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  1. Hi, I was out longer than expected today and not near any food. I’d eaten breakfast at 10am after my workout and was able to pick up some nuts at 5pm on the train, but not home and able to have dinner until 8. I just combined meals 2-3 sort of (almost doubled the protein and had extra veggies and more nuts, which I normally wouldn’t have done since I ate a small bag on the train. Is this the best approach or should I have had a meal at 7 and another at 11? Thanks!
  2. Thank you so much! This is very helpful, especially your last comment about having fun. I think I’m so worried about doing it 100% correctly that I’m unrealistically expecting to hit the right amounts/balance/timing immediately so your post was technically and mentally helpful! Thanks and good luck to you as well.
  3. Hi, I'm switching over to W30 after years doing another nutritional program where I had great results but just got fed up measuring and weighing every single thing I ate! However, although I've read and reread the W30 templates and book, my brain seems stuck in my former plan so I need a little help I think. My issues: - I'm not used to eating only 3 meals (it was 6 before) and I think they're too small. I'm doing about 2 cups salad, 1 palm protein, a small handful of nuts, maybe 1/2 apple or some berries. I'm hungry! Am I supposed to add more than one fat source or just choose one? - Not sure how to time/space the meals if it's only 3 on days I don't workout. 7:30 breakfast, 12:30 lunch, 6pm dinner about right? If so, I need wayyyyy more food I think. - My previous plan based the amount of protein/carb/fat on the level of workout. I have 3x week where I do a 2-hour dance class or run 5 miles. On the previous plan, this was considered a non-training day so the food was lower. For W30, would I consider these workouts worthy of a PW/PWO meal? That's a hard mindset for me to switch! I have 3x where I do oly weight lifting, so I definitely feel ok with the PW/PWO meals on those days. - Lastly (sorry!) I was paleo for years and it's not my favorite so I'm not big into bulletproof coffee and heaps of coconut products, although I know many love them so I'm not knocking it for you. Just personally not my thing any more. Am I ok to skip all the paleo-centered products and use other sources for fats and such? Thanks all. I really love this forum! Very helpful -