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  1. What a wonderful, crazy experience. Finished my first Whole30 and went to the doctor today to get weighted and have bloodwork done (which I'll share when the results come in.) I lost an amazing 22 pounds! I exercised very little, mostly walking. I was large to start with (39yo male, 6'2" and 297 pounds on start day). Weighed in this morning on the same scale at 275 pounds. Still a long way from my goal weight, but much closer than before I started, and now I have a clear path to success! I introduced dairy today, in small amounts. So far, I feel okay, but the interesting thing was that I didn't really go crazy over the cheese like I thought I would! I mean, yes, it was tasty, but I think I would have enjoyed the meal just as much without it, so... who knows... maybe I'll just skip it from here on out. The wheat situation is very different, and I don't care if I have another grain of flour for the rest of my life. Yes, I love bread and pasta, and before dabbling in paleo last year, I never thought it gave me problems. Since starting the Whole30, I realize what wheat was doing to me... HEARTBURN, with a capital "H"! So, to recap: • Sleep like a baby. My Fitbit says I used to be "restless" about 22-25 times a night and "wake up" 5-6 times a night. After Whole30, that's down to around 8-10 times a night of "restlessness" and 0-2 times "awake" at night. • Lost a cool 22 pounds in weight. • SEVERE, constant heartburn gone after day 3. G.O.N.E. • Gas and bloating gone. • Afternoon headaches gone. • Cleaner tongue and better breath upon waking (don't ask me why, but it's true!) • Excessive sweating GONE. THIS IS A BIG ONE FOR ME! I would leave the house in the morning and have sweat rings on my shirt and be in a full-on "flopsweat" by the time I arrived at work. Meetings, restaurants, walking, sitting, standing I would ALWAYS sweat. Had to carry around a handkerchief every day to wipe sweat with. That is 100% GONE and I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT THAT!!!!!!! I am so glad to have found this program, and will definitely stick to it with minimal "cheats". I'm excited to go to Happy Hour today and enjoy a cocktail, as I've certainly missed that camaraderie, but I know that can now only be a once-in-a-while treat and not a 3-or-4 times-a-week treat. Thanks to Dallas and Melissa and the entire Whole9 team for an amazing experience, and also to all you forum mods and members who helped me along the way! I'll close with the post I made to my Facebook wall last night, because that sums up my feelings nicely!
  2. look_alive

    Whole 30 compliant fish sauce - not red boat

    In the Well Fed cookbooks, Melissa recommends 1 Tablespoon of coconut aminos mashed with one teaspoon of anchovy paste (or one whole anchovy) as a substitute for Fish Sauce.
  3. look_alive

    Finished my FIRST Whole30

  4. look_alive

    First Whole30 Done

    CONGRATULATIONS! What an inspiring story! I'm on Day 30 and so proud of myself! Looking forward to jumping on the scales tomorrow and writing my own success story. Again, congrats on your success! I bet you cannot wait to show your doctor the "new" you!! I sure can't!
  5. look_alive

    Whole30, reflux/gerd and reintroduction

    Wheat, and wheat alone gives me INCREDIBLE heartburn and reflux. I've got a hiatal hernia and have been diagnosed with GERD/Reflux. When I started dabbling in paleo eating, I was astounded that my reflux completely vanished within a day of removing wheat from my diet. The moment a piece of bread touches my lips, I'm in heartburn agony for hours.
  6. look_alive

    Valentine's Day Menu

    Sounds delicious! Never used almond button on a sweet potato before.. will have to try that! I was hoping to see some other ideas here, too! I'm thinking about going to the fish market and getting some fresh steamed shrimp, possibly some asparagus and a salad to go along with it. I also picked up the prettiest organic strawberries you've ever seen at the market yesterday, and might top them with a little almond butter mixed with a dash of 100% cocoa powder to go along with the meal as well.... just for something special. We splurged on a VERY nice ($$$) bottle of red wine on a trip to Napa several months ago and had planned to have it with our Valentine's dinner. Alas, we can't do that, so we're saving it for our "celebration" dinner after our Whole30 ends in a few days.
  7. look_alive


    I love the Eco-Dent Daily Care Tooth Powder. Feels so clean afterwards! Comes in different flavors and no sweeteners or dyes. Eco-Dent Tooth Powder
  8. Not sure about Starbucks, but I'll bet a locally-owned coffee shop would carry unsweetened almond milk, or would if you asked. (We have several in our small city that do.) Plus you'd be helping a local business AND be drinking superior coffee!
  9. look_alive

    Crock Pots and Cats

    This thread has tickled me to death. LOL
  10. look_alive


    Tom, I'm curious why the recommendation towards Tylenol vs. Advil? Is that for Whole30 reasons? I ask because of all the recent information from the FDA warning users about the risk of liver damage related to Tylenol (who is being hit with massive class action lawsuits.) I avoid Tylenol like the plague, and my physician has stopped recommending it to her patients. FDA: Acetaminophen doses over 325 mg might lead to liver damage The Dangers of Tylenol: Is It Time for the FDA to Remove it From The Market? Tylenol Overdose Risk Is Staggering; Acetaminophen Safeguards Remain Insufficient Tylenol, Acetaminophen Link To Liver Failure Dangers The Little-Known Dangers of Acetaminophen
  11. look_alive

    Well Fed or Well Fed 2?

    I had a hard time deciding which to get, so I purchased them both from Amazon for about $30 total just this week. (If you buy them both, you can get free shipping!) They are both FANTASTIC. I'm a cookbook lover. I read them like novels (literally) from cover to cover, and both of the Well Fed books are at the top of my list. I'd just plan to get both. If they both aren't in your budget at the moment, get the first one now and the second one next month. Once you see one, you will instantly want the other one.
  12. look_alive

    Whole30 without Power

    I'm in Pensacola, Florida and we lost power and had iced over roads for a couple of days during the storm a couple of weeks ago. We had friends over and we sat up into the wee hours of the morning and played cards by candle light. They were all cramming snacks and chips and such, but I was doing a W30, so I allowed myself to snack a little that night on apples dipped in almond butter mixed with 100% cocoa. Compliant ingredients, non-compliant preparation and circumstance, but I figured since things were so crazy that it SNOWED in FLORIDA, that I should be allowed one little treat. :-) I didn't start my W30 over, but probably should have. Luckily I had the forethought to roast some chicken thighs, parsnips and sweet potatoes that literally finished cooking moments before the power went out!
  13. look_alive

    Crunch and Munch

    Have you tried the Sesame Nori Chips from Well Fed? Sounds like they are just what you're looking for! http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2009/10/26/sesame-nori-chips/
  14. look_alive

    Coffee & coconut milk... yuck

    Hmm. That's tricky to me. If you are just using the coffee as a vehicle for sugar, cream and caffeine and truly cannot enjoy it black, then you might think about just dropping coffee entirely for your Whole30. In a week, your body will be adjusted to the lack of daily caffeine. Yes, it will be hard, but no harder than ditching all the other unhealthy foods that Whole30 requires. "Recreating" a coffee drink that mimics coffee with cream and sugar isn't really in the spirit of Whole30 to me, because it goes against the principle of cutting out the things we crave, which will in turn mean that you will revert right back to coffee with cream and sugar after the Whole30 because you've just substituted a "fake version" as a stopgap. I feel like the rule that we can't eat "paleo treats" because they mimic those items which we crave should also apply to beverages we crave as well. That sounds harsh, I know, but it's only my opinion. Maybe someone else will chime in with some other recommendations for you. Good luck on the Whole30! I've luckily learned to love my coffee plain and black, but it was hard!