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  1. All of my cans of coconut milk come like you described. I try one of two things... One, if you're using a recipe that heats the coconut milk, I don't bother with anything. Just dump it in the pan. For example, I made a curry that called for a can of coconut milk. I just used a spoon to plop it all in there. As I was heating it in the pan with everything else, it kind of melted down and came together just fine. Two, I typically use a spoon to scrape it all out into a larger jar. It's much, much easier to shake it up and get it to come together if you have a larger jar with some room to move. I hope this helps!
  2. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Jane G Welcome to the group! How did the birthday party at the sushi restaurant go? Hopefully you found something compliant! I think I've done sashimi in the past when out at a sushi restaurant. Very plain (especially since I couldn't even dip it in a sauce) but it was something I could eat! @Blackcreekrob Welcome to you as well! We love to have more people! I'm definitely feeling the fatigue right now too! Hopefully it'll pass for us all soon and we'll start getting some of that incredible energy everyone talks about! Enjoy your prosciutto with your scramble this morning! @Erinmhess Congrats on not even feeling tempted by those donuts and on generally not feeling cravings! That's a big accomplishment already!
  3. I'm pretty sure vanilla bean is okay. Vanilla extract is not because it almost always has alcohol and/or sugar in it. Not entirely sure on carob in tea... Carob powder is definitely allowed but I think the use may have specific recommendations (like raw cacao) to be used only for savory items. I'm not sure it would be advised for tea as that feels a little like re-creating a sweet drink... But probably up to you!
  4. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Abi Labrador I didn't know you were from Scotland! I had a chance to visit once and it was amazing! All those castles... :-) And the Isle of Skye! Wow! Regarding the snacking... That's a tough one, don't be too hard on yourself. I believe it's common to snack the first week, as you figure out your meal sizes and fat content. It's also a good thing to experiment and learn! That's the whole point of the program! Just keep trying to increase your portion sizes but snack if you need it! Better to have a snack that to go nine hours without eating like I did! Perhaps consider trying some sort of meat/fat combo though? I like to make a small chicken breast and cut it into cubes to have on hand as a snack. Even a handful of those with your nuts might be more ideal! I'm so grateful I didn't have a tea or coffee tendency before Whole30 because that sounds like a super hard one to overcome! Keep hanging in there!
  5. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Oh, and I totally forgot to bring my lunch to work yesterday so that kind of was terrible! Fortunately, I had enough random food lying around at work that I pieced together a meal that included an emergency meat and veggie bar, a hard-boiled egg, some olives and maybe a couple of other random things! Lesson learned. Don't leave the food you took the time to prepare at home!
  6. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    How's everyone doing? We're quickly closing in on a week! I'm doing well overall. Though I need to re-think the timing of my meals. I’m going way too long between lunch and dinner (sometimes as much as eight+ hours) and find myself absolutely starving by the time I have Meal 3. Which typically leads to me eating a not-so-healthy-but-compliant meal. Such as bacon, eggs, and hashrowns. LOL, which is what i did last night! On a positive note, I feel less cravings this round than I did on my first. I think part of it is my level of commitment and knowing what to expect. It's like going to work. I don't like it everyday, but it's what I do. There isn't room for another option. My Whole30 this round feels like that. I may want something sweet but it's not a real consideration. And that feels good!
  7. This is my second Whole30 (I'm on Day 4). For my first round, I really struggled to eat Meal 1 within an hour of waking. Partly because I didn't feel like it but mostly because I just find it hard to get everything together for Meal 1 within an hour (even when I'm just re-heating leftovers). I'm considering shifting my workout to the mornings. In that case, I would be eating a hard-boiled egg and some mayo right after waking, then working out, then having some chicken cubes and sweet potato. I would then likely wait an hour or so before eating Meal 1. This sounds way more appealing to me but is this just cheating? Does this sound like a reasonable plan? It would likely look like this: 5:00 am wakeup 5:15 hard-boiled egg and mayo 5:30-6:30 Insanity 6:45 chicken cubes and sweet potato 8:00 am Meal 1
  8. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Sjc123 Congrats on pushing through Day 3, despite the cravings and the headaches! Just keep reminding yourself why you're doing this and you'll make it and you'll be so, so happy you did! For breakfast, my very favorite breakfast meal (though probably not the healthiest) is spiralized potato (I typically do half sweet potato and half regular potato) cooked in ghee with some salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning. I serve it with some compliant bacon and plop three over-easy eggs on top! Yum! If you don't have a spiralizer, consider buying one! They're so, so easy to use, not very expensive, and you can make all sorts of fun foods with them! I buy this one: I also genuinely enjoy leftover BBQ chicken with steamed vegetables (typically carrots) and guacamole in the morning. And the Bacon, Spinach, and Tomato Salad from the Whole30 Cookbook is also delicious! I hope this helps! Breakfast was definitely the hardest meal of the day for me to figure out!
  9. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Sarah_MT I just wanted to say thank you for sharing those photos earlier. How inspiring! You look absolutely fantastic and have achieved some incredible physical results! And I'm sure the non-physical, non-scale ones are even better! We're glad to have you here! :-)
  10. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Sjc123 Without having the book with me, I believe the Whole30 book advises that you shouldn't need any sort of supplement or multi-vitamin if you're eating according to the program. However, they don't require that you stop taking them by any means. That being said, as with everything else, you'll have to read the labels. My understanding is that A LOT of supplements have added sugar and/or soy products. So, read those labels! :-) Good luck!
  11. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @lilliegirl I lost 13 pounds on my Whole30 this past September... So, weight loss can and does happen for some people. That being said, fat is such an integral part of this program. It’s critical for energy and all sorts of stuff. If you’re very, very focused on weight loss, it can sometimes be easy to cut them out or not eat enough. The benefits of this program are truly amazing. It’s about health and I felt it in every fiber of my body after I competed 43 days of Whole30. I had a huge list of NSVs to support what my body was feeling. I really encourage you to give this a try and to trust this process. The results you’ll achieve will be bigger and more important than what you might achieve focusing exclusively on weight loss. It’s only 30 days. Your body will thank you! Anyway, I hope this helps. Best wishes!!
  12. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Sarah_MT, welcome! I was also planning to start on the first but got held up with a nasty cold. So here we are! :-) @Betina Of course you can join! The more support, accountability, and camaraderie, the better! I've also completed a Whole30 but fell into bad habits not long after. I'm intending for this one to shape a lifelong way of healthy eating! @Erinmhess Ideally, I believe it's recommended that snacks are fat and protein, if needed. Large quantities of nuts and seeds can bother a lot of people (of course, this Whole30 is your experiment so do as you like!). I like Safe Catch tuna. They come in flavored packages now so I can literally eat it straight out of the can dipped in some homemade mayo. I'll also sometimes cook up some chicken and cut it into cubes and store, which I can then use as a grab-and-go-snack with some avocado or guacamole. I also stock Wild Zora meat and veggie bars as my emergency snack since they don't mess with my sugar dragon (like Lara Bars or RX Bars do).
  13. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    @Abi Labrador I really, really struggled with breakfast too on my first round. I would quite literally gag with every bite. There were a couple of times I almost threw up. I came to find that I could not do eggs first-thing in the morning. Grilled chicken and steamed vegetables are what worked for me! Definitely keep experimenting and try things that aren't typically normal breakfast foods. That might really help! I'm just eating breakfast and then will probably go snowboard for a few hours. :- ) We got some fresh powder last night! Happy Day 2 everyone!
  14. Whole 30 First Timer- January 5 Start Date

    Congrats on finishing Day 1 everyone! I started off the day strong with a 3.1 mile hike, which left me feeling happy and ready to take this on. I'm doing this for health so physical activity is going to be an important part of this journey for me. My meals were interesting and filling. I've done this once before and felt I lacked in leafy green vegetables so I'm trying to eat lots and lots of those this time around. Here's what I ate: Meal 1 : Bacon Spinach Tomato Breakfast Salad (from the Whole30 Cookbook) – three poached eggs served over a very large handful of spinach with 1.5 strips of crumbled bacon, cherry tomatoes, ½ avocado, and homemade dressing Meal 2: wild Alaskan salmon filet with BBQ sauce, lemon, and Spice Cave Sea seasoning; 1/2 small bag of steamed carrots; large handful of herb salad mix with 1/2 avocado, 1/3 cucumber, and Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing Meal 3: three pulled pork “tacos” with Costco pulled pork, homemade mayo, 1/2 avocado, and Yai’s Thai salsa, served in romaine lettuce
  15. Beyond Meat: The Beyond Burger

    Unfortunately, I don't think this is compliant.. I don't think the pea protein isolate is allowed because peas are a legume. I also believe maltodextrin is a sugar substitute. And it sounds like modified food starch, while not strictly prohibited, should be avoided.