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  1. Letthemusicplay6

    Whole30 In Disney (Florida)

    Thank you very much for your replies everyone. Yeah, I did a google search before posting. I'm just looking for a list of places to eat and what hotels they are at, that's all. I see a few specific places listed here and there, but most of them are for when you are at the parks, so was posting here to see if anyone that has gone recently found any hidden gems, or just wouldn't mind sharing any info from personal experience
  2. Letthemusicplay6

    Whole30 In Disney (Florida)

    Hey Everyone, I actually did a search before making this thread, I couldn't find the answers I was looking for, so I apologize in advance if they are there and I just didn't see them: I'm trying to figure out which resort to stay at, and this will help me make my decision, so I'm mainly asking about specific restaurants/places to eat at the Disney Resorts, but people please feel free to add places in the parks too if you want. So I have never been before, and from what I can tell, each resort has a "Food Court" area, and a sit down restaurant. Do any of the resorts have more (if any) Whole30 options compared to the other? If so, which one(s)? And Which Restaurants? (You can even mention specific things to order if you remember and don't mind) I'm asking in terms of places in the Food Courts (If there even are any) And the Sit down Restaurants too. Thank you very much in advance everyone
  3. Letthemusicplay6

    Burnt Ghee

    Thanks again for the feedback everyone! I have decided......................................................................................................... TO EAT IT ALL
  4. Letthemusicplay6

    Cashew Butter

    Thank you very much for the help everyone!!
  5. Letthemusicplay6

    Cashew Butter

    Hi Julie. (And anyone else reading that can help with my question(s) I am interested in trying to make my own Cashew Butter as well. I have never heard of a Vitamix before. Just checked out their site and noticed that there are a few different modals. Which one (If any) is the best one for making Cashew/Nut butters with? Or is there something better you can recommend that can make nut butters better then a Vitamix? For example, do you use your Vitamix to make nut butters because you already have one to make other things with and it can be used to make nut butters as well, so you use it? If you didn't own a Vitamix and you wanted to buy something specific just to make nut butters with, what would you buy? Also how is the ratio when you make it? For example, does 1 pound of Cashews make a 16 oz jar of cashew butter? Or it doesn't work that way? Also, how do you measure the amount of coconut oil to add? Lets say if you were making a batch of 1 pound, 2 pounds etc of Cashews, how much coconut oil do you use? Also, does the coconut oil need to be in liquid form for the best results? Or you can just mix it in there as a chuck? lol I know, a lot of questions. I really appreciate and thank whoever in advance can answer some of them. I am a huge fan of Cashew Butter. I mainly buy Artisana and sometimes Gopals but I've always wanted to try to make my own. Thanks everyone!
  6. Letthemusicplay6

    Burnt Ghee

    Thank you very much for your replies SugerCube and Spin spin. I apologize though, I feel like I should have given more info in my first post so more feedback would be appreciated. It was a batch of Garlic Flavored Ghee that I've made a lot of times. What I do is cook the butter on the lowest heat possible for a while until the milk solids rise to the top. I skim them all off and then I put cloves of garlic in there and let it sit for at least a hour or so on the low heat still. At the end I usually "Nuke" it for a min or so because turning up the heat really infuses the garlic with the Ghee. I usually turn up the heat to med or sometimes med-high for a min or 2 and when it starts to boil I turn it off right at that moment. When I'm done, sometimes the garlic cloves have a small "hint" of a couple of burns here and there and are soft. Also it never comes out this dark at all. This time it was boiling for a good min or two before I shut it off. All of the garlic cloves were burnt totally black and crispy and there was a bunch of black burnt junk on the bottom of the pan. When I strained it in cheesecloth over a fine mesh strainer, none of that black stuff (that could be seen) got mixed in with the Ghee. My concern was the milk solids that were left on the bottom of the pot (since I skim the ones off on the top before turning the heat up) When they got burned it releases all that bad oxidized stuff into the whole batch of the Ghee. It tastes great to me though. But when I google things like "burnt Ghee" from what people describe it is the dark amber color that mine is like. So even if it tastes good I really don't want to eat it if its that bad for me? Thanks again.
  7. Letthemusicplay6

    Burnt Ghee

    Ok I'm 99% sure I burnt this batch. But I just want to make sure since it will be $22.00 wasted. Yes it does have kind of a "smoky" smell, so I probably just answered my own question. It doesn't smell nasty or anything though. Also if I like the way it tastes even though it is burnt. I should not eat it right? Since oxidized fat junk is really bad for me? Please confirm, Thanks everyone.
  8. Letthemusicplay6

    where to buy ghee?

    I was actually just about to post a topic about Ghee (Which I still am) but stumbled on this first. So I'll share my opinion. This is the best bought Ghee I have ever had, all though expensive, If you can afford it I highly recommend it! http://www.amazon.com/100%25-Organic-Ghee-Grass-fed-Cows/dp/B00E0WB292/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1422667377&sr=8-4&keywords=ghee&pebp=1422667578484&peasin=B00E0WB292 http://www.ancientorganics.com/
  9. Letthemusicplay6

    Are Burnt Vegetables Bad For You?

    Thank you very much for your replies everyone!! Yeah, when I googled it I read a few articles that said this too. When you burn them to a certain point it releases stuff that isn't good for you. Which is why I got a little concerned. I know you can't believe a lot of things you read on the internet, so that's why I decided to post the question here to see if anyone knew in more detail if there was any truth to it, and, if so, exactly how bad it is for you. *Edit I'm going to edit my first post saying this too!
  10. Letthemusicplay6

    Are Burnt Vegetables Bad For You?

    Hey everyone, Well, my main question is pretty much what the topic is. I mean, I would assume in the very least they won't be "as good for you" if they are burnt. But I was concerned if they are actually "not good for you" or "bad for you" When I googled it I read a few articles that said when you burn them to a certain point it releases stuff that isn't good for you. Which is why I got a little concerned. I know you can't believe a lot of things you read on the internet, so that's why I decided to post the question here to see if anyone knew in more detail if there was any truth to it, and, if so, exactly how bad it is for you. Best way to describe it though, is to picture some curly green kale that are probably 1/2-3/4 green and the rest burnt pretty black and it gets very crunchy. I know what you must be thinking "Ewww burnt vegetables?!" But I think they taste great depending on which one, I just want to make sure it's not causing something bad for my health. I actually figured out how to post a picture to give people a better idea what I am talking about. So I'll take any input in general on burnt vegetables anyone would like to leave, but my questions are: Are they still good for you, just not as good for you, depending on how burnt they are? Are they actually bad for you? Or maybe it actually even depends on what kind of vegetable it is? Or does cooking/burning vegetables like this not even effect the nutrition value(s) of them at all? (Which I doubt?) If people aren't really sure, can you please suggest another forums or somewhere else I can post this same exact question? Thanks in advance everyone, I really appreciate it!
  11. Letthemusicplay6

    would like to know tips for clarifying my own butter

    Thanks a lot!
  12. Letthemusicplay6

    would like to know tips for clarifying my own butter

    Does anyone know if Ghee/Clarified Butter is ok after the original butter due date? For example I have a bunch of butter that expires in early Feb. If I make it all into Ghee/Clarified Butter now, will it be ok after the original butter I made it froms exp date? If so how long approx? Thanks !
  13. Letthemusicplay6

    Vacuum sealer

    Not sure if this is what your looking for, but figured I would say it just in case. Ziploc actually makes something like this. From the reviews I've read they work just as good as the really expensive ones. Can google reviews about it if your interested. I think its on Amazon too but haven't checked I have this and it works great. Allthough I have nothing else to compare it too so I don't know if its lacking. http://www.ziploc.com/Products/Pages/VacuumFreezerSystem.aspx
  14. Letthemusicplay6

    would like to know tips for clarifying my own butter

    I'm sure a lot of people probably know this, but going to say it anyway just incase some don't! I found out about this a couple months ago. You can add/infuse spices while making Ghee/Clarified Butter. Garlic is my fav. Just /toss some cloves in there a little bit after it starts to melt. Depending on how strong of a Garlic (or well any type of spice taste with it) Add as much as you think you'll need. Also the higher you turn the heat up the more the spice infuses with it. I Usually have it to Medium-Low setting for a bit then when it starts to bubble (with the spices in there) I turn it down to low and let it cook/sit or w/e you want to call it for 15-20 min. People can try out different spices and amounts of time/heat settings until they get it just right for how you like it!
  15. Letthemusicplay6

    My Cholesterol: Before and after Whole30/9 lifestyle

    Thanks Yeah it seemed I defintely posted it in the wrong section. Allthough it was nice to have the hope it was a possible success story for a little while! And thanks for posting that too Praxis