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  1. Just FYI, there is no official Whole30 app put out by Whole30. If you're having issues with the app you have, you'll need to contact the creator of the app.
  2. Yes, if they're just fruit, they are fine. If they're prepared in some way, you'd need to check other ingredients.
  3. I don't know that there are any compatible cough drops or throat lozenges, they're all likely to have some kind of sweetener. There's a tea, Throat Coat Tea, that may help if he has a sore throat. Whatever allergy medicine he usually takes is fine to continue taking. If this is unusual for him or worse than his usual seasonal allergies, it might be worth having him speak to a doctor about it.
  4. They have multiple products, so you'd need to check the label for the particular one you're wanting to take, but the ones I looked at had rice bran and cane syrup and corn fiber, so those would definitely not be Whole30 compatible.
  5. It's impossible for us to guess what may be causing the allergy symptoms. If there's something you didn't really eat before and are now eating a lot of, that could be a first place to look. You can take over the counter or prescription meds if you need to, and may want to speak to your doctor if your symptoms are severe enough that they're interfering with your daily life, or if they don't go away. The fact that you are losing weight so quickly is worrying. Be sure that you are eating enough food. Each meal should include a palm-sized portion or two of protein (or if eggs are your only pr
  6. If the ingredients are just water and coconut, it's fine. The nutrition info that lists grams of sugar has to list naturally occurring sugars, so any food with fruit is going to show some grams of sugar on the label, all Whole30 is concerned about is the actual ingredients.
  7. I'm guessing your email was similar to this article -- it says Chipotle has changed the oil they cook in to sunflower oil, which is Whole30 compatible. It sounds like the other sources you found might have had old information.
  8. This doesn't seem like normal side effects of diet changes. You might want to talk to your doctor.
  9. Yes, you can do reintroduction in any order. The important thing is to do just one type of food, and wait at least two days before reintroducing the next food, or longer if you're experiencing any symptoms that last longer than that. Also, even if beans are not a major part of your diet, you may want to reintro soy and peanuts at some point as they both show up in unexpected foods.
  10. Here's a few ideas:
  11. If you check the ingredients Here it actually says wheat. Idk how they're processing it to remove gluten, but they flat out state they're using wheat in the product. Aside from that, the barley and malt would make it not Whole30 compatible anyway.
  12. Yes, naturally occurring sulfites are fine.
  13. So the latest pancake rule info is here: And there's this article about Kite Hill products that explains more about the cheese thing: I'm not really sure I can add anything more to those explanations.