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  1. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    Wow! Time has zipped right on by! I've been so busy, like a one armed paper hanger! Finally, got my aunt settled in her "new" house here in OH. Still have a bit of unpacking to deal with. Oh, so hoping to have some calm days for the next while. Time to regroup and use those four keys as well as the 9 habits... I like temperance... good for those of us who go overboard sometimes to temper it... nice to see everyone!
  2. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    So how's the stress stuff going for eveyone? Mine is much better now that tax stuff is behind me. Weather has been wonderful for getting outside and checking a few things off my list. Currently doing another roind of whole30. After reintros in Feb., felt I really needed another round, possibly a 45 or 60. Started out in March then some thongs happened that derailed me. I ended up just doing a tracker to monitor my compliant days and hit about 60% for the month. My goal is to get a grip on the emotional eating issues I have and hitting an 80-90% whole me. I've really learned alot this year so far and am noticing some mental changes for the good!
  3. cottagequeen

    April 1st Start Date - Support Group

    And make sure you are getting enough protein. Protein and fat are satiating.
  4. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    I have to say that the majority of the time I don't wake in the middle of the night. I too have the Phillips daylight alarm clock. I love it. I like the little sunset feature and I use it nearly every night. I prefer it over my old clocks white noise/ocean waves/night sounds choices. The birds singing morning alarm with the gradually increasing light is the nicest wake up call. I used to be a notorious snooze button pusher. Rarely now.
  5. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    @kirkor Thanks!
  6. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    Thanks! I try to get my walk in before noon. Most of the time I get in about 45 minutes. Am progressing on getting it back to a daily thing instead of hit n miss...
  7. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    Was going more for the melatonin stimulation from Stupid Easy Paleo's webinar. 15 minutes of Sun sans sunglasses to kick up that melatonin for better sleep. Living in Ohio, I take a vitamin D3 supplement due to the sun issues this far north of the equator.
  8. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    I was too! Storms had me up. Was under a tornado watch til 7 am. Fortunately, it didn't get that bad. I think I did get about 6 hours of sleep before I awoke on my own. Hoping to get at least 15 minutes of morning sun? Does it count if it's cloudy? I wonder. May have to wear a raincoat...
  9. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    Ahh, yes sleep! I <3 sleep! I do sleep thru the night most nights, looking forward to improving on that! Heading out shortly to get my dose of vitamin D3, melatonin stimulation, cardiovascular fitness and lymphatic pumping detox. As well as some moving meditation!
  10. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    My sister called me this morning and scolded me for not calling her when I headed off the road. Sadly, I am so not in the habit of reaching out to others when I am in that mindset. I can share later, but at the time, just not used to it. One of the things I need to work on during this challenge.
  11. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    @GoJo09 I've been meaning to update. Ate 100% compliant Friday& Saturday. Saturday eve, had an asthma like episode, tightness in chest, felt like I couldn't breath as deep as I should, coughing and crackles in my airways. Used to have it a lot prior to my first Whole30. Used some of my herbal oils. Slept fine and the symptoms went away. Ate 100% compliant m1&2 on Sunday. Didn't prepare for m3 as I didn't know I would need to. Took Grands back to meet son and dil at soccer camp. Granddaughter's at 3:15 then an hour til grandsons at 5:00. They went to eat at a place called Rapid Fire Pizza. Dil had a coupon for a salad she gave me. So, I got this salad you build yourself. Had a decent selection of veg, but no way of knowing what was on/in the meat. You got 2 choices of meat and 2 of cheese. So, I got double chicken and shredded cojack and bleu cheese, also added some pineapple. I'm sure there was sugar in the pineapple as it didn't look like it was fresh. They had Marzetti dressings in packets and they all had soybean oil so I skipped them. My son said they also had some sauces down the line that I might find a better choice. None of the sauces had a list of ingredients, but they had a pesto sauce. Son googled the menu and it said it was olive oil basil pine nuts and parm. So I got some of that. Was really good, and huge. Couldn't eat it all. They had good unsweetened tea. Ate and back to soccer camp. Then home didn't notice any issues. Come Monday, bam! Not sure what has happened, but I've been off roading! Monday, I finished off the package of sprouted grain pretzels I'd gotten for my wheat reintro. I'd opened them Sunday for the grandkids to eat some with their lunch. Tuesday, I got the Ezekiel sprouted grain English muffins out of the freezer(purchased for my wheat reintro) and ate nearly the whole package thru out they day. Tuesday eve, ran to the store to get more eggs as I had none for meal 1 today. Bought a container of Ben&Jerry' s mint chocolate ice cream. Ate the WHOLE pint last night. I did savor the whole thing... NO NO NO! Went to bed early last night and woke up late this am. Meal1was compliant... at 11:00. Ran to the health food store to pick up some supplements I needed. Bought a toffee almond candy bar. Ate it all! Sugar Dragon is alive and well! I did go for a 45 minute walk today. Felt good. Now, I have NOT given up. I have a plan. 100% compliant meal this evening. New Whole30 tomorrow. May do a whole60, just to give me more time to get the Dragon in check. Wow, I can only think it was the dairy in the salad that fired up the Dragon, since I noticed it trying to rear it's head on dairy reintro day. Another lesson learned!
  12. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    My journaling isn't consistent yet. More like every third day with an extra day thrown in every now and then. More than I have in the past tho. So, whether anyone was wondering or not, the results from Out Back. Ordered a Bloomin' Onion since my BIL likes onion rings. My meal was 6 oz center cut sirloin, ordered medium, lobster and chopped salad and ice water with lemon& lime. They brought out bread and butter, although, interestingly, they asked first if it was wanted. Now, I had no interest in the bread so, passed on it. I ate some Bloomin' Onion with sauce, then my salad came, it was pretty good, but then, I've always liked bleu cheese and pecans. It was sweet, not really how I want my salad. Next my meal. They asked if our steaks were ok. Cut into mine, on one side, as did my BIL. Looked good. Tried the lobster... can I say, I'm in love... Yep, it was worth it. Back to the steak... note to self, if you ever get a steak at a restaurant and they ask if it is ok, cut into the middle... my medium steak started out medium on one end and by the time I got to the other end it was well done... My BIL wanted med well, and his was medium to medium rare. I would have traded with him, but his was bigger than mine. By the time we finished eating, I was comfortably full. On the way back home, started getting sleepy and noticing some random itciness, as well as some head stuffiness and some bloating, but not to the point of miserable. By bedtime, I began to feel some sadness/hopelessness/depression and not so healthy thinking, as in what's the point of me being in this world. Scared me as I really do not want to travel down that road again! Managed to send it packing and go to sleep. Then the weird dream came. It started out that I was trying to help this girl hide from someone that was trying to hurt her, to, me being the girl hiding from the evil. I woke up feeling like I was having a hot flash. Been a while since I've had one of those. Also felt achy and stuffy, along with some stomach irritation. Back to 100% compliant since Thursday evening. Good news is, no more disrupted negative thinking! Still some lingering head stuffiness and mild stiff achy body today. I believe what little wheat I got in the Bloomin' Onion and the few crispy Chinese noodles in the salad(did not know they were in there til I started eating it) caused the mental anguish. That was not much wheat. So DEFINITELY NOT WORTH IT! Really, the only thing in the whole meal that was worth it was the lobster. Yeah, it was worth it, in hindsight, I would have gotten the lobster dinner with asparagus and left off the blasted bloomin' onion. I can cook a better steak at home... The journey continues and I am amazed at myself and how far I have come these past few years.
  13. cottagequeen

    2017 Whole9 WholeYear (3rd Annual)

    "sigh" now I'z gonna havta figger out sumthin else ta do...
  14. cottagequeen

    Weight loss on Whole30

    @MeadowLily, my understanding from FFF, was that reintroducing is always a good thing to do even after a mini reset, as our body and health is changing as well as our listening to what is going on in our bodies. A fine tuning, in my mind... Need to go back and reread it.