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  1. I know that is a recommendend template...but I've never seen anywhere that every meal "needs" to follow it. In fact, if one just read the Whole 30 guidelines and not the success guide or It Starts with Food - I don't think it says anything about each meal including a protein + veggies. However, I do know it is not an ideal breakfast to start with fruit AND not include a protein. But for whatever reason, day 10 this morning, and just the thought of eggs, meat and veggies (which I have had for breakfast every morning so far) made me nauseous and gag. Had to trust my body needed something else in
  2. I had a sliced banana with toasted coconut flakes and cashews drizzled with coconut milk for breakfast. Lacking protein, but was a good change of pace on a morning where I couldn't stomach the thought of meat and/or eggs for breakfast.
  3. Fun to read everyone's Whole30 while breastfeeding success stories! I am on Day 5 of my third Whole30 program. The previous two I was nursing a 2-3 year old toddler, so didn't even think much about milk production. But this time, with my EBF 5 month old I've had several people voice their "concerns" about it affecting my babe in some way. So my initial thoughts were along the lines of "really? I'm cutting out sugar and dairy (which makes me feel horrible) and eating lots of super healthy nutrient dense food and you're worried? Because I'm not getting any legumes or fiber rich, inflammatory pro