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  1. Emily T

    DC area folks, you need to try Swapples

    Also, just wanted to add...I am not new to whole30 and I've completed three in total, which helped me identify a meal plan that works for my body. I experiment a lot with whole30 vs paleo vs primal, but the one thing I have always held to is the no SWYPO rule. I truly do see the value of this rule and have talked my partner down from banana pancakes on more than one occasion. All that to say, I am not trying to cause a problem, I just was super excited to see a product with such a short ingredient list and so much potential for making a variety of on-the-go meals and thought other health conscious clean eaters might be interested, at least in the flavors that are compliant with whole30. They actually taste delicious, which is rarely something you can put into the same sentence as "convenient" so I wanted to share. But perhaps save them for day 31.
  2. Emily T

    DC area folks, you need to try Swapples

    Not totally sure I understand this at all. These are entirely made of vegetables and do not have a fluffy waffle texture in any way, they have the texture of like a sweet potato fritter. They don't have any strange flours or ingredients, and I would hardly call them processed (ingredient list is like five items - veggies and spices). If I were to form this into a patty I assume it would be no problem to use as a base for protein and fat? If I understand this correctly we are banning this because of the shape...which would mean banning zoodles because you are trying to recreate spaghetti, or banning a portobello "bun" for trying to replace a burger bun.
  3. One thing to consider is to do nothing and see if it passes after a few days. I know we like to experiment and figure out what the culprit is, but sometimes these things happen and its hard to pinpoint. Personally every time I have done a whole30 I have ended up with constipation and bloating. Usually starts on day 5-6 and then continues on until I stopped the whole30 (I have since found an eating plan that works for me - its whole30 inspired but with my own modifications). I'm just saying in the middle of those three whole30s I took advice from 2048394 different people ranging from different supplements to more water to no coconut, nuts, fruit, etc. I mean I really did a number on myself, and made my stomach problems far worse (I distinctly remember being curled into a ball on my office bathroom floor with stomach cramping, when the fire alarm went off...too many probiotics). If I had just waited it out, I think I probably would have fared better. Hang in there!
  4. DC-area whole30ers, I need to share my newest food discovery! Swapples! They are waffles - made out of vegetables. Made locally at Union Kitchen and available at Union Grocery (3rd and F NE). Before you freak, these are not SWYPO - they are not meant to be enjoyed as traditional waffles with syrup or fruit - they are savory. Four flavors are out right now - spicy spinach, tomato basil, everything bagel, and sweet potato curry. The spicy spinach is the yummiest flavor but has some whole kernel corn in there so its for day 31!! Today I made a sweet potato curry waffle topped with curried chicken salad (mayo, chicken, curry powder, and raisins) and roasted red peppers. I also did a spicy spinach with mashed avocado, fried egg, and bacon, and tomato basil with a burger plus lettuce/tomato/onion and some mayo. Their main base is yuca root so they are higher in starch - I would definitely not recommend it as a common replacement for veggies during your meals - but they are perfect as a packable, grab-and-go snack after a workout or on mornings where you do not have a ton of time. https://swapfoods.com/
  5. Emily T

    any Paleo Whole 30 compliant canned soups?

    I also am not aware of any compliant soups. Amy's brand foods has really clean soups and stuff, but they almost all contain legumes or soy. I totally know the feeling of wanting to grab-and-go, but its really really hard on whole30. Grab and go options are mostly fruit and nuts, which as we all know do not make up a nutritious meal - the sugar will spike your insulin, too many nuts can cause inflammation, they are not a good source of protein. I would recommend you take a little time each week to prep/buy some items to keep on hand for those days you just cannot handle cooking. Make sure you are still following the meal template - protein, veggies, and fat! -Take one hour on your day off to make hard boiled eggs and bake some chicken to have a source of protein. Alternative pre-cooked option would be Aidell's chicken and apple sausage, or cans of tuna or salmon. -Always keep some dippable veggies on hand - cucumbers, carrots, and raw cauliflower dip great in guacamole (wholey guacamole is compliant and comes in mini packs - this could be your fat), baba ghannoush (eggplant dip - Asmara's is a compliant brand, the spicy is super hot but really nice), whole30 compliant ranch -Fats could include guac, olives, compliant mayo (mix with tuna or chicken or eggs to make egg salad), things like that. Last thing...if you find you tolerate legumes post-W30, I'd suggest the Amy's lentil and vegetable soup (no soy - just lentils and organic veggies). Throw some diced chicken on top, there is not enough protein in lentils to be satiated.
  6. Emily T

    Help with balancing hormones

    MeadowLily - Can I ask about how long it took? Going on day 6 without caffeine, day 24 of whole30. Skin still a mess, it goes 3-4 days clearing up and low oil, to 3-4 days massively oily and breaking out. As far as I can tell, unrelated to food I am eating, my menstrual cycle, my stress levels, etc. Quite sure this takes time, though.
  7. Sorry for sounding so dramatic, I just got so discouraged. I was able to go to the bathroom today with the help of hot water mixed with cayenne pepper. It was utterly foul, but worked for the day. I am not totally sure what to add back IN that will help. I cannot imagine sugar, dairy, or processed crap will help. I know alcohol would make me poop, but that is out of the question for me. I think I am starting with legumes (hummus, maybe some lentils, no soy though) for a few days, and then moving onto rice or quinoa. If that all fails, then I have no idea what to do haha.
  8. I am still struggling, REALLY hard. I have not gone to the bathroom at all in three days. Before that, I was going a little (certainly not enough, and with a LOT of strain) every other day or so. I have avoided black tea since Friday, I have been cooking all of my veggies, I have been eating extra fat, I have been massively increasing my water intake, NOTHING is helping. Past experience tells me that more probiotics and kombucha only leads me to get massive diarrhea and then constipated again, so I am avoiding that. Other than the three days I noted above where I ate about 1/4 cup of yogurt, I have following the whole30 plan 100% compliant. I have had bouts of IBS symptoms in my life - typically when I eat very fattening or greasy foods I get stomach cramps and diarrhea - but I have never experienced constipation until each of my three whole30s. There is just something my body is not responding to on this plan. And I have to be frank. I'm not seeing a whole lot of incentive to stay on it.
  9. Emily T

    ????? and meatballs!

    This is great! Thanks guys!
  10. Emily T

    ????? and meatballs!

    Ooohhh I just happen to have cabbage in my fridge. Dinner tonight! *happy dance* Other suggestions still appreciated!
  11. Emily T

    ????? and meatballs!

    I made meatballs in tomato sauce over the weekend and I am all zoodled out. No more zoodles! What else can I serve them over/with? (I cannot find spaghetti squash at my market.)
  12. Okay I just had to come show you guys because it came out so good! (Do not worry I ate a lot more veggies than what it shows, just wanted to make it pretty for presentation haha)
  13. Emily T

    Help with balancing hormones

    Thanks for the guidance. I do not eat coconut chips or butter or anything like that, just use a lot of coconut in my daily life (I use to it shave, moisturize, etc). I also cook with coconut oil and often coconut milk. I do not seem to have major issues with any particular family of veggies. So I will keep on eating whole30, sleeping a lot (I have NO trouble with this one!!!), drinking lots of water, etc. And I will now avoid nuts and seeds, and I will avoid caffeine for a while, and see how I do.....really hope I can bring caffeine back soon though! Sometimes I wish there were a magic pill to balance my hormones. Also I have some saffron tea and I read that saffron can really help balance your hormones. Fingers crossed!!!
  14. Emily T

    Help with balancing hormones

    @MeadowLily - I thought coconut was good for hormonal imbalance? Confused... @Carlaccini - awesome...I love starchy veggies anyway. Thoughts on cruciferous and nightshade veggies? Should I increase, decrease, or stay the same? Last question on coffee...I have heard that women with PCOS or adrenal fatigue can enjoy coffee if it is mixed with fat, like coconut oil. Anyone know if this is true? I do not drink coffee but I love black tea and was wondering if I could drink that.
  15. Finally got my test results back and its confirmed, my hormones are all out of whack. Particularly I am showing excess androgens/testosterone dominance. Main symptom for me has been hormonal acne. Obviously the best thing to do is to keep eating a whole30 compliant diet and get plenty of sleep. However, are there any tweaks I should consider? Do I need to avoid nuts/seeds? Do I need to avoid caffeine? Eat more (or less) coconut? Any particular veggies I should look for? Extra supplements to take? The web seems to provide mixed responses. Some people say no caffeine, others say eat more soy, etc etc.