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  1. Hi, I was out longer than expected today and not near any food. I’d eaten breakfast at 10am after my workout and was able to pick up some nuts at 5pm on the train, but not home and able to have dinner until 8. I just combined meals 2-3 sort of (almost doubled the protein and had extra veggies and more nuts, which I normally wouldn’t have done since I ate a small bag on the train. Is this the best approach or should I have had a meal at 7 and another at 11? Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much! This is very helpful, especially your last comment about having fun. I think I’m so worried about doing it 100% correctly that I’m unrealistically expecting to hit the right amounts/balance/timing immediately so your post was technically and mentally helpful! Thanks and good luck to you as well.
  3. Hi, I'm switching over to W30 after years doing another nutritional program where I had great results but just got fed up measuring and weighing every single thing I ate! However, although I've read and reread the W30 templates and book, my brain seems stuck in my former plan so I need a little help I think. My issues: - I'm not used to eating only 3 meals (it was 6 before) and I think they're too small. I'm doing about 2 cups salad, 1 palm protein, a small handful of nuts, maybe 1/2 apple or some berries. I'm hungry! Am I supposed to add more than one fat source or just choose one? - Not sure how to time/space the meals if it's only 3 on days I don't workout. 7:30 breakfast, 12:30 lunch, 6pm dinner about right? If so, I need wayyyyy more food I think. - My previous plan based the amount of protein/carb/fat on the level of workout. I have 3x week where I do a 2-hour dance class or run 5 miles. On the previous plan, this was considered a non-training day so the food was lower. For W30, would I consider these workouts worthy of a PW/PWO meal? That's a hard mindset for me to switch! I have 3x where I do oly weight lifting, so I definitely feel ok with the PW/PWO meals on those days. - Lastly (sorry!) I was paleo for years and it's not my favorite so I'm not big into bulletproof coffee and heaps of coconut products, although I know many love them so I'm not knocking it for you. Just personally not my thing any more. Am I ok to skip all the paleo-centered products and use other sources for fats and such? Thanks all. I really love this forum! Very helpful -
  4. EvB

    Your favorite brand of coconut milk

    I just found the "Let's Do... Organic" brand at my local store and was cheaper than Aroy-D. Only ingredient: coconut.
  5. Whew! I'm not nuts. Thanks all!
  6. Ok - so this may explain why I never lose weight on a W30 but I LOVE the fat on pork and red meat. When I grill it for my family, I'd rather eat the fat than the meat. How terrible is this? I think back to all those "Little House on the Prairie" books I read as a kid and they were always cooking and eating the pork fat. Any thoughts?
  7. Thanks for the reply. Honestly I think the mini meals are my way of trying to "snack". And while I know the program is meant to change those types of eating habits, I feel like that transition to 3 meals should have occured by now if I was really "doing" the W30. Hency my thought that I'm just kidding myself. But your point is a good one, that I should be examining why I'm not there yet. Seems so obvious and yet I didn't think about that. Thanks!
  8. Hi, So I'm on Day 11 and realized I don't think I'm really doing a Whole 30 and perhaps I'm simply just eating clean. I still eat dried fruit every day (handful of raisins) and I'm not doing pre and post workout meals. Otherwise, all my meals are based on the template but I find myself hungry often so I have been eating mini-meals every day (usually also compliant, like a piece of compliant turkey coldcut and some greens, or an HB egg and a handful of veggies) but I'm not doing 3 square meals. So..... have I been kidding myself? Thanks - Eve
  9. Hi, the ingredients on my coco cream and coco milk labels are identical but they're definitely not the same product! I find if I put a tablespoon of cream in my coffee, I am full for hours after so I think this is a good thing but welcome any thoughts or cautions against the use of either product. Thanks!
  10. EvB

    Starting July 23

    Me too! Am I too late to join? I'm here after many many W30 fails. My goals are to stop my endless/mindless eating and gain some discipline. Also secretly hoping the sleep benefits kick in as I have a long history of lousy sleep and I feel worn out. My sugar dragon loves dried fruit and I'm hoping to kick that habit as well. Looking forward to supporting everyone as we go!
  11. Hey guys, W30 needs a "love" button next to people's replies, not just a "like" button. I'd seriously love you all right now. THANK YOU for sharing your tips and thoughts and encouragement. Pipsqueak, your reply set me in place. I can't thank you enough for being honest and real about it and really articulating the tough spots and how they're worth sticking through. (ok, who's your brother?! lol) GoJo, so true. I do think there is a part of me that feels that this isn't so different and I'm focusing on that instead of focusing on the real benefits of doing this successfully, which for me are trying to re-shape my relationship with food and with myself. I don't want to always be eating just because. Nor do I want to fill my time with eating because I can't deal with what's behind it. I know I do these things and I need to refocus on W30 being a way to proactively solve around those things. I'm headed on vacation for 2 weeks this weekend and already very anxious about it. I'll try and implement some of these suggestions as I walk past the ice cream and fried seafood and other stuff coming my way. Thank you all. Deeply appreciated!
  12. Hi all, Not to be a downer but I've tried doing W30 about 7 times now in the last year. I sometimes go a few days, sometimes a week or two, sometimes only a day before I fail and go off the plan. A few times have been sheer bad planning - that I know and I know it would have been an easy fix. But more often, I just can't seem to do it and I give up. Am I just not destined to be able to do this? That's so silly, I know! I have the groceries, I like the food, I'm pretty 80/20 paleo most of the time so it's not like I'm trying to drop a box-a-day donut habit. I'm failing so often I can't see why I should keep trying. Any thoughts (or kicks in the pants?) I'm trying hard not to whine and all but it's hit the point where attempting this feels worse than not trying at all. What gives?! Thanks for any been there done that suggestions (or aforementioned kick in pants). I really need to do this to get my eating habits under control. I'm a compulsive eater and trying to be more mindful of my nutrition. Thanks so much! - Eve
  13. Hi and sorry! I just got to these now. Good suggestions all. Thank you. Beets (hello, neighbor!) I have been trying to go for the template snack which, strangely, feels like way too much food and although I've been having it, I can see my brain saying "Wait, you don't need this!" which is good - because I think it's me learning that the snacking isn't doing anything/helpful.
  14. Thanks, Bethany. The issue I have is not knowing whether I snack bc I'm hungry or bc it's habit/sugar demon. Same with the brocolli test (I could ask myself if I am hungry enough to eat a pile of dirt and I'd probably go ahead and say yes). That's the grip of the eating disorder that I'm trying to move away from. I'd love to get rid of all the dried fruits in the house but my husband eats them endlessly so I can't. I did have him move them to the top of the cabinets (literally on top... He's 6'1 and I'm 5'1!) But I usually manage to climb up and get to them anyhow so it's not a great deterrent. I think if I focus on the snacking as being what it is... Feeding the sugar dragon, then I might have a better chance of overcoming it but to everyone's point, eating bigger meals is a little scary!