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  1. jennrider

    Compromises on what the kids eat?

    The first two weeks of my first Whole 30 were tough on my kids. They had to try all kids of new recipes. Some were successful. Some were not. My hubby is not on board with paleo so I can remove all the junk, only to have it brought back in. Educating my kids about real food versus manufactured food has been the biggest help. They are able to make choices for themselves. I spent a lot of time with each of them pointing out effects of not so healthy choices. It is hard at parties or other schoool events, but I have heard my kids turn down cupcakes/gatorade because of the food dyes. I bring a cooler full of healthy choices to all of my kids soccer/football/baseball games. I used to hate the snack at the end of the game. Now I have an alternative if they choose it. Most of the time, they do. I have been eating this way for over a year and my kids have been really great about the changes. They are not 100% paleo, but they eat so much better than they did and they have a lot more knowledge to make better choices. We went on a huge road trip this summer and the effects of too many subpar meals were very obvious. We stopped at the Golden Arches for a potty break and my youngest son was horrified because he thought we were going to eat there. My kids were begging for salad and fruit by the end of the long car days. For me, arming my kids with knowledge is the best way to go. I'm not with them for every meal so teaching them to make good choices and providing plenty of options has worked best for me. They don't always make the best choice, but neither do I. It's a work in progress.
  2. jennrider

    Were you a kale/chard hater before Whole30?

    I can't find a way to enjoy kale and I have tired. Chard, on the other hand, is now one of my go to greens. I usually wilt it in fat with garlic powder and salt. I made it one time with a little coconut milk. I generally eat it with red meat so I throw it in the skillet after I pull the meat out to rest. I have enjoyed baby chard as a salad green mixed with spinach and arugula.
  3. jennrider

    Crazy things kids say

    Conversation with my 11 year old son: Me: 'I've noticed lately that you really seem to want to eat a lot of sugary things. Do you think you can go 30 days without sugar?' Him: 'But you need sugar or else you get all skinny and weak.' Me: 'No you don't. You need to eat fat, protein and veggies. If you eat enough of those you'll be lean and strong.' Him: 'Isn't fat bad for you? That's what they tell us in school. When people go on a diet they quit eating fat.' Me: 'There's nothing wrong with healthy fat. Most low fat processed foods are full of chemicals.' Him: 'Interesting. I think I can quit eating sugar for 15 days. If that goes ok, I'll quit until the end of school.' After months of transitioning the kids to paleo, I feel this I a huge step.
  4. jennrider

    Sweet Potato "Pancakes"

    I make those for my kids. I usually make about 30 and freeze them. They just pop them in the toaster to heat. The transition to paleo has been a gradual process for my kids. I can't keep enough food around for them. Breakfast is the hardest meal for me so I take any shortcuts I can. Getting four kids out the door by 7:30 is nothing short of a miracle most days. One of the greatest things to come out of my W30 was the quality of sleep I get now. Getting out of bed ready to face the day has greatly improved our mornings.
  5. jennrider

    Evening Munchies!!

    Nighttime snacking was one of the hardest habits for me to break. I find that eating a huge breakfast helps. It sets my day up correctly and I don't sabotage lunch/dinner with snacks during the day. The first two weeks, I just went to bed. That was hard for me too. Nighttime, after my kids and hubby are asleep, was the only time I had to myself without trying to cross 5 thousand things off my to do list. For some reason, that was when I allowed myself to sit and read/relax without multitasking. I make sure to take the time during the day to just be. The laundry hasn't formed into a monster and joined forces with the dishes to kill me if I sit down for a few minutes. The urge to snack will go away. One day you'll realize that you didn't even think about eating more food after supper. It will be a glorious day. Hang in there.
  6. In my own personal experience, I was up two to three times a night to potty the first couple of weeks. Add to that, I started sleeping like a rock. Sounds like that's what's going on with him. It's fantastic that he can go all night without accidents at 3.5. I used to sit my little ones on the potty when I went to bed. Usually a few hours after them. Half the time they never even woke up. Just took care of their business. I would give it a little more time.
  7. jennrider

    What does everyone use their mayo for?

    I'm not a big mayo person, but I do love it in tuna salad. I usually end up getting rid of at least 1/3 of the jar when I make it. I'm always lookin for new ways to use it. One of my favorite side veggies is cole slaw. I shred carrots and cabbage then make the dressing by adding vinegar and spices to the mayo. Sometimes I'll mix an avocado in the mayo for a topping for lettuce wrap fajitas.
  8. Very interesting topic. I find thoughts flow when someone has pissed me off. I'm fairly laid back so I don't get this overflowing of thought too often. About the third week of my first W30, I was really able to turn inward for inspiration. There was a calmer, deeper tone to my writing. I don't write for public view, but have journaled since high school. I noticed that by not having a candy bar or glass of wine as an escape, I had to really look at what was going on inside my crazy head. I find that I get that bubbly, give me something to write with now feeling at the weirdest times. It comes from a place of happiness rather than anger or angst. Eat the carbs. I eat an apple, banana and sweet potatoe/squash/turnip etc. every day. The amount of food I eat is ridiculous. If I let myself slip into old calorie/fat counting habits I would probably freak out.
  9. jennrider

    Favorite Whole30-compliant cook book?

    I like Practical Paleo. I have Well Fed as an ebook, but I have not really looked at it. There's something about cookbooks. I got a notebook when I realized the number of recipes I was getting online. I just print and file them. I like to have recipes in print because I make notes about all kinds of things on them. I started with a 1 inch notebook. I now have a filled 2 inch notebook.
  10. I know the calories of some foods, but not all. I don't think about calories anymore. Some of that is because I have no idea how many calories are in a plate of brussel sprouts or a pile of spinach. Could I find out? Sure, but that's info I don't need. It gets easier over time as you become more aware of how much you need to eat to be satisfied. Keep following the meal template and try to redirect your thoughts when they veer towards calories.
  11. jennrider

    Please Critique My Meals/Portions

    Your food looks awesome! I'm 5'3 and somewhere around 105 lbs. I eat at least as much as you. It was surprising at first. I have to get produce two to three times a week. My kids are benefitting too. The other night two I them were arguing about eating the last of the brussel sprouts. Never thought I'd see that day!
  12. jennrider

    Flu symptoms after spin & PWO meal

    Sounds like a good plan. I'm never able to eat right after I workout. I usually feel full and have to force a PWO snack down. My workouts generally fall between breakfast and lunch. On heavy workout days I make sure lunch is early and big. If I have a lot of running around to do then I will take a PWO snack with me, but I still can't eat it right away. Usually about 30-45 minutes later. Keep working on it until you find out what works for your body.
  13. jennrider

    Flu symptoms after spin & PWO meal

    Maybe not enough fat? Too much protein by itself? Are you drinking enough water?
  14. jennrider


    I have that problem if the banana is too ripe.
  15. jennrider

    W30 for 10 year old?

    I asked my son what it was that he loved about his favorite foods. The flavor? Texture? Gooey cheese? He loves the usual 11 year old things: pizza, hamburgers, buffalo wings. He's ok with a burger without cheese and bun if there is bacon on it. I also cook it in bacon grease. I found a paleo wing sauce that he loves. I make up a bunch and let him put it on whatever protein he wants. The pizza is harder, but he's pretty happy with meatballs in marinara sauce. Once he realized that he wasn't going to be eating plain chicken and steamed veggies for every meal he was much more relaxed about eating. He touches everything, including his food. It drives me crazy, but I do try to have cut up veggies and fruit with every meal so he is able to use his hands to eat for at least part of the meal. Tacos have been an easy staple in our house. I serve the meat with a salad and salsa. It's scary for kids to feel like everything they love to eat is going to be replaced with something they're not sure about. I'm always trying new recipes out on the kids. The ones that work stay on the menu. The ones that don't move to my lunch menu. Keep trying. The results will be worth it, no matter how long it takes.