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  1. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @Betsie_n I found the coconut butter packs on Thrive, so if you're already a member, that's a great place to look! And Amazon is definitely good for the olive packets. I like the Olove brand!
  2. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @Betsie_n For easily packable snacks, here's what I like (these items always come into the backcountry with me for when I get hungry): Wild Zora meat and veggie bars (all but one of their flavors is compliant and you can buy online in bulk or at REI) Oloves (small packets of seasoned olives, which I found on Amazon or at REI) Chomps Jerky Sticks Coconut butter squeeze packs (I love Artisana but they're more expensive and harder to find) I hope this helps! Happy traveling!
  3. I honestly find that I prefer BBQ chicken with a large side salad for breakfast! I also highly recommend considering leftovers from lunch or dinner as your breakfast! Don't only look for "breakfast" foods to eat in the morning! Also, spiralizing the sweet potato and making them into hashbrowns is also delicious! I spiralize them, cook them in ghee, add some salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning, and viola! Declicious! Oh, and spiralizers are cheap and way easier to use than I thought. I quite literally had one sitting untouched in a kitchen cupboard for almost two years because I assumed it would be a lot of work! Now I use it at least several times a week!
  4. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @dmrob2009 Thanks for checking in! It's nice to hear from folks! And congrats on reaching a milestone of under 200! I'll be completely honest. I've somewhat fallen off the bandwagon. Which is embarrassing to admit because I had felt so strong and committed and good about my newfound knowledge and discipline! :-( To be quite frank, I'm not entirely sure how much I believe in this way of eating. Yes, I believe eating natural, whole foods is best. But do I need meat and fat at every single meal? I'm not sure. Do I really need to avoid natural grains and legumes and dairy? I'm not sure. At least for me, personally. Because I've been eating all of those things and I don't feel any different than how I felt on 43 days of Whole30 eating. My NSVs are the same just generally eating whole foods and avoiding excess "bad" stuff like ice cream and chocolate. I'm also still losing weight. So yeah, I had regular ice cream this weekend. I had store-bought potato salad with all sorts of garbage in it. I had sour cream. I had french toast with whole grain bread. And I felt just fine. Probably not a very inspiring post but that's where I'm at right now. I'm going to try to get back to Whole30 eating until this weekend (when we're having 10 friends over for a "Friendsgiving" holiday). But it's hard to convince myself to stick with it when I'm not sure I believe in it anymore. I really wish I'd gained some energy or mental clarity. Or that I felt worse when I eat bad foods. But it all just feels the same to me!
  5. Rice vinegar

    Just in case you didn't realize... Rice vinegar is good to go! So unless you have a specific allergy or something, there's no need for a substitute! If you need an alternative for an allergy or something, I'm honestly not sure... Sorry!
  6. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @CorgiLover Have SO MUCH FUN in Tahoe over the holidays! I live there and it's one of my most favorite places in the whole world! Not sure whether this is good news or bad news for you, but no snow yet! It looks like we may make it to Thanksgiving with no snow...
  7. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @Mike5858 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You're totally inspiring for making good food choices on such a special day! :-)
  8. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @SineadMon So far, the only chocolate I have tried is this: Not the healthiest of the products I purchased but these came free as a gift with my order and Shawn wanted to try them so I allowed myself to have six of them. They were really, really, really good! I'll let you know how the healthier ones are (i.e., the ones without refined sugars added) once I try them! I'm planning on Whole30 eating through Thursday at least. So maybe this weekend. LOL, I will make sure to report back though! As for Paleo Running Momma recipes, here are the ones I've tried so far (they've all been amazing): And here are a few more I plan to try: (this will be my dessert for Thanksgiving!)
  9. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @dmrob2009 Thanks! I hope that can maybe inspire some of you! I never got Tiger Blood and I've never felt any sort of increase in energy, but I have learned a lot! I'm definitely grateful for the experience!
  10. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @SineadMon I’ve definitely been struggling with the “is this worth it?” concept! And @dmrob2009 I’ve also thought that maybe some of this just puts way too much emphasis on food! For what it’s worth, here’s where I’ve landed on what food freedom looks like for me… It’s come with much reflection and experimentation but I feel happy with this place. I know what foods do and do not make me feel crappy. I know what foods do and do not help me achieve the results I want to see with my body and soul. Cravings no longer govern my decisions about food because I now have control over those. Being healthy does govern my decisions about food but being 100% compliant to anything does not make me happy. I continue to want to lose weight but I do not feel bad when I eat off-plan foods. But I do make a conscious decision to be more active when I eat those foods. Over a four-day period, I had a commercial, pre-packaged, store-bought chicken teriyaki bowl. It didn’t taste good because my taste buds don’t care for processed foods like that anymore and it was overly sweet. I had Paleo pancakes with organic maple syrup and it was a warm, nice way to start a cold, stormy morning. I felt full for a really long time but I went for a hike with the love of my life and my pups. I had a peanut butter sandwich and loved every moment before, during, and after eating it. I ate a handful of dark chocolate covered almonds and it was divine. I did not feel the need to eat more, I did not feel bad, but I went for a walk that evening because I ate them. Oh, and I had a small slice of pepperjack cheese because, well, yum! I don’t feel bad about any of it. Besides a very minor tummy ache after the teriyaki bowl, I didn’t feel any worse for eating those foods. I managed my portions well and did not over-eat any of it. I did not have any significant cravings after eating them. And I continued to lose weight. I call that success and I call that something I can live with for my forever food freedom.
  11. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @SineadMon Congrats on Day 39! Sticking with the program a bit longer than prescribed (I ended at Day 43) really helped boost my own confidence to maintain this as a lifestyle! Good luck to you and great job! If you're interested in baking some banana bread with those bananas, this recipe is almost entirely made of Whole30 ingredients if you want to give it a try (the exception being the vanilla extract): As for the chocolate bars, the two "cleanest" options I found on thrive were the EatingEvolved 72% Almond & Sea Salt Primal Chocolate and the Lulu's Chocolate Smoked Sea Salt Almond Raw Bar. I love chocolate and nuts so I look forward to trying them!
  12. Sept 18 start date reintro

    I formally reintroduced legumes yesterday in the form of hummus. It was DELICIOUS! I studied abroad in Egypt so I absolutely LOVE Middle Eastern food and was thrilled to bring back hummus. I don't really care to bring back other legumes... Overall, I felt really full for a long time after eating. And I felt a bit bloated the next morning, but nothing serious. I generally think I have a harder time gauging how full I am when eating off-plan items. I'm not sure if it's because I'm so mentally excited to bring it back that I don't pay attention to my feelings of satiety. Or if it's because my body doesn't trigger the feeling of satiety as easily with those types of foods. But, with both the cookies and the hummus, I ate too much and felt uncomfortably full, for a long time. I honestly can't remember ever feeling uncomfortably full on Whole30, despite not monitoring my portion sizes at all and eating some pretty large meals. Halloween was a non-issue for me. There are no trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood (no streetlights, houses spaced far apart, and remote) so it wasn't much of a temptation. I will say though, that I purchased some "healthy" chocolate bars from Thrive and look forward to giving those a try. I'm hoping I'll be able to have a bite or two of dark chocolate on occasion without going off the deep end and needing to eat a whole tub of ice cream or a whole bag of chocolate. Because I do want chocolate in my life. I just want to be able to control it and to eat a healthier version of it! The Sea Salt Chocolate Almond Bar I purchased only has: Organic cacao, organic coconut sugar, organic coconut butter, organic almonds, Himalayan sea salt. Not bad! Fingers crossed that it tastes good!
  13. Second time's the charm...?

    You'll find lots of people here who can relate and who can support! My "start group" has been wonderful and we've really helped hold each other accountable to cross the finish line and achieve whatever goals we've aimed for! I just finished my Whole30 (though I did it for 43 days) and started reintroductions this week. While I didn't achieve everything I had hoped for, I am absolutely thrilled with what I've done and I really do feel like I've changed my relationship with food. I also lost almost 20 pounds! This can change your life for the better so I wish you the best of luck!! There will be so many here rooting for you, including me! You should consider starting a thread called "November 6 Start Date" or something like that and I'm sure you'll find others who will start at the same time as you and who can help you through your journey!
  14. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @Mike5858 Congratulations on your pizza experience! It sounds like you've come so very far in your relationship with food! You should certainly be proud of yourselves! And you should be feeling very confident as you move forward with your everyday food choices! @SineadMon The cookies were actually very delicious! I only made half of the recipe so we had six cookies. I ate two last night and felt quite full for some time. So much so that I didn't eat dinner! Oops! I honestly probably could have eaten one and been satisfied but I always eat more than one cookie. Always. And so poor habits took over and I ate two because it didn't even occur to me to only have one! LOL, I certainly learned a lesson from that. The good news is that when I woke up and saw the leftover cookies on the counter, I didn't have a desire to take one to work with me to have as a snack today. The cookies aren't worth it today. They certainly were last night and I genuinely enjoyed the process of baking and eating them. But I got what I needed and now I'm perfectly happy to eat Whole30 again today. Oh! And I felt motivated to work out even after I ate my cookies. I did a 7-mile hike yesterday with my beautiful little Inka (you can follow us on Instagram at @inkaoutside or @hertahoelife) so I had tentatively bagged the idea of doing Insanity. I'm trying to do a full cycle for the first time ever. But, after eating the cookies, I decided that I should work out and it was great! I felt strong and it made me feel better for eating the cookies because, the fact is, I still want to lose weight and even if the ingredients weren't awful, they were still fatty. Overall, I feel proud of myself! We're all doing so great! I continue to be so grateful for this group!
  15. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @dmrob2009 Best of luck with BLE. It sounds like a few folks are doing it so definitely let us know how it goes! I'll certainly provide updates as I go through my reintroduction. Not sure what I have planned for tomorrow! I'm thinking I'll do Whole30 tomorrow and then maybe some legumes on Tuesday. I have a recipe for black bean salsa that I really love so perhaps that. I also like lentils. Are those legumes? LOL. I need to brush up on my reintroduction information! Oh, and here's the recipe I tried: I adore Paleo Running Momma and all of receipes have been AMAZING!