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  1. Elderberry juice for sickness

    Buddha Teas make an elderberry tea that is compliant that I can find in my local grocery store. The ingredients are nothing but organic elderberry. Perhaps something like that would be an option?
  2. Here are some of my favorites from Costco: Kirkland Signature Smoked Pulled Pork (just boil the package for 12-15 minutes and it's ready to go) Aidells Chicken and Apple Smoked Chicken Sausage Parma Prosciutto di Parma Farmhouse Culture Classic Caraway Kraut True Story Organic Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Snack Packs (can you say post-workout meal anyone?) True Story Organic Chicken Breast (they're chunks of chicken breasts that are great pre- or post-workout, or I've even created a meal with them when in a rush) Organic Cauliflower Rice (just add some ghee, sautee it up, and you're good to go)
  3. I don't really have an answer for you but I can certainly relate. I have a highly addictive personality and am totally and all-or-nothing kind of person. In a lot of ways, Whole30 is easier than food freedom because I know the lines I cannot cross. And not crossing them at all is easier than moderating them when I do. I did a very successful round back in September of last year and completely reverted back to old eating habits. Because the thought of eating one cookie is just completely beyond me. If I'm gonna have a cookie, I'm gonna have a dozen of them. I'm doing my second round right now and am slowly working my way through Food Freedom Forever. However, I honestly think I'm going to have to set very clear rules for myself in my new life. I know they say not have cheat meals or cheat days, but I may have to go that route. Because then I have rules. I eat Paleo (or whatever long-term food philosophy I chose to adopt; I'm still doing research and learning from my Whole30) every meal out of the week except one. I'll continue to read the book and maybe I'll find some new strategies but I totally get it. It's hard. I do better with clear, back and white rules than I do with moderation. I know that wasn't particularly helpful. But I do relate. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!
  4. @LisaBaff Welcome to our group! Good luck in your Whole30 journey. I hope it helps you resolve those digestive problems! This is my second round and I was so, so happy with the results I achieved on my first round last year. @Liesje and @MeatEaterYogi Hi! Sorry for not checking in. I tend to be online less on weekends than during the week! I'm on Day 6 and doing well. On Day 3, I had a moment when I considered stopping my Whole30 to have a burger at Red Robin, but fortunately, they were closed by the time we were done with our basketball game so I didn't have to make the choice! Otherwise, things have been going well. I feel strong and committed. And I've been having fun trying some new recipes. Here are a couple of them that I loved: (we use this on a BBQ tri tip and it was AMAZING) (we did the Tex Mex style with Lizard sauce and it was also AMAZING) I also tried the Pan-Fried Sardines from Well Fed 2 and I really liked them. Who would've thought I'd like sardines? I made it a goal to try new foods this round so that was one of them! Also, food boredom set in very, very early for me so I was looking for some fun new things to try! Anyone else finding things they love? Are you experiencing any symptoms or NSVs at this point? Hopefully you're all feeling strong and confident! @Liesje It sounds like you're going strong! Congratulations!
  5. Dang Coconut chips

    So, I'm a little confused on this topic. I totally understand that store-bought chips of any kind are not allowed. However, I wonder if this is more a naming convention issue. I have a bag of coconut chips that I bought from Thrive Market. The ingredients are compliant and they are not chip-like at all. They are just chipped pieces of coconut. So larger (but still very small, like smaller than a fingernail) than shredded coconut, but essentially the same thing. I simply find these easier to eat than the shredded coconut, which tends to get a little mushy. They are not food without breaks for me. They are just a way for me to get fat into my meals, which is something I've struggled with. What do you think? Compliant or not?
  6. Nut Cheese

    @80sgirrl2 Umm, wow! That looks delicious! Did you use a recipe or did you whip that up yourself? I might have to try and make something like that! :-)
  7. @MeatEaterYogi Here are the products I like best. They do tend to be expensive and I generally find that Amazon is not the best option for Whole30 items (they tend to be more expensive and they sometimes require that you buy packages of multiple items). I buy most of these from Thrive Market online, but it looks like they don't ship to Alaska. Perhaps the best option for you might be the Primal Kitchen and Tessemae's "Whole30 starter kits" that you can buy on Amazon. Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing (I prefer Primal Kitchen dressings over Tessemae's because they use olive oil rather than sunflower oil, which I try to limit, per the recommendations) Primal Kitchen Green Goddess dressing Tessemae's Organic BBQ sauce Tessemae's Buffalo sauce (though this would probably be pretty easy to make with mayo and hot sauce) Tessemae's Ketchup The New Primal Classic marinade (they have a spicy one too but it's really spicy and I can't handle it!) The New Primal Citrus Herb marinade
  8. @MeatEaterYogi I don't think most people keep logs so that won't be a problem at all! It just helps me for accountability and a number of other reasons. And honestly, I kinda like it. :-)
  9. @Liesje Confession. I buy all of my sauces, dressings, and condiments. I don't have a lot of time and I'm blessed to be doing well financially so spending the extra money is more worth it than spending the extra time. So, I use a store bought sauce. Specifically, I use Tessemae's Organic BBQ Sauce (that brand has the only compliant ketchup or BBQ sauce that I've ever heard of and I've looked around quite a bit). I really like it a lot. If y'all are interested in store-bought Whole30-approved items, let me know. I can tell you about my favorites. Or you can check out the Whole30Approved Instagram feed for lots of brands and items! Variety is HUGELY IMPORTANT for Whole30. You'll definitely get bored quickly if you don't make a conscious effort to mix it up. So yeah, try some salads! Or maybe some stir frys (although that's kinda fried veggies too...)? Let us know how it goes when you mix it up a little bit! In general, feel free to share any recipes you love. Here's my VERY FAVORITE Whole30 recipe: In general, I LOVE this woman's recipes!
  10. Happy Thursday everyone! I hope all of your Whole30 journeys are going well! Anyone having any symptoms or NSVs? I didn't experience any symptoms last time I did this (like headaches or any sort of "carb flu" that some people feel) so I hope I don't this time! I just finished Day 1 and so far, so good! I have today's meals ready to go but I will face my first test tonight. We're going to an NBA basketball game and it's a tradition for us to eat nachos at games. Which, obviously, I can't eat. So that will be hard but I have a meal of BBQ chicken, a big baked potato with lots of ghee, and a large salad before we go so I won't be hungry! It'll just be a mental game! Especially since my fiance will be having his nachos. :-) Also, in case anyone is interested, I keep a Whole30 log here: Feel free to check it out if you'd like. It's super detailed though, so be warned! LOL.
  11. storing coconut milk

    I do the same. Mason jar in the fridge. It usually lasts me quite a while...
  12. @MeatEaterYogi Oh good, I'm glad you found it helpful! I'm always hesitant to post stuff like that because I don't want to offend anyone and I would feel really bad if I misguided you in any way... Do definitely feel free to run things by the Moderators! They're so, so helpful! So, I weighed about 215 when I started my health journey in late summer of last year. At that time, I had been at or over 200 for a couple of years. A good weight for me is probably 165. I lost some pounds before and after Whole30, including 13 pounds during the 30 days. Overall, I got down to about 185 at my lowest. I'm back to 195 after reverting back to very, very poor eating habits after a few months. So yeah, it's been a bit of an up-and-down journey (which I hate and is totally embarrassing) but that's what it is. I'd like to eventually get to 155, which, would be on the low end for me in my lifetime (and I'm fairly tall at 5'10") but I want to get into rock climbing and I'd love to be that lean! And, why not aim high!? The meal template is a fabulous tool and does apply to every single meal. The recommendations on nuts/nut butters and starchy vegetables are a little unique because they're extra guidelines on top of the per-meal advice and don't seem to be as obviously written down anywhere. But I hear them all the time. It sounds like you have it right though! Just a note on fruits... You don't need them if you don't want them. I have many, many sweet teeth so I generally avoid them to avoid sugar cravings. I would occasionally have pineapple in a stir fry or on a kebab or something but I almost never ate fruit as it's own thing. I think the recommendation there is more about not going over a certain amount than it is about adding them in. Oh, and to eat the fruit with a meal and not as a standalone snack. So that one is more up to you!
  13. @MeatEaterYogi I can look through the books again but I don't think you're going to find the answers you want around portions or portion control... A big part of the program is learning to understand our own body's satiety signals. No one can give you a formula that will tell you how your body will optimally operate. So you should be striving to find the right fat/protein/vegetable combination that keeps you leaving satisfied for 4-5 hours. I don't think the intent is that you spend much time feeling hungry. I really love that this program is an experiment and I try to look at it that way! Play around with portions and see what makes you feel best! And while I'm guilty of not heeding my own advice (because I also very much want to lose weight), I really think you should try to trust the process before you start trying to hack the program for weight loss. Afterall, we're only on Day 2. This program works. It has worked for millions of people and it's about so much more than weight. It's about your health and weight is only a part of that. Look at it this way... Worse case, this program doesn't work for your weight loss goal. You're only set back 30 days! How long have you already been wanting to lose those 25 pounds? Months? Years (this one is me!)? So you're no worse off on your weight loss BUT you'll come out of it feeling GOOD, even if not thinner! However, here a few recommendations on portions that aren't immediately obvious in any of the reading materials but that I see the Moderators saying quite frequently here on the forum: starchy vegetables (like potatoes) are recommended to be a fist-sized serving per day. I believe they say this can be more if you're active and I don't think this counts the starchy vegetables you may eat as part of your post-workout meal. I also think they they say the ideal is for your starchy serving of vegetables to be in the evening. You definitely don't want potatoes to be replacing variety in your vegetables though. Make sure to eat the rainbow! And even for those starchy vegetables, try variety like sweet potato, beets, parsnip, squash, etc. nuts are recommended to be a closed fistful every other or every few days. So nuts every single day (which many, many people like) are not what is recommended. you should be eating 2-3 CUPS of vegetables at every meal. This fills up a lot of your plate! If you're eating a salad, it munches down to almost nothing when you eat it so you should be eating a huge portion (think like a mixing sized bowl). I hope this helps! I definitely feel you in your struggle and have many of the same inclinations! I do try to combat them and these are some of the pep talk talking points I tell myself! :-) Best wishes!
  14. @Liesje Haha, that explains it. When we use just "beans" here in the States, we typically mean black or pinto or kidney beans. :-) Today is Day 1 for me and it's going well so far. Of course, I've only had breakfast so I'm not too far into it yet! I did wake up early and do a workout though so I'm proud of that! My breakfast was my very favorite breakfast, though not the healthiest... I spiralized some sweet potato and regular potato and cooked them up in ghee with some salt, pepper, and seasoning (my Whole30 variation of hashbrowns). I then made three over-easy eggs and plopped those right on top with some bacon on the side. Yum! For lunch, I have some chicken stir fry with broccoli, carrots, and snap peas. I'll eat that with some avocado since it doesn't have any fat in it. Dinner will be baked salmon with a large side salad and probably some brussel sprouts.
  15. @Liesje Oh goodness, I just assumed you meant beans like pinto or black or kidney! Sorry for any confusion. I eat green beans too and love them! :-)