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  1. Whole 5 (monday-friday)?

    Have you read the stuff about life after Whole30 here on the website? Or the book Food Freedom Forever, if you like to have an actual book in your hands. There are a couple of things I'd encourage you to think about in reference to a five-on, two-off type pattern. First, sometimes if you tell yourself that it's okay to indulge a little on certain days, you decide to indulge because you can, even if you don't really think whatever you're indulging in sounds that great. There's something about the mindset you can get into where you feel like, this is my chance to have this thing that's not healthy, and by gosh, I'm going to have it, no matter what. The second thing I'd mention is that this doesn't account for things like your coworker making your very favorite cookies ever, from scratch, on a Monday. What do you do then? Are you going to say, my own personal rules say I only indulge on Saturday and Sunday, so I have to say no? Or switch days for the week? Bend the rules? Wouldn't it be easier to know that if something comes up that you think is worth it, you can have it no matter what day it is? And isn't it possible you'll feel more able to turn down things that don't really sound all that special, because you know that when you do really want something, no matter what it is, or what day you want it, you can go ahead and indulge?
  2. Day 12 and Still Bloated

    Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and kale are all cruciferous vegetables, all can cause gas and bloating for some people. You might want to find some different vegetables for a little while -- it's likely you'll be able to have some of these going forward, but might have just had more than your digestive system can handle right now. It is also possible you're just running a little behind the timeline and this will clear up on its own in a few days, but I know that bloated feeling can be miserable, so I'd probably leave out the most likely culprits for a while anyway and hope that it helps it clear up sooner. Here's more about digestive enzymes, if you want to try reading up on them. I haven't tried them, so I can't really speak to how effective they might or might not be for you, that's something you'll have to decide for yourself, or by talking to a doctor.
  3. Are you eating enough? Are you salting your food? Drinking enough water (aim for 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz a day)? Even if you don't want to eat, you need to eat, or you're going to end up feeling worse. Don't be afraid of having fat -- you should pick one or two of the servings listed on the meal template in addition to any oil you cook in. No one here is a doctor or medical expert, so if you've been feeling this way for a while, you might check in with your doctor just to rule out anything that isn't food-related. Or they might have recommendations for amounts of salt -- we usually say salt food until it tastes good, but I know some people find salt really affects their vertigo so they need to get the levels just right.
  4. PMS strikes!

    Be sure you're eating enough in general -- most women find that in the week or so leading up to their period and maybe the first day or two of it, they need more food, sometimes even twice as much as they normally eat. This is normal, your body is gearing up to possibly grow a small human, it's craving nutrients that it will need if that happens (even if you are on birth control and know it's not going to happen). If nothing else, try eating an extra helping of starchy vegetable each day, but if that's not enough, go ahead and increase your meals, or throw in an extra meal.
  5. Half way minor sabotage

    Don't beat yourself up! When you don't feel well, it's normal to want comforting things, and if you usually use carby foods as comfort foods, it's normal to want those. It's also possible that because your body is fighting off sickness, it may actually want more food to have the energy and nutrients it needs, so don't be afraid to eat if you're hungry. It's cold and flu season, and you're feeling icky, just do the best that you can. If you have broth or a hot tea you like, try that after dinner if you're sure you aren't actually hungry. Broth or tea either one can be warm, comforting things to have throughout the day as well. (Yes, plain water is better, but a day of lots of tea or broth is not going to be the end of the world here.) Hang in there and know that in a day or two, you'll likely be feeling better again, and then you'll be so glad you stuck to it and don't have to start over!
  6. Shopping site

    A shopping site, no. If you scroll up to the top of this page, there is an option that says The Whole30 -- under that menu, there's one that says resources, and there you can find a printable shopping list and other helpful downloads. Also at the top of this page is an option that says Whole30 Approved -- that lists sources for condiments, pre-made meals, meats, broth, and other items that are Whole30 compliant, most of them have links to their websites, a few of them may even have discount codes.
  7. Can you have reintroduced foods as you test others?

    No, once you've reintroduced an item, regardless of your reaction to it, you don't have it again until you're done with all the reintroductions.
  8. Pro biotics

    It's up to you. If your probiotics don't contain anything against the Whole30 rules, you can continue to take them if you want to. This article is older, so any specific brands mentioned may not be compliant anymore, you'd have to read the labels and see, but it does explain a little about what to look for in a probiotic:
  9. I feel like I'm gaining weight

    Just keep following the meal template for each meal and hang in there. There is no way to tweak whole30 to guarantee weight loss, because weight loss is not the goal of the program. However, people who have weight to lose often find that by the end of 30 days, they have lost weight. Also check out the timeline Kirkor posted above, and know that it is very common to feel like you're not losing anything until the very end of your 30 days.
  10. Spices?

    "Produced in a factory with" is an allergy warning for people with severe allergies who have to avoid all traces of those items. As long as there's nothing non-compliant in the ingredient list, it's fine. (And if it's a single spice, like cinnamon or nutmeg, with no ingredient list, that means that spice is all that's in the container, so it's fine.) Organic spices in an ingredient list is fine -- they should have to separate out any sugar, soy, dairy, carrageenan, or msg if they add that, but they don't have to list every spice they use, since that can be considered a trade secret.
  11. White potatoes and W30

    In general, most people do well with one fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables each day. People who are very active, who are prone to depression or anxiety, or women who are nursing, pregnant, or in the week or so leading up to their period often need more. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, other root vegetables like beets, turnips, parsnips, carrots, or rutabaga, and winter squashes like butternut or acorn squash are all starchy vegetables. If they're just grated potatoes, cooked in a skillet or the oven (not deep fried) in a compliant oil with compliant seasoning, they're fine. If you, personally, have a nasty hashbrown habit and can't fathom going even a few days without them, that is something you'd want to look at for yourself and honestly assess if they are serving you well, or if you might want to set them aside for a while and try some other vegetables instead.
  12. Trader Joe's and Eating Out

    That stock looks okay -- canola oil isn't ideal, but okay occasionally. (See the Can I Have list for more on that.) Burger patties (grassfed is not a requirement) are fine as long as they don't have anything added to them that is noncompliant. There are tips on dining out here: You have to ask about what oils they use, or specify what you want them to use, for instance, you could ask for a steak, dry grilled, seasoned with salt and pepper, no butter or sauce. Many restaurants have websites, start there, look at the menu, look at any nutrition or allergen info they provide, and pick a few things that seem like possibilities, and either ask once you're at the restaurant, or call ahead of time, during a non-busy time, and talk to them about what you need. If you sometimes decide to go out with friends at the last minute or without planning it much in advance, be prepared with some restaurant possibilities that you've looked at and feel like you can reasonably expect to find something that will work for you. If you have no choice in the restaurant for a particular event, eat before you go and just order a side salad or something while you're there.
  13. Whole30 with 4 kids

    A lot of people find it helpful to do a weekly cookup -- here's a description of how that can work: Breakfast casseroles, things that can be cooked in a crockpot, prechopped fresh vegetables or frozen or even canned vegetables, compliant hot dogs or sausages, and possibly rotisserie chickens from the grocery store deli, depending on your store's options can also help. Cook extra so you have leftovers for lunch. Make up a pot of soup or stew or chili, enough for a couple of days at a time. I'm sure I've forgotten something, hopefully some other people will weigh in too.
  14. Severe IBS on Whole30

    First, if you have medicine that helps with the diarrhea or cramping, it's okay to take it. Is it possible you have either a virus or some food poisoning that you're recovering from? Is there anything you're eating now that is new to you, or that you're eating in much larger quantities than you have previously? It might be that you're sensitive to that, if there is, so if something stands out to you, you might try leaving that out. La Croix shouldn't be causing diarrhea, but the carbonation can cause bloating for sure, and is probably not helping the cramping -- focus on drinking plain water, not carbonated, and aim for 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight, so a 120-lb person needs at least 60 oz. For now, I'd focus on fairly bland, easy to digest foods and see if you don't start feeling better. Things like grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes or sweet potatoes with salt and ghee or olive oil. Soups -- your chicken soup there sounds good, or try some butternut squash soup if you want something different. Keep the spices not too spicy for a while. If you continue to feel bad, you might talk to a doctor, just to rule out any underlying issues that aren't going to be fixed by food alone. If you want to continue Whole30 or come back to it later, you might look into FODMAPS or nightshades and see if the foods listed in either of those categories seem like things that might be causing problems for you. If you're really not sure what particular foods are causing issues, you might want to consider keeping a food diary. Don't focus on calories or macros, but list the foods you eat each meal and how you're feeling, and see if over time you can see a pattern to when you have issues.
  15. Ugh. Do I need to start over?

    Generally, we direct people to this article and let them decide for themselves: It's hard to say exactly how much a small amount of something will affect your reintroductions, but wheat is more likely to cause issues than sugar.