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  1. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    So definitely continuing past Tuesday or whenever 30 days is. And.... drum roll, tomorrow I'm going back to the gym after a year long hiatus! I have everything prepped so I can just throw my clothes on, eat my prewod meal, grab all my bags and jump in the car. I've missed it and I'm excited (a little anxious and nervous) but happy to get back to it!
  2. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Hi all! Still going really well here! Will be going past 30 days if anyone wants to continue on with me!
  3. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Hi everyone! Sorry I've been MIA! Work / life has been so busy! Was so happy at a Kentucky Derby Happy hour that a friend hosted... a zillion good compliant things for me to eat. raw veggies, huge yummy shrimp, chicken wings that were cooked in a brick oven with onions, and no sauce or anything. I was in heaven! Oh, and mother's day was great. We had grilled chicken, pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes, fruit salad, green salad. YUM. Also, I had a food dream last night. I went in a museum and didn't realize that there would be food in EVERY ROOM. Like majorly catered food. And I kept saying, I can't eat that, I can't eat that. Then I found a table of grilled and steamed veggies, and took a ton of cauliflower, zucchini and peppers. Then someone handed me a glass of white wine (which I don't really drink very much anyway) and I drank a few sips, then I thought, OH NO, My Whole 30! I was so annoyed with myself, but pretty glad when I woke up! What day are we on? I totally lost count. I'm happy to have made it through 2 full weekends!
  4. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    I totally passed out this afternoon! Thank goodness my hub took the older two out on errands and the baby was napping. It may have something to do with staying up way too late last night running the Jr. Prom and then being awakened at 6am by the kids. I hit the trifecta. W30 nap days combined with lack of sleep. Nap felt great and I can't wait to get back in bed after kids go to sleep. :-) Leftovers from tonight's dinner for lunch tomorrow. Pork tenderloin, roasted potatoes and since I ate all the zucchini at dinner, will bring a big salad. On to week two, folks! Yay.
  5. CharDoll

    compliant bacon??

    Cured with: water, salt, sodium phosphates,sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite. No sugar added. Ps. I know this is to be used sparingly as a garnish.
  6. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    I teach too. And I'm running Junior prom which is tomorrow so I was running around like crazy getting things done and dealing with kids buying tix last minutes. I wish I could have some wine or beer too... I'm settling for compliant bacon as an accompaniment to breakfast for dinner! :-)
  7. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Seltzer. Lots of seltzer. Seltzer with lemons and limes. Seltzer with mint. But just keep your glass filled. You get the fizzy taste and helps you feel included. Seltzer is your friend.
  8. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    I thought the same when I read both of your stories! I lost 80lbs between July 2013-July 2014. But got pregnant Dec 2014, and the end of pregnancy and then breastfeeding hormones and returning to work anxiety made a lot of weight creep back on. I'm so looking forward to what this next year will bring. We got this, ladies.
  9. CharDoll

    Living "Whole" for a Whole Year

    Thank you all. I am rereading my own story to inspire myself. On day 2 of another W30 which I need so bad. The sugar dragon snuck its way back in, and I need to slay it. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, returning to work all took its toll on me mentally and physically and I'm ready to get back to where I was and then set new goals. Again, thank you everyone for your kind words.
  10. Janet, My go to breakfast since my first Whole30 almost 3 years ago has been frozen spinach sautéed in coconut oil, 3 fried eggs (in same pan next to spinach) and a sweet potato that I rinse, wrap in paper towel and microwave for 6-8 min, then peel, mash with a fork and add ghee or coconut oil to. This breakfast keeps me full and even for the whole day. I always feel hungry when I don't have that breakfast. It's important to get enough protein, fat and veggies. :-) if you follow the meal template and drink lots of water you should be fine without needing snacks.
  11. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Omg. Made the best dinner. Zoodles, then the core of zucchini I chopped and sautéed in evoo and garlic, shrimp, then at end tossed in fresh basil and tomatoes. Omg. Was so good and fresh. And I felt like I was really treating myself! Also had some fresh cut watermelon and strawberries! Yummo.
  12. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Hi Emily1989 How many eggs did you have for breakfast? You may want to add one more. Also think about adding some sweet potato to your breakfast. I found that having a sweet potato at breakfast (microwaved in a damp paper towel, skin on, then peel skin off and mash with some ghee, coconut oil or evoo and salt--- yummo) really helps me stay satisfied until lunch. If you get enough protein and fat you shouldn't be hungry mid morning. Also, think about maybe adding a salad to your lunch and you could use evoo on that to get some fats in. I also love the trader joes individual nut bags... they have "go raw mix" which I keep a few in my purse for emergencies. Also incidentally amazing to add to salads. :-)
  13. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Way to go mama! It's definitely doable while bf and might even up your supply! Have you looked in the section of the forum on pregnancy and breastfeeding? There are some good threads in there. That's good that you added a fourth meal. It could even be a mini meal of a hardboiled egg or 2 and some celery or peppers or something. I just finished bf. I was pretty good the first 2 trimesters, mostly sticking to paleo/w30, but in the 3rd I kind of went nuts. During bf I was good at the beginning but then the anxiety of returning to work set in at 3 months pp, and since then, I've been on and off paleo for a week or 2 then sugar bingeing. So I feel ya mama. Sugar is the worst, especially with crazy hormones coursing through our bodies. Also, I'm someone who does NOT lose weight from bf. I gain it or stay stagnant. I'm hoping now that we weaned about 5 or 6 weeks ago, my hormones are starting to return back to normal and my body can hopefully release some of this weight. Slay that sugar dragon!
  14. CharDoll

    Starting April 25. Anyone else?

    Glad you're feeling hopeful! So did you skip lunch? A better choice for your snack would have been a late lunch. You should always make sure to have protein and vegetables when you eat. You could have added in a banana or apple with almond butter, but unless you were in a major bind a Larabar, 2 fruits and almond butter was not really following the meal template. You'll be more successful and feel more satisfied if you follow the meal template. Even if it means pushing your lunch time to 1 or 2. Good luck!
  15. CharDoll

    Day 1 April 25th

    Hi jblaze. A bunch of others who started today are posting over on Good luck!