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    Round two...

    On my Round 2, I kept going past the 30 days simply because my husband arrived home from working away for several months. I'm not good at "in moderations" (read "terrible") so, from fear of falling flat after 30 perfect days, I just kept on with my W30 until hubby & I were both over that initial celebratory mood... hosting family... visiting friends. I had been pleased with my results - solid energy, solid sleep, clear skin, good mood - and had had some weight loss to boot. But around about Day 40 there was magic. I started visibly dropping weight. So, just as LadyShanny says, relax, breathe, trust the process, wait. Don't starve yourself just to lose weight. Your end goal is to get your hormones in balance AND to find a way to keep them in balance for the long term... supporting you instead of fighting you. And yes, I totally get that your main goal is to lose weight. That was my main goal too when I first found W30. For me, two things will absolutely push me off the rails... dairy, and stress. Drink a glass of milk, and no matter what else I do that week (including starving) I will not lose a single solitary ounce. As for stress, you can read ISWF or any other reference, but stress will knock your hormones out of balance. For me, any little teeny tiny bit of stress (even if I am trying to fool myself into thinking I'm not stressed ) will cause weight gain. Darned hormones! So yeah... work on your foundation & know that your body will eventually reward you with settling into wherever your unique and beautiful body was meant to be. And because you allowed your body to settle into a rhythm where you are both supporting each other, your new foundation will work for the long term.
  2. As I prepped for my next W30, I was (as is my habit) beating myself up for “falling off the rails”. I was reading through literature that I had previously gathered, and I realized I hadn’t “fallen”… just leaned a little! A lot of ingrained habits have stuck. And just like the bad habits that crept in over many years, so too will the good habits (but faster!). I (we all) should stop being so hard on myself. For now: Always breakfast. Always protein & veg for meals. Not afraid of fat, but fussy about which ones. Seldom smoothies & when do, always add a “chewable”. Usually staying hydrated. Still avoiding dairy. If I am feeling lethargic, I can turn that around in a couple of days. Not a bad place from which to begin again, and discover some more soon-to-be-ingrained habits, methinks.