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  1. Sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese

    Read this article and then decide for yourself what you want to do:
  2. Day 26 and cravings showing up

    @*KG There are a bunch of blog posts that deal with different aspects of life after whole30 here: And you can sign up for the free Wholesome newsletter that comes out every couple of weeks that often addresses post-whole30 questions:
  3. Struggling to keep the belly fat off

    The Whole30 recommendations would be to make your meals match the meal template: That's for during a Whole30. Once you're not doing a Whole30 anymore, you have to figure out for yourself what works for you, because it is different for everyone. It might be that if you're particularly sensitive to legumes, eating them even occasionally might make you feel bloated or cause heartburn, or it might be that there's something in the foods you're eating in a restaurant that is bothering you (like soy or dairy in the marinades), or it might be that you're eating more of something now that's bothering you. None of us here can tell you what is affecting you, because it's not necessarily the same stuff that affects us. Did you do reitnroductions after your Whole30? If so, did you notice reactions to any foods? If you didn't do reintroductions, you might consider another strict Whole30 at some point and then do the reintroductions to try to get a better idea of which foods are bothering you. Or you could see if just cutting back on the non-Whole30 foods more would be enough to give you some relief -- so if you're having legumes once a week, cut it back to every two or three weeks, and the same with dairy or grains or whatever else.
  4. Starting after Thanksgiving

    If you know you're going to give up coffee, you might start weaning off of it now -- go to half-caff, or just half as much coffee as usual, and then next week half that, and then by next Friday, you shouldn't have to deal with as many headaches as if you just wait and quit cold turkey on day 1.
  5. Day 15 - gag eggs, sweet potatoes

    You could try soup -- I like a creamy butternut squash soup, and then I add diced whatever kind of protein I have on hand -- chicken apple sausages, cooked chicken, compliant hot dogs, cooked ground beef. Or a chicken and vegetable soup, or whatever sounds good to you.
  6. Started today

    I find that most salads can get boring pretty quickly, especially if you tend to make the same one over and over again. There are some ideas here for things you could put together for easy lunches, just cook everything ahead of time: Or if you're up for eating cold foods or have a way to reheat your lunch, you can always make extra dinner and have leftovers. Soup or chili can be kept hot in a thermos or reheated. Frittatas are not bad cold. There's lots of options, don't get stuck in the salad for lunch rut.
  7. Started 11/11

    It's pretty normal to be a bit tired the first few days. You might check out the timeline for more of what you might experience throughout your Whole30: That said, the most common things that cause people to be more tired than they should be would include: not eating enough in general, and in particular enough fat -- be sure to check out the meal template (, make all your meals match that, and add a serving or two of fat in addition to what you cook in; not drinking enough water -- aim for at least 1/2 oz per pound of body weight, so a 120 lb person needs at least 60 oz; and not salting your food. If you're doing all of these things, then just rest when you can and know that it'll get better. If you're not sure your meals are quite right, you can list a day or two of what you're eating, including approximate portion sizes as they relate to the meal template, as well as any exercise you might be doing and what you're doing for pre- and post-WO meals, and we can give you more specific feedback.
  8. Gatorade

    No. For any food or drink you want to have during your Whole30, you'll need to read the ingredients and see if everything in them is allowed on Whole30. I can say absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt that Gatorade has some sort of sweetener in it and therefore is not allowed. You might want to review the rules of the program and various other downloads available here:
  9. Potassium Sorbate

    It's a preservative -- as was stated above, it's okay to have during your Whole30.
  10. Should I start over?

    For whether or not you should start over, read this and decide for yourself: I doubt there is enough dextrose in the average serving of food cooked with that chicken stock that that has kept you from having any symptoms, but maybe that has something to do with it? I'm not really sure, and everyone is different as far as how they react to different amounts of sugar. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you haven't wasted these 11 days, you've still made huge changes for your health. It does really suck when you figure out you've just missed seeing an ingredient on a label or didn't think to check a label that you don't expect to have anything weird in it, but it does reinforce why Whole30 really emphasizes to read labels and ask questions in restaurants -- it's amazing where things like sugar and soy turn up that you'd never think would need them.
  11. Am I eating too many calories?

    I know that if you come from a background of tracking everything, this can be challenging, but for your 30 days, don't worry about calories at all. Eat meals that match the meal template and that keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time. As long as you're eating real foods, in meals that have a mix of vegetables, protein, and fat, you are unlikely to be overeating, because these foods work with your body's natural hunger and satiety signals so that you stop when you're full. Some days you may eat more because you're just more hungry that day, and that is fine. Your body knows what it needs better than a calorie calculator ever will, you just have to learn to listen to it and stop overriding the signals it's trying to send.
  12. Tea help

    That should be fine.
  13. Tea help

    You'd need to look at the ingredients of those teas, preferably the ingredients listed on the box you actually have or are going to purchase, because sometimes products vary slightly in different regions, or recipes can change over time, so if we told you we had a box we bought a year ago and it's fine, that doesn't mean the box you have today is also. If you're unsure about particular ingredients when you're looking at them, you could google Whole30 plus that ingredient and see if it's been addressed before, or compare it to the Sneaky Sugar guide and the Common Additives Cheat Sheet, which you can download here: In general for teas the most common issues are that there's some sort of sweetener, like stevia, sugar, or caramel flavor or color, or there'll be soy lecithin in some of them. There might be other off-plan ingredients as well, but those are the most common. If you look at the ingredients and look for the ones you're not sure about and still can't find any information, please post which specific ingredients you're unsure of and we'll try to figure it out.
  14. Daily emails?

    Email and let them know what happened, they should be able to straighten it out for you.
  15. Can't fight the hunger pains

    I don't see any fat listed there. I'm sure you cooked with some, but add a serving or two in addition to that. A half to a whole avocado, a big dollop of mayo, a heaping handful of olives -- the meal template shows the options and serving sizes. You can download that here: Also, when you say two thin sliced chicken breast, how does that relate to the size of your palm (length, width, and height)? You can have one or two portions of protein equal to the size of your palm.