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  1. Cheese vs other dairy?

    This definitely sounds like it could be a reaction to dairy. It might be the cheese, or the cumulative effects of small amounts of dairy throughout the day if you did the yogurt and half and half the same day. And yes, reactions can happen hours after the fact. If you need to take something like Imodium or another anti-diarrheal medicine to get through your work day, you can. Other than that, lots of water, and stick to easy to eat foods like plain chicken, bananas, or baked or mashed potatoes. I hope you feel better soon
  2. Sweet coated Tylenol

    Generally we direct people to this article to decide for themselves about starting over: We obviously don't want anyone to be in pain, and sometimes you have to take medicines that have non-Whole30 ingredients. This doesn't mean that those ingredients don't affect you -- they might, some people are sensitive enough that even a tiny amount of something can cause noticeable issues for them, and sometimes things can cause issues that we don't see until we've consumed it enough that the issues finally become noticeable. But sometimes you just have to do the best that you can do. You are on day 10, and since that's about the time when people are most likely to quit their Whole30, you probably don't want to think about starting over right now, but when you do hit day 30, think about how you're feeling and see if you think it's worth adding another 10 days on so you can say you got 30 straight days of squeaky clean eating. Ultimately, you're an adult and it's up to you.
  3. Can’t have this!?

    There are certain items that are specifically called out as not being okay, even if the ingredients are all compliant -- banana pancakes or banana ice cream or any commercially prepared chips for instance. Other foods, like these porridge type things, are not specifically called out as being against the rules, but they're not the best choice for you. There can be a couple of different reasons something isn't a great choice -- it might be SWYPO ( meaning a substitute for a non-whole30 food that is just never quite as satisfying as the real deal, or it might just not be in line with the recommendations for getting the most out of your Whole30 ( When you're thinking about your meals -- any meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner -- you want it to meet the meal template (which you can download here: Eggs and sweet potatoes can do that, but to get enough protein, you'd want as many whole eggs as you can hold in your hand, which is probably 3-4, plus you'd need to add some fat to the meal, and maybe some extra veggies. For many people, this faux-porridge type of breakfast is their way to keep having the sweet stuff they're used to for breakfast rather than really working on changing their habits. As far as easy, portable breakfasts, there are tons of recipes for breakfast casseroles or fritattas or egg muffins that you can make ahead and eat hot or cold. You can make soup, have sausage or salmon patties or meatballs or hamburger patties, or just leftovers in general. Pack up a salad the night before to take with you. Really, anything you eat at any other meal works for breakfast, just figure out what sounds good to you. Here's a discussion of non-breakfasty things that people have actually eaten for breakfast:
  4. I've got the shakes

    Maybe try eating something? I would think not eating enough rather than having too much, based on what you described here.
  5. Day 18 and discouraged

    It's really helpful to focus on what you can have, not what you can't, just because the more you focus on what you're not eating, the more deprived you feel. It's also sometimes helpful to reframe it as, "I could have (whatever you're craving) if I wanted to, but right now, I'm choosing not to because I want to see how that food affects my health." If you're bored with the food, find a new recipe or two to try. There are a lot of good options here, most of them ate Whole30: Also note that everyone experiences changes in hunger levels and cravings, and females especially can find their hunger and cravings change drastically throughout their monthly cycle, so you might just be at a point where you are hungrier than usual, and if that is the case, it is fine to eat more. Continue to focus on the basic meal template, but think of it as a minimum amount of food to eat, it is fine to eat more if you need to.
  6. Inflammation and Acid Reflux

    Probably the first thing I'd recommend is to stop eating nuts, nut butters, or anything made from nuts for a while and see if that helps. They often cause digestive upset for many people. If you check the link I posted above about FODMAPS you'll see you have quite a few listed that you're eating, like garlic and onions, apple juice, almonds, snap peas, dried fruit. Maybe try to concentrate on mostly eating things from the green column in the chart in that article and avoid the things in the red column as much as you can and see if that makes a difference.
  7. Mayo help!

    @kirkor and @SugarcubeOD I'll take y'all's word for it -- just tasting EVOO on its own always made me think it would make some awful tasting mayo so I've never tried it.
  8. Inflammation and Acid Reflux

    If you had these symptoms prior to starting, it's possible that it is going to take longer for them to clear up, or even that they're not actually food related. It might be that if you just continue on, you'll notice some relief at some point, or you might not, we can't really say for sure. If you'd like to list a day or two of typical meals, including approximate portion sizes and specific vegetables, we can take a look and see if anything stands out that might be causing problems. One thing that some people have issues with is FODMAPS -- you could take a look at this article and the foods it recommends avoiding, and if you're eating a lot of them, you might focus on trying to eat from the foods listed in green on the chart part way down the page and see if that helps:
  9. Longer reintroduction this time around

    Yes, this is fine -- three days of Whole30 eating will hopefully be plenty of time, but if you don't feel 100% at that point, delay further reintroductions, just so you know that any symptoms you're having are a result of the reintroduced foods, not leftover from the stuff you were reintroducing before, if that makes sense. Soy is definitely in all kinds of things. I had to restart a Whole30 once after I found it in some tea. Tea! Why was there soy in my tea? (I might still be a tiny bit bitter about that.) So it makes sense to find out how you react to it so you know whether it's something you want to avoid completely, or if it's okay in small amounts occasionally.
  10. Mayo help!

    EVOO will give you really strong flavored mayo that most people don't really like. That's why the light-tasting oil is recommended, although you can pick another light tasting oil if you don't want to use light tasting olive oil -- avocado oil, macadamia nut oil, high-oleic sunflower or safflower oils, for instance. Some people use part coconut oil, but you can't use all coconut oil or it will do really weird things once you put it back in the fridge and the oil solidifies. EVOO should work, but it's just not going to taste great. If you're doing it in a mason jar with an immersion blender, put one egg, one cup of oil, whatever acid you prefer (lemon juice or vinegar are most common, lime juice will work), and seasonings all into the jar. Put the blender in all the way to the bottom, turn it on, and after a few seconds as the mixture starts to emulsify, you can slowly move the blender up through the mixture and even side to side a little to get everything incorporated. These are the instructions that I use:
  11. Day 23 and no gains

    We can give you better feedback if you tell us in a little more detail what you've done. Did your meals follow the meal template? If you were hungry a lot, you probably need to tweak the size or composition of your meals, as you should be easily able to go 4-5 hours between meals. (Download the meal template here: Were you drinking plenty of water? Adding pre- and post-workout meals when necessary? Salting your food to taste? Adding fat at every meal, in addition to what you cook in? Eating plenty of vegetables, both starchy and non-starchy? Here's an article with a few more thoughts on why Whole30 might not have worked for you:
  12. Day 21 Ready to Quit

    As a nursing mom, you probably need four full meals (or three meals and a couple of mini meals, if that's easier schedule wise -- but as much food as four full meals.) Definitely try to drink plenty of water -- at your weight you'd want to aim for 88-90 ounces a day. Get a container that you know how many ounces it holds, and figure out how many times you need to drink it and refill it, then keep track of that -- a notepad in the kitchen where you make a mark every time you finish a glass would work. Are you salting your food? Definitely salt so that it tastes good. Too little salt can contribute to exhaustion. Your meals look okay, assuming that your servings match up to the meal template -- you haven't really listed serving sizes here. When you have protein, make sure you have 1-2 servings the length, width, and height of your palm, or if eggs are your only protein, have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is probably 3-4. Is there anything you're eating now you weren't before, or that you're eating a lot of now that you weren't before? If there is, maybe that is something you're having a reaction to. Some people find raw vegetables cause bloating. Nuts and nut butters do for some people as well. Sometimes people who are not used to eating meat and add it back in have trouble digesting it -- digestive enzymes can help with that, although I do not know if they are okay for nursing moms, so definitely consult your doctor. There's no way to control how much weight or inches you lose. This isn't about that. This is about eating foods that make you healthier, which will lead to weight loss in people who need to lose weight, but it may not happen as fast as you'd like. You've spent a lot of time over the last several years being pregnant, nursing, and recovering from that -- your hormones are probably all over the place, and it can take time for that to settle down. You're also older now than you were when you had your first one, and like it or not, our bodies change as we age, and changes that used to happen quickly, take more time now.
  13. Salsa

    This is fine.
  14. This is pretty typical, and day 10 is the day people are most likely to quit (see the timeline: If you're tired of so much cooking, look for things that don't take a lot of prep, and maybe plan a meal out at the end of the week somewhere that you can plan for a compliant meal. Things that are easy to make could be sheet pan dinners, where you just throw everything on a pan and into the oven, or something you cook in the crockpot all day like a roast or a whole chicken or some pulled pork, combined with veggies that you can chop up during the day when you have a few minutes and then cook easily by throwing them into the oven to roast, or even things like coleslaw or potato salad that you can make up early in the day or the night before and just leave in the fridge until meal time. If the weather is conducive to it and you have a grill, maybe over the weekend cook enough meat for several meals on the grill (or have hubby do it if that's his thing), so you have some options you don't have to cook. Plan a nice meal out somewhere -- places that serve steak or nice seafood places would probably have some good options, just look around and see what's available. Or plan a meal swap with your kids and their spouses -- everyone make double or triple recipes of a meal, and meat up over the weekend to swap, so you have some variety to choose from.
  15. 4/2/2018 Starting Whole30

    Raw cabbage will definitely contribute to bloating. Try cooking it next time, it seems less likely to bother people when it's cooked. Sometimes when people have been restricting or dieting prior to doing Whole30, it does take a little longer to see results and feel good. You may feel like you're gaining weight even. It is kind of like your body is confused and isn't sure what to do. But if you stay consistent it will even out it in time. You don't have to add carbs back. If you feel good without them and you're eating plenty of vegetables, protein, and fat, you may not need them. We usually tell people to try starting with one fist-sized serving of a starchy vegetable each day and see how it goes. Fruit is completely optional -- if you want some, it's fine to have, but you definitely don't have to have any. Really concentrate on having meals that are big enough to keep you satisfied for 4-5 hours at a time. To do that, make sure your meals all match the meal template. It really is the best way to beat the snacking and cravings. (You can download the meal template here: