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  1. There is a whole new plant-based version of Whole30 for people who don't eat any animal products: -- note that on this version you wouldn't eat eggs or any kind of animal product. I suggest you read up on it and see if it would work for you. We have also had people who do a regular Whole30 using eggs as their only protein source, so that is possible as well, if you're really, really into eggs.
  2. It's fine. As long as all the ingredients are Whole30 compatible, you can eat as much as you need to, and ideally your meals will keep you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time. It's great you've found something that is working for you and makes it easy.
  3. From what I found online, low sodium V8 is fine. Do double check the ingredients for yourself, occasionally there are regional differences in products, or recipes change, so you want to be sure the particular one you have is really ok. If there's an ingredient you're unsure of, try googling Whole30 plus that ingredient, you should get past discussions here on the forum or official info from among the top results. If you can't find any information, definitely come back and post here and we'll help find an answer for you. Also, if you didn't make the broth yourself, be sure you
  4. Ultimately you can only be responsible for yourself. He's an adult who can decide for himself what he eats, if he wants to do Whole30, you can explain that you think incorporating more fat may help him feel more satisfied with meals, and he can decide what he wants to do with that information. If he decides this is not for him, he can still be supportive of you, by eating what you fix for shared meals, even if he supplements that with non-whole30 foods, by keeping the things you find most tempting out of the house, and by not pressuring you to eat things you don't want to eat. As far as a
  5. There are soy sauces that don't have wheat, so you could look for one of those if you're really wanting soy sauce. Otherwise, since the one you have has both soy and wheat, you would wait until you've done separate reintroductions for both soy and wheat, and if you didn't have reactions to either, then you could incorporate soy sauce into your food freedom plan going forward. Obviously if you react strongly to either soy or wheat, you would probably not want to use that soy sauce going forward.
  6. Melissa has done a fairly extended period of what she calls "not drinking right now" -- this article and the links within it might be helpful for you. This one may help as well.
  7. The template is a recommendation, not a rule. We believe most people will do better if they make most of their meals match the template, but you could eat bananas with almond butter for every meal for 30 days, and technically would have done a Whole30. Both of the meals you mentioned could be Whole30 compatible, as long as the yogurt, nut butter, and other ingredients were all Whole30 compatible (i.e., no added sugar, no peanut butter, etc.). They do not really meet the template. The sweet potato one is closer, as it has a vegetable, but neither of them really have much protein. You can
  8. Welcome! You've made an account to post on the forum. You don't have to register anywhere to do a Whole30. You can post here on the forum and may find others who are also doing the September Whole30. There are usually group threads or discussions like this one, or you can keep a personal log or journal by starting a new topic in this part of the forum. If you're active on social media, like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, you can use #Whole30 if you post about your experiences, so others can find you, or even if you don't post yourself, you can search that hashtag to find other pe
  9. You may get some responses here, but you might want to try the Costco website -- it's probably faster, and I think you can probably narrow it down to what's available at your nearest Costco. You can also search for Whole30 Costco shopping list using Google or another search engine and find lists other people have put together. As far as I know, there's no official Whole30 list like this, these will just be what other people have found useful, so definitely double check all the ingredients for everything, as people can make mistakes, or if the list is older, manufacturers can change recip
  10. I don't know a lot about huitlacoche, but it looks like you would, or at least could, get some of the corn along with it, it looks like you couldn't guarantee you wouldn't get corn with it, and since corn is not allowed, I would say this also wouldn't be allowed. If I'm totally wrong about this, please let me know.