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  1. MariolaDJ

    Turned off from food

    I actually started my period the day before my W30 (that was awful) and this 'aversion' was about halfway through for a few days. I am glad to be on day 28 and haven't had this since. I'm guessing it was some psychological aversion because I was daydreaming about eating a very bad sushi roll deep fried in tempura and wanted to just not eat at all.
  2. MariolaDJ

    Turned off from food

    Just wanted to update that it's day 27 and this weird aversion went away after a few days. I just realized I no longer like shrimp and have been cooking lots of sweet potatoes and lovely grass-fed steaks instead and have been happy as pie! Not sure what this was all about but I struggled through and am happy I did! Renee, I did go out with a friend and enjoyed some hand rolls with salmon avo and coconut aminos Thanks!
  3. Hi folks! I'm on day 15 on the W30 and have been going through a weird problem: I am so turned off from food! I did a W30 in January and didn't have this issue. I'll get so creative with my meals and then I take a bite or two and I am repulsed. Foods that I used to love or eat without any thought feel like torture to me now. I feel like I'd rather starve than eat anymore. I use plenty of fats and make delicious noms! I just don't know why I am feeling like I can't eat. No, I'm not pregnant. I am not sick either and drink plenty kombucha and water so I think my probiotics are in tune. I haven't really been having cravings for anything but today especially I just want to give up so bad and order some sushi rolls. A typical day for me is: Breakfast - lots of lox with avocado, tomatoes, cukes or 2 eggs with a sausage (from WF). Lunch- leftovers or a hearty salad with some kind of protein, lots of veggies, avo, sweet potatoes olive oil and balsamic Dinner - sauteed shrimp in olive oil, capers, garlic, red peppers with a side of sauteed spinach or a grilled sirloin with a side salad and side of sweet potato hash browns. I feel very full when I eat and am seldom hungry. I found this post from a year ago about my same issue but I feel I'm eating enough, I just get so turned off and force it down Any suggestions? It's really bumming me out because I know the results after 30 days are great!