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  1. Sun dried tomatoes

    Babsie95 is right, you'll need to check the ingredients. In addition to sugar, watch for sulfites -- it might say potassium metabisulfite or sulphur dioxide. They're often added to dried fruits and vegetables to preserve the color. Vinegar is fine, even if it's made from wine.
  2. Day 22: Can't sleep

    It can have a laxative effect, that's why it's recommended to start with less than a full dose. I think if you really, really overdid it, there are more serious side effects, but my understanding is you would need to be exceeding the recommended dosage for that to be much of a concern. As with anything, if you have concerns or are taking other medications, check with a doctor or pharmacist. As far as helping with the sleep, there are a couple of articles with other tips here:
  3. Trader Joes Organic Free Range Chicken Stock

    This is fine.
  4. Vital Proteins Collagen

    I actually use a different brand, but assume it would be about the same -- there's not really a strong flavor, but you know it's there. I'm not sure how else to explain it. It won't make the flavor awful, but it may be a little different.
  5. Vital Proteins Collagen

    I usually just mix it in my coffee, but there are some recipes here: -- there's a link toward the beginning of that to an article with more general info like how much to use.
  6. Getting Enough Veggies at Breakfast

    The only way I can do cooked greens in the morning is to put a handful or two of spinach in the blender with my eggs and blend them, then just cook them like scrambled eggs. Turns the eggs green, but it changes the texture so I don't feel like I'm eating slimy cooked greens, which is what bothers me so much, especially first thing in the morning.
  7. Maybe someone else can weigh in on Wegmans, we don't have those here, but could you ask the restaurant for oil and either lemon slices or vinegar to dress the salad with? In the store, look in the refrigerated produce section and see if they have Tessemae's brand. Not all of theirs are compliant but they have several that are, and some stores do carry it. Or alternately, look for a compliant guacamole that you could put on the salad instead of dressing. Wholly Guacamole brand makes some that are compliant. They'll be in a refrigerated section, maybe near the produce as well.
  8. Coconut MIlk

    Yes, this almond milk is fine.
  9. Help, short notice!

    Assuming cost is not a consideration for you, this is actually one of the best options for a whole30 restaurant outing. Any of the steaks or seafood that can be dry grilled would probably work, just speak to your server and confirm they're not marinated, and ask for dry grilled, no butter, no sauce, and ask about seasonings or specify just salt and pepper. There's bound to be at least one of the cooked vegetable options that can be prepared without butter or sauce, and you can probably get a salad with no cheese or croutons, with olive oil and either vinegar or lemon wedges for dressing. If you're not comfortable asking questions in front of the group, you might be able to excuse yourself from the table and ask the server away from the table, or get there a few minutes early and talk to someone about what to order before you're seated.
  10. Starting 8/28 Excited

    They're good plain, or tossed into a salad with chicken, spinach, a few walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette. This one sounds weird, but it's good, really: Is there anything in particular that's making it tough? Could you use suggestions for anything? New recipes, ways to deal with food prep, food boredom, hunger, lack of hunger? If you tell us what's going on, maybe someone will be able to suggest something helpful?
  11. Nervous

    You might want to find a copy of the book Food Freedom Forever, which is about figuring out life after Whole30. There are also tips here: It would be very unusual for you to do one whole30 and then have everything figured out for the rest of your life. A few people manage that, but most people have some struggles with it. Just try to remember how good you feel at the end of your whole30, and when you feel less good than that, it's time to get yourself back on track.
  12. Can I Do...

    Congratulations on your progress so far! Ideally you would not weigh yourself or track calories. Here are some articles about why: It is a rule not to weigh yourself. If you commit to a Whole30, in my opinion, that means committing to all the rules, whether you agree with them or not. Not tracking calories/macros is not a rule, it's just a recommendation, but the recommendations are there for a reason, to help you get the very most out of your Whole30. Ultimately, you are an adult and get to make your own decisions.
  13. Whole30 Ketchup Recipe

    I have never made any of the whole30 ketchup recipes since the only things I really like it on are definitely not whole30, but I know this one from Well Fed 2 is compliant despite having a couple of dates in it: I definitely would avoid recipes that call for more than a couple of dates, but it has always been okay in the past to use a date or two or some other fruit for sweetening a sauce. Now, if by chance you find that when you have ketchup you find yourself craving other sweet things, you'd want to take a look at that, but that's more a matter of personal responsibility than of rules.
  14. Manioc Flour

    You can't have cookies or butter.
  15. Eating healthy foods is always going to be healthy, so sticking with whole30 through all of this is great. No one would have blamed you if you'd thrown in the towel and just started over when you were feeling better, but if you've stuck with it this far, just hang in there and keep going. Days 10 and 11 are the days when people are most likely to quit even under normal circumstances, and you're dealing with lots of extra stress. As far as feeling the benefits, it might just take you longer to notice anything because your body is working on healing itself after the surgery. It can only do so much at once, and will prioritize healing a wound over giving you tiger blood. Just know that even if it doesn't feel like anything is changing, you are doing something good for yourself and helping your body to heal.