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  1. AliciaRenee

    False Starts

    I don't ever use a scale anymore for my food or my own weight. so I'm not so bad. It's just a thought in the back of my head all the time. I'm telling it to shut up I've been "off" sugar for over 24 hours now. This is probably my biggest struggle. Pretty sure my head is going to spin around at any moment...
  2. AliciaRenee

    False Starts

    I have done 3 successful whole twenty somethings. I have learned I'm at my worst when I am pmsing. I think there is a small part of me that is still terrified of eating too much. Even though I never successfully calorie counted, I know it enough to have it engraved in my brain "calories in, calories out" I actually took an ice cream tub out of the freezer today to sit in front of the TV and veg out cuz I feel mentally exhausted. I decided to out it back and pull out a book instead. I feel very good about this decision. I know I crave because I'm trying to fill voids. I am starting to journal today, as well. Thank you so much. I Definitely have some issues with food. I know it will be a process, but I am ready for healing. IN This CAsE I Have To Admit It Will Probably Be More Emotional Healing Than Anything Else. As for cravings and nutrients? I agree. I will be eating when I want food, but I will be sure it is a proper meal.
  3. AliciaRenee

    False Starts

    So I have gotten into a really bad habit of whole30 "false starts" where I will go a day or five being whole30 compliant and cave when things get emotionally difficult for me. I am an emotional junk food eater and when I tell myself I cannot have bread or sugar, I run to them when the going gets tough. My first goal is to rid my house of all my trigger foods, but I have basically reverted to all my old comfort foods and I'd like some advice to get out of this rut. I need to heal my body. I don't want "false starts" to be the norm for me anymore, I want to be consistent. Anyone know what could help?