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    Pre Post Workout and Breakfast

    Ok yeah that's a good idea! I will try the chicken sweet potato thing + breakfast a bit later... Ive also been leaving at least an hour from when I finish my workout to when I eat that meal as well so I guess I could eat it on the run straight after gym. With the pre workout snack, I just like the egg white with almond butter on it because I feel like I can stomach that better at 5:30am. it's still lean protein + fat so should be pretty much the same as eating the whole egg right?
  2. PaleoPrincess

    Pre Post Workout and Breakfast

    I've been doing an egg white fried in coconut oil and a teaspoon of almond butter with a black coffee for pre workout (it's just a little snack but I feel like it helps before a 6am gym sesh, cos I train quite early I only have half an hour to digest so don't want to eat too much. Then I've been having my post workout + breakfast combined cos I'm quite short on time and need to have something portable I can eat at work. That meal usually consists of some pre-made egg fritatas (2 - 3 eggs with asparagus, tomato, baby spinach) and a piece of fruit like an apple or mandarin. Does that work?