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  1. My husband's nightshade symptoms are basically psoriasis and arthritis type symptoms. Itchy, blotchy skin and sore joints. He doesn't have any sore/swollen throat issues from nightshades.
  2. AllyB

    The crazy things people say

    Me: "No thanks, I can't eat wheat" (which is kind of a lie. It's more like I _don't_ want to eat wheat.) Lady giving our free samples at the grocery store: "Oh, I'm so sorry!" I felt like saying "Don't be." She was handing out samples of some pasta covered in a bottled cream sauce with mushrooms. All I could think was "NASTY!" There was no shortage of people taking the free sample.
  3. AllyB

    The crazy things people say

    I'll sell you some lamb liver....kidneys, spleen and heart too!
  4. AllyB

    The crazy things people say

    "That was quite possibly the worst meal I ever made!" Exclaimed my mother when she _insisted_ that she cook dinner for a family gathering and wanted to do it 'whole 30' style because that was our latest 'fad'. However, when I said 'whole foods', she took that to mean, no fat, no spices, no nothing. I offered to cook. I offered to go to a restaurant. But no, she wanted to host everyone for a 'meal'. We had roasted pork loin with no seasoning on it. Zucchini that was cooked to death and mashed sweet potatoes (which was the only edible thing. Then she added "I don't know how you stay on this diet!" as she broke out the Heath bar ice cream. My teeth were so sore from trying to chew the shoe leather pork loin that I refrained from commenting that it wasn't the diet, it was the chef!
  5. AllyB

    Cauliflower rice skeptic...

    Yeah, I'm a convert too. I read the recipe and was like "Gross!" But doing the whole30 forced me to expand my horizons which was awesome. Now that I'm done with my whole30, I still eat the cauliflower rice instead of normal rice. I love it with meat and a sauce over it.
  6. AllyB

    Compliant pickles?

    So my husband's pickles started looking 'done' last night. He removed the airlock, jammed a stopper in the top and put them in the fridge. Of course, we had to do a celebratory tasting though. Here is a pic of what they look like when 'done'. The pickles are more of an army green color and the liquid is cloudy.
  7. AllyB

    Compliant pickles?

    I took a picture of our current batch of fermenting pickles. (Sorry couldn't resist sharing. They are just wonderful!) It took my husband about 15 minutes to get them loaded. So not too hard. Then it will be a week or two of fermenting. In the pic, you can see the airlock that is jammed in the top of the jar. There is a hole in the top of the jar with a rubber gasket to hold the airlock in place. The airlock has water in it that allows CO2 to escape as the fermenting progresses (without allowing any O2 back in). This pushes out the O2 and keeps the pickles from getting moldy. They have been going for about 24 hours only. So the liquid is still clear and the pickles are bright green. Eventually, the liquid will be cloudy and the pickles will be more army green. He also adds some peppercorns, garlic and other spices in addition to the pickling salt. Once the fermentation is done, the airlock is removed and a rubber stopper is jammed in the hole in the top of the jar. Then the pickles go in the fridge.
  8. AllyB

    Compliant pickles?

    Have you considered making your own pickles? My husband makes his own pickles, sauerkraut, kimchee and carrots. It's not terribly complicated, it just takes time to stuff them in the jar and then wait a couple weeks. It does take special jars and little plastic airlocks. But once you buy those (they are cheap), you can reuse them. Also the fermented stuff is good for your digestive tract. And they are delicious! He makes big batches of them and they last for weeks.