through the night, or sticking to the Whole30 and being miserable, well… sweet dreams. (We’re pretty sure no one sips Nyquil for the sugar hit.)
  6. slc_melissa

    Approved frozen foods at Walmart

    I've tried the Mediterranean chicken and the pesto chicken and I enjoyed them. I mean, they're frozen meals so they have that texture, but the flavors were really good.
  7. slc_melissa


    @Lissa Kristine Fruit juice is allowed (if ingredients are compliant), if not recommended. Check out: Fruit Juice: Yes Fruit juice is the only acceptable added sweetener on the Whole30. (We had to draw the line somewhere.) Use it to flavor sauces, soups, or entrees. Tip: While drinking a glass of fruit juice is technically compliant, we really wouldn’t recommend it, even if you juice it yourself. Juicing strips many of the nutrients out of the fruit, but still leaves all of the sugar. We’d much rather you just eat the fruit.
  8. slc_melissa

    not possible

    There's a recipe for egg-less mayo in one of the Whole 30 books that involves, I think, coconut butter. And this one: (Although flax seeds may be hard on digestion, depending.) Have you seen the shopping list: Cross off what you can't eat, you should still have plenty of options. It's also not a comprehensive list of all possible foods, so add whatever. I second the soup idea mentioned above!
  9. slc_melissa

    Day 23

    Since you eat other sources of meat, you can eat chicken or fish in the morning.....doesn't have to be only eggs. Something like: (Yes it has 3 total eggs spread out over 4-5 servings.....leave out the optional goat cheese, double check any sauce ingredients) would be quick to re-heat up. Also take a look and make sure you're adding fat to the meals....hard to say with the way you've written it out.
  10. slc_melissa

    Trader Joe’s pesto?

    From: Safflower/Sunflower Oil: Yes While we don’t think vegetable oils are a healthy choice (understatement of the century), we don’t expressly rule them out on the Whole30. If we did, you’d never be able to eat outside of your own kitchen, because all restaurants use them in cooking. We wanted to create the healthiest program possible, but we also need it to be do-able for those who travel for business or pleasure, or simply want to dine out during the month. Ideally, you’re using high-oleic safflower or sunflower oil; these actually have a pretty favorable fat profile, similar to extra-virgin olive oil. _______________________________ I've seen on the forums a bunch where people say it HAS to be high-oleic for home use, but according to the website it's just IDEALLY. Side note: I love that pesto!
  11. Phytates and anti-nutrients
  12. I've never seen anything in any of the books or on the website that even remotely sounds like that.
  13. slc_melissa

    Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??

    Ah, yeah, the template could be phrased better.
  14. slc_melissa

    Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??

    @wp3 How are you coming up with 1700 calories from fat per meal? If I model 1-2 heaping handfuls of, say, olives as a can of olives, that's like 250-300 calories. If I call 2 thumb sized portions of olive oil as about 3 Tablespoons, that's about 350 calories....
  15. slc_melissa

    Heart Rate Spike

    How are sleep and stress? If I don't get enough sleep, my resting heart rate in the morning is noticeably up. And caffeine consumption from the day before also seems to affect me.