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  1. Thanks Snowflower! Lizzie
  2. lizzie_s

    Confused - Sulfites in Balsamic Vinegar

    Aargh! Just looked and both the balsamic and sherry (my current fave) vinegars in my pantry contain sulfites. And it hadn't occurred to me when I order a salad out and ask for oil and vinegar, it might have sulfites in it. I guess I'm doomed to buy new bottles and to only use lemon when eating out of the house. Has anyone find a compliant sherry vinegar?
  3. I think the book said not to use light coconut milk, regardless of the ingredients list being compliant. Is that right and if so, why? I'm still freaking out about eating so much more fat than usual as I've had gall bladder problems in the past and have been told to limit fats.