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  1. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    During the two days after my non-gluten grains reintro, everything seemed back to normal. Today, I reintro'd gluten grains with an english muffin at breakfast, wheat crackers at lunch, and a pretzel sausage bun at dinner. I felt normal after breakfast, though tired (however, I was up early). At lunch, I had trouble with eating too many crackers...even once I was full, I kept wanting more. For dinner I had tuna salad on the pretzel sausage bun (with a regular salad as well) and immediately wanted more! Also, my belly started getting puffy after lunch and is even puffier now. Aaaand I'm starting to feel kinda down.
  2. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    Yesterday , my belly wasn't as puffy and things mostly seemed normal, except for some GI upset but that may have been due to too much bacon at lunch. ha Today, I did my non-gluten containing grains reintro. For breakfast I had gluten free oats, at lunch I had freeze dried corn, and for dinner I had rice. My stomach was definitely protesting after the oats in the morning and my teeth felt scummy, but my energy and mood stayed pretty normal. After lunch, I definitely had some blood sugar issues. The corn (it was just freeze dried organic corn and salt) tasted super sweet! Just before dinner I started feeling light headed, then got a head ache, and then the anxiety kicked in. I didn't sleep well last night due to working a earlier shift than normal today, but that low blood sugar feeling felt super off. I was starving by dinner time and felt pretty good after eating the Whole30 chicken (and shrimp) stir fry with the rice, but still felt like my blood sugar was not where it should be. I'm looking forward to being back to W30 eating tomorrow!
  3. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    This morning I woke up with a slightly puffy belly and my lower back hurting. Otherwise, things seem normal.
  4. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    Forgot to mention that after having breakfast and lunch on the dairy day that a switch flipped in my head and I suddenly had the urge to eat whatever because I was officially off the Whole30. It went away as soon as I recognized it and realized how silly it was. After both lunch and dinner I definitely got cravings like I haven't had in a few weeks! The roasted chickpeas I had after dinner were definitely too snacky and I ate more than I intended, which led me to eventually give my bag away to a coworker. Ha. I was sorta tired today with a bit of tummy grumbling and some neck soreness again, but otherwise felt normal.
  5. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    Today is legume reintro. I had peanut butter with breakfast, miso at lunch, and will have roasted chickpeas with dinner. The peanut butter was not at of interest when I went to consume it. I felt different after breakfast...almost as if my blood sugar was low and my stomach was gurgley while doing yoga later. For lunch I had broiled mackerel with a coconut aminos, coconut vinegar, and brown miso sauce. It was delicious! However, I am now experiencing a bit of a cramp in my left side. Will report on dinner later.
  6. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    Yesterday was my final day of seeing how dairy does. My GI tract seemed to be back to normal. My neck was still a bit stiff and later in the day I started feeling grumpy but I think it was due to low blood sugar as my schedule was thrown off due to work and I ate a small lunch at an odd hour.
  7. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    Yesterday went fairly smoothly except that I still was having lower GI issues throughout the day. At work I kept feeling like I might need to run to the bathroom, though I never actually did. I was fairly tired too and my neck felt stiffer than usual. My mood seemed pretty even though and this morning things seem mostly back on track. I even woke up the earliest I have during the past 33 days!
  8. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    So, last night I had a bit of trouble falling asleep because I kept feeling like I might need to run to the bathroom. And this morning, I woke up with slightly stiff fingers, my toe injury is hurting again, and my back pain has returned. None of these things were as bad as I was expecting, but they were still there.
  9. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    With dinner I had a regular yogurt which was boring and I don't understand why I used to like yogurt so much. Blech. My belly is now puffy and my stomach hurt a bit afterward, plus I had to run to the bathroom twice. Boo dairy. Correction: Boo pasteurized dairy. (Even if it is 100% grass-fed and organic.) I wish I had access to raw dairy to reintro it.
  10. Reintro - In Full This Time!

    For lunch I had a plain greek yogurt at the end of my meal. It tasted better than I was expecting, but I got a bit of a head ache after and felt kinda meh. And that gross milk taste persisted.
  11. Just completed Whole30 number 358,973(ish)! Today starts my first full reintro. Despite doing many Whole30s, I have only once done a reintro (but never reintro'd gluten). I had many NSVs this time around! My joint pain improved dramatically and I have significantly more range of motion in a 3+ year old toe injury! My digestion is the best it's been in decades (though I started taking Prescript Assist, so I'm sure that helped). I am considerably less depressed and anxious about everyday things. My outlook is much brighter and I feel so optimistic that I've actually had troubling sleeping the past few nights because I'm so excited to live my life. I am more confident and generally do what I want instead of doing things I think others want me to do. I am much less apathetic and strive more to get things done at work and at home. My cravings are nearly non-existent, except for just before my period when I totally would've enjoyed falling into a pile of cupcakes. My hair looks nicer and is easier to style! My pants are looser and I can fit into a bunch of smaller shirts I found in my closet. My teeth are less sensitive. My skin is AMAZING. I've started waking up earlier. And my nails are growing super fast! Today, I am reintroducing dairy. The one thing I missed the most during this Whole30 was butter. So this morning, I added butter to my tea. I was expecting to wake up feeling like this was Christmas morning, but I wasn't as excited about having butter as I had anticipated. With my first taste, I noticed that it wasn't as exhilarating as I had remembered. I had my tea and although the first sip was good, it was also not as good as I thought it was going to be. So far my stomach and head feel normal. Generally, I don't care for dairy (especially milk) as I often experience a gross taste from it and I'm definitely getting that from the butter. This is Organic Valley Pasture Butter, btw, which I've eaten pounds of in the past and absolutely loved. ::le sigh::
  12. What Foods Make You Feel Good?

    I feel good after eating beef (not ground beef though) with lots of different greens and zucchini or yellow squash. I totally get a food high!
  13. Intermittent Fasting?

    Just want to add my observations in case anyone else has experienced this... I've done several Whole30s (six? seven?) over the past five years and I've noticed that in the evening I get into a rhythm of not eating for about 12 hours over night. So, I might finish dinner by 8:00pm, then wake up just before 8:00am the next day and then have breakfast. I've noticed that when I do this I have more stable energy and that my body seems to heal faster. Is this an example of intermittant fasting?
  14. Best oils to cook @high heats with

    @Danika Martin Definitely clarified butter or ghee, and also tallow.