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  1. I used to use baby foot packets all the time as carbohydrate fuel on long hikes and backcountry climbs. I'd usually alternate the yummy fruit heavy ones and the ones from Serenity Kids that are gnarly in taste but full of vegetables like sweet potato, carrot, beet, and spinach. Plus, those ones have olive oil for some added fat. So yeah, I don't see a use for these in a regular day of eating at home, but they are great fuel while doing long outdoor activities!
  2. Here's a lasagna recipe that is legit amazing! I mean, you can tell it's not noodles but everything else tastes like a delicious, traditional lasagna. This was no poor substitute, it was just yummy. In particular, the cashew ricotta substitute is delicious! PS. You definitely need a mandolin so you can slice the zucchini really thin. I tried it once without and it simply isn't the same. You really, really need consistently thin zucchini for this to come together...
  3. I LOVE Paleo Running Momma. Here is her roundup for game day: Many of her recipes are Whole30 compatible, but make sure to always double check!
  4. This will be my last post here on the forum. I'm writing to officially bring to close this Whole30 chapter of my life. I have been very intentional about documenting my progress here, so it feels right to bring this to a close here as well. I will forever be grateful to all that I have learned from Whole30. I learned what I put into my body. Because, honestly, I'm not sure I ever really read an ingredient list before Whole30. I may have looked at the fat or the calories (because that's what the world told me was important) but I never much paid attention to what's actually in the f
  5. I find that spiralized sweet potato soaks up sauces well. I made this lo mein recipe ( and thought the sauces soaked up into the sweet potato noodles quite well! Especially when I made the "noodles" a little bit larger!
  6. I would consider an electrolyte supplement such as LMNT (unflavored) or Hi Lyte. You can find both on Amazon. You may also want to consider a fruit juice during your matches (see this article I would also ensure you are eating lots of starchy, carb-dense vegetables. I am highly active in the outdoors and it's not uncommon for me to eat starchy vegetables with nearly every meal. Of course, I also just LOVE me some potatoes! But that's how I feel best! I buy baby food packets and take them with me on hikes. I love the Happy Fa
  7. Also, I assume you're referring to RealPlans? I believe it will have a vegetarian option, but that would be for a traditional vegetarian and would include grains and dairy and other items likely not recommended for you. I don't think it would have a Whole30 vegetarian recipe section.
  8. Here are some helpful resources for a vegetarian: Shopping List: Whole30 for Vegetarians and Vegans: Success Story:
  9. For what it's worth, I've completed five Whole30s and rarely had nuts and maybe had sunflower seeds once. You can certainly do this without them! Good luck! The one tip I'll share is that many pre-made salad dressing are made with sunflower oil. So, if you are in the market for dressing you can buy, check out Primal Kitchen or The New Primal. Theirs are all made with avocado oil. Tessemae's and Whole30 brand are made with sunflower oil.
  10. @TheresaAnn I understand your frustration finding non-compliant ingredients in foods you would never suspect of having any. If there's anything I've learned over the course of five rounds of Whole30, it's to read my labels. Every. Single. Time. Even for foods I've purchased a hundred times. Food manufacturers put so much garbage in our food. It's ridiculous. I'm not sure what "Whole Foods order online and pickup" is but I would be wary of trusting any source other than yourself for compliance. Check every label and every list of ingredients yourself. There are a lot of people and a lot o
  11. I tend to have russet or sweet potato at almost every meal. As Shannon alluded to, I do have to be mindful to eat additional vegetables because it's really easy to just have meat and potatoes. But I feel best when I have the extra carbs associated with those starchy vegetables as I'm very active.
  12. I don't believe there is a compliant pre-made worcestershire sauce out there. However, there are recipes to make your own. Here's one: (though please note that I have not tried it). Best of luck! I hope you find something you like!
  13. I also despise zucchini noodles, but LOVE me some spaghetti squash! Have you tried that? If you're looking for some sort of vegetable base for a meaty sauce, I'd highly recommend trying that. I also love sweet potato noodles. If you're interested here are some recipes I love that use vegetables as noodles: Pork Lo Mein with Sweet Potato Noodles: Chicken Alfredo with Spaghetti Squash:
  14. I'm also currently shoveling cucumbers with heaping piles of tzatziki in my mouth right now. It is creamy and delicious. Here's the recipe (note that the other foods are not Whole30 compliant, but the tzatziki is compliant):
  15. I love me some creamy soups! I make double batches of these two soups and keep individual-serving-size jars frozen in the freezer. I love eating them for breakfast because it's a great way for me to eat veggies early in the morning but they would hopefully satisfy your creamy-texture-cravings quite well! Sweet Potato Soup: Golden Cauliflower Soup: