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  1. ShannonM816

    Epic Performance Bar Almond Butter Chocolate

    Also vanilla extract almost always either has alcohol or sweetener in it, so that could be why it's not compliant. In any event, any kind of bar with dates or other dried fruits is as close as you can get to a candy bar on whole30, and really should be for emergencies only, like stuck at the airport or in traffic where you have no other options.
  2. ShannonM816

    Noticing More Acne

    It's hard to say if this is what's causing your breakouts. Did you have eggs daily before whole30? If you did, it's unlikely to be the eggs, but if you rarely ate them before, it's possible. Some people find that coconut products cause breakouts. We've even had people who narrowed it down to certain brands of coconut milk that caused it, but when they switched to other brands they had no problem. Basically, look at what you're eating now that you never ate before, or that you're eating a lot more of than you did before, and that could be what's causing it.
  3. ShannonM816

    Picky eater

    I don't know if it would work for him, but when I make creamy soups, I'll mix ground meat into them to get my protein. It's still noticeable but maybe it would be helpful? I usually just heat up a serving of meat and add it to a serving of soup, rather than making a whole thing of soup with meat in, just so i can still have the soup as a side if I'm having a different protein. I make a butternut squash soup similar to this one a lot:, and sometimes this: If hiding the texture of meat helps, something like these salmon patties might work: -- they do freeze well, so if you make them and he doesn't care for them, you can freeze them for yourself for times when you need something easy to fix.
  4. ShannonM816

    Rash/hives on face, neck & back

    This sounds like a possible allergic reaction. You should probably talk to your doctor to see if there's anything they can do to help. You say you're not eating anything new, but are you eating a lot more of something than you would have before? Maybe your body can only tolerate a certain amount of something, and you've had a lot more of it. Common culprits could be coconut, avocado, or eggs, but it's possible it's something else. If there's one or two things that stand out as possiblities, cut those out for a while and see if that helps.
  5. ShannonM816

    Can i have balsamic vinegar?

    Some may have added sugar, and those are not compliant. But there are definitely some that do not have added sugar or sweeteners, and that only have naturally occurring, not added, sulfites. Be sure you're reading the ingredients list, not the nutrition information panel. Many things contain naturally occurring sugars -- any fruit or vegetable will, for instance -- and those products will show grams of sugar in the nutrition information, but if they don't have added sugar or other non-whole30 ingredients listed, then they would be fine to have.
  6. ShannonM816

    Potato flour

    Potato flour is fine.
  7. ShannonM816

    whole30 doubts

    It sounds like she is a bit heavy on fruit, and maybe a bit light on vegetables. At breakfast, skip the coconut water, it's basically fruit juice. Either have sweet potato or plantain, not both, and add some non-starchy vegetables, like spinach or broccoli. And have her try skipping the papaya for a few days and see how she feels -- she should be able to eat more vegetables that way. At lunch, if she wants a dried apricot or a couple of dates as part of a dish, chopped in a salad or cooked with something (like this: that's fine, but if she's eating them because she feels like every meal needs something sweet, she really ought to skip them. That's the only way she's going to change that feeling of needing something sweet. Between meals, if she needs to eat something, she should try to have some protein, fat and vegetables, or at least two of the three. It is understandable that when fresh fruit is in season, that you eat more of it, and that is fine, but have it with meals, not on its own. And focus on fresh fruit, not dried, most of the time.
  8. ShannonM816


    You don't have to eat any fruit, so you could skip them. Or mix them into a salad, like this: Or make this blueberry omelette:
  9. ShannonM816

    Apple cider in Fast and Easy recipe

    In this recipe apple cider makes the most sense. In the US, apple cider is basically apple juice, a non-alcoholic beverage, as opposed to what we would call hard cider, which would be the alcoholic version. Apple cider vinegar doesn't seem right in this case because it calls for a whole cup of it, and that would be an awful lot of vinegar to add to a soup.
  10. You could keep eating this way forever if you want. We really, really recommend doing reintroductions, not because you need the foods you've left out, but because at some point, you may be in a situation where you need or want to have them, and knowing how you react to them can help you determine whether they're really worth having or not. You can read more about what to do now that you've finished your whole30 here:
  11. ShannonM816

    Day 6, clothes are tight!

    Yes, this is normal. Have a look at the timeline: -- you're a little ahead of schedule, but what you're experiencing is likely what is listed around day 8.
  12. ShannonM816

    Day 27, should I extend?

    Nothing about your meals looks wrong. I suspect that having the flu and then adding on the sore neck is probably having a big impact and keeping you from seeing as many changes as you'd like. Ideally, you'd do reintroductions when you're feeling great. If you can hang in there for a little while longer to see if you hit that point, that would be great. If you can't -- if you're just over this now and want to do them after 30 days no matter what, or if you need to stop at some point to be finished by a certain date in the future -- it may not be as easy to tell what is reaction to a reintroduced food and what is just you not really feeling great. But, it would still be better to do the reintroductions and get whatever information you can from them. There could still be things that you have noticeable reactions to, and you can use that information to decide whether those things are worth it to have in the future.
  13. ShannonM816

    Starting February 11, 2019 -- Join in!

    So, eat? Like, go scramble some eggs and vegetables and have an extra meal if you're that hungry. And then look at your meals so far, and make sure they meet the meal template (at a minimum, if you need more, that's fine) -- you can download the template and other helpful stuff here: And remember that the human body is not static -- sometimes you'll have days or weeks where you're just more hungry, and that's okay, it's normal, and it's fine to eat as much as you need to. Now, if you're bored or upset and want to eat because that's how you deal with negative feelings, that's something different entirely. For that, find something to do to distract yourself. Go for a walk, organize your closet, call a friend, work on a hobby, paint your nails, meal plan for next week (or the week after, or whenever).
  14. At each meal, have one or two of the fat servings listed on the template, so yes, you could have 1-2 handfuls of each of those each day if you want as your fat servings. Fat helps keep you satisfied. It's how you go 4-5 hours between meals without snacking.
  15. ShannonM816

    ChiggerCane Rising From Failure

    Unfortunately you can't change it yourself, but if you let me or one of the other mods know what you'd like it to be, we can change it for you.