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  1. I stayed home yesterday to rest and cook! Tons of veggies, turkey breast, Well Fed 2 Taj Mahal Chicken. That was delicious, the only problem was I had leftover raisins from the recipe and couldn't resist snacking on them. Next time, I will buy only what I need for the dish from the bulk food section so I won't have the temptation. So even though I haven't been perfect, I feel really good about only having W30 compliant stuff going into my body. keeping my other commitments too. I have a conference this week, drinks meetings, cocktail parties, etc. but I'm planning on sticking to spruced up seltzer and eating before the parties so I don't get tempted by mystery food. Have a great day all.
  2. A small victory: got home last night utterly exhausted and stressed. My usual go-to for relaxing would have been a glass of wine. Instead I sat down and rested for a bit and hen made myself a huge compliant salad. No wine necessary!
  3. lizzie_s

    April 21st

    Going out to dinner tonight, don't know where yet. Luckily going with a friend who is sober, so no temptation for a glass of wine. I went to the farmers market yesterday and bought fresh eggs. Looking forward to making my breakfast and seeing if I can taste the difference from store-bought!
  4. lizzie_s

    April 21 will begin my first Whole30

    I started yesterday also and look forward to going on the journey with you folks! Day 1 was OK, a little tough last night. This is my second time and I've been struggling with getting back into it. I want it to stick this time!
  5. lizzie_s

    April 21st

    I started yesterday as well. Had a little trouble last night, but made it through compliantly! Slightly different challenges from the rest of you, I'm super-busy but live alone and it's often hard to get myself to prep and cook just for me. I hope this thread can help me stay strong! Have a great day, all...
  6. lizzie_s

    Serial drop-out, going for it again

    That sounds reasonable. As for me, I've been snacking on fruit. A definite no-no.
  7. lizzie_s

    Must Return

    Just started a log. Called it "lizzie goes for it again" I am interested to see if it helps me, I've never done it before.
  8. lizzie_s

    beef broth

    I know, I know, I should make my own. But that's not really practical most of the time. Has anyone found a compliant beef broth or stock? Thanks.
  9. lizzie_s

    Serial drop-out, going for it again

    I realize that one of the things that has been tripping me up is overdoing it on fruit. So that I haven't really been battling the sugar dragon. Not really. So, my new mantra is "less is more!"
  10. lizzie_s

    Nighttime binging

    I really struggle with this too, and am trying to find ways to break this habit. It occurs to me now that coming on line and reading what other people are up to might help. If the urge strikes tonight, I think I'll try that.
  11. lizzie_s

    ...for weight loss

    This has been a really helpful thread to read, thanks everyone. I've been telling myself I'm going doing this W30 to get myself feeling better, and that's partly true, but I've also been quietly harboring a focus on losing weight. Reading everyones comments has helped me to remember what is really important to focus on. If I feel good, I will look better anyway. So today's goal is to treat myself with kindness, not self-criticism.
  12. lizzie_s

    Serial drop-out, going for it again

    So here I am on Day 6, feeling pretty good. It's not the food that troubles me so much, it's the making sure I sit at a table, have a real meal, don't snack. I've been compliant with my food so far, less so with my lifestyle. Had a friend over for dinner last night, made no-full salmon fishcakes, homemade mayo, squash, veggies, salad, fruit. Fortunately we didn't miss the wine too much! Good luck over the weekend everyone.
  13. lizzie_s

    Serial drop-out, going for it again

    Ok, back. Had to start again. Day 3.
  14. lizzie_s

    Must Return

    I have had similar problems. Felt great on my W30 over the summer but slipped and slid back to old habits, now I'm feeling horrible. I'm on my 3rd day and it's hard, but I really want to make it through and be able to keep on track. Hope we can help each other!
  15. Hello friends, I did a Whole 30 over the summer and felt brilliant. Found great support here on the forum. Since then, I've been trying to do another. The Sugar Dragon has me firmly in its hold and I've had difficulty coming to grips with it. But I've been trying to do it alone. I'm hoping using the forum will help I am preparing today, and will begin tomorrow. I know it's an odd time to start -- most people will begin on Feb. 1. But for me it's a matter of seizing the moment! If anyone wants to join me for mutual support and encouragement, I'd love the company! Lizzie