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  1. trezkholl0806

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    You can get a steak Cooked with no butter, no oil. They have a healthy options menu and it's either cooked with olive oil or nothing, I can't remember. And the broccoli is actually just plain steamed - no oil, butter or seasoning - but make sure you are ordering from the healthy choice section.
  2. trezkholl0806

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    I've only eaten out once since on my Whole30 (this is my first)... we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel and I had a harder time than I thought I would... They have NO veggie options during breakfast hours. I got a porkchop (no butter or oil) and the seasoning was very very light so I'm assuming that was good (hopefully), poached eggs... and a side of fruit (FYI - forego the side of fruit... it consisted of 2 small pieces of pineapple and 1 1/2 strawberries for like $2.59... no thanks). I've just decided to resist eating out for now, unless I absolutely have to. To add to the Subway thought though, I definitely wouldn't resort to going there. Their meat is as fake as can be. Actually, I did eat out one other time. We went to Outback Steakhouse - not fast, but a good option. You can get the steak that's woodfire grilled, and they have 2 options for the seasoning - I got the one that I think was salt & pepper only (can't find it on the website so I don't remember exactly what the menu says)... veggies, they have several options (green beans, mixed veggies, broccoli) you can also get steamed veggies with no butter/oil or seasoning. (beware of the grilled asparagus, I asked for no butter/oil, but there was something on it...)
  3. ok - I know we can't have "butter", but can you actually buy clarified butter, or you have to make it from the pastured butter? I came across two kinds of butters in the store that I wondered about, but did not purchase. The first was Organic Valley Pasture Butter, Cultured & Lightly Salted (84% Butter Fat) Second, Minerva Dairy Amish Butter, made from pasteurized cream (84% Butter Fat) (this one does say it contains milk). (though their website doesn't give any info) I have read the butter article on here, but still wasn't sure if you could actually BUY clarified butter. I cannot find ghee in the store, I don't know if I want to order it. Would either one of these butters be acceptable to clarify?
  4. trezkholl0806

    Bullet Proof Coffe During Whole30

    I'm not a big coffee drinker, but sometimes I just NEED it to wake me up! For the bulletproof coffee, are you guys actually buying from that particular website or making it with any kind of coffee?
  5. trezkholl0806

    Confused - Sulfites in Balsamic Vinegar

    So I'm guessing the same goes for White Wine Vinegar???