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  1. Update update: I made it through to Day 91 and even got some reintroductions done! I def have issues with dairy, gluten, and sugarrrr. I'm happy I chose to do 90 days as it showed me that I can make this way of eating into a lifestyle and I also discovered how much stress (from whatever source) is really my biggest issue.
  2. Update: This phase has passed and I no longer feel the need to eat junk food! I'm on Day 77 today and things are going much more smoothly. Any sugar/junk food/binge cravings are gone and my digestion has improved significantly!
  3. @jmcbn Yeah, I think that may be what's going on. The mediation and relaxation strategies have helped significantly! To the point that the depression I've experienced for nearly 20 years disappeared sometime during the first 30 days! As for gut health...I drink bone broth or kombucha, eat sauerkraut or pickles everyday, and take a probiotic daily, but I still have lower GI issues.
  4. Thanks for the response, @jmcbn! I've been thinking along those lines too. I even chose to limit myself to 90 days so I didn't risk creating a scenario where I would binge. However, I chose 90 days as I've been having gut, skin, and mental health issues for awhile now and 30 to 60 days didn't seem to cut it. I've also incorporated yoga and other relaxation techniques over the past year, but diet was the last piece I thought I was missing. Hmmm...
  5. Hey all, I am doing my first Whole90 after doing several Whole30s over the past five years and with two Whole45s and a Whole60 under my belt. I'm on Day 63 today and have been WANTING junk food for a week or so now. It's not cravings like my blood sugar is low or I'm still in sugar-burner mode. I happily eat all the fat and am rarely hungry anymore unless it's been six or so hours since I've eaten. A typical day looks like today... Meal 1 -Salisbury steak meatballs over sweet potato noodles, topped with cilantro -herbal tea with collagen powder Meal 2 -shrimp and broccoli with coconut aminos, furikake seasoning, and scallions -pickles with mayo -GT's Gingerade kombucha Meal 3 -burger with shallots and Brussel's sprouts topped with ghee -handful of TigerNuts I'm following the meal template to the best of my abilities, most of my recipes come from one of the Whole30 books, and I can easily go four to five hours without eating. I don't snack anymore and have post-work out meals when needed. I do relaxation yoga at home nearly everyday, took part in a meditation course last month, and have been sleeping 8-9 hours most nights. I also always have water on hand; have been using the Whole30 Day By Day this round (which is what I think got me this far!); and take Vital Proteins beef liver, Beauty Boost, and spirulina supplements. I feel like my brain may just be throwing a tantrum as I've never stayed Whole30 this long, but it's super frustrating and I've worked so hard and don't really want to eat junk food! Could this be an extinction burst? Any insight would be appreciated! <3
  6. Dairy caused my fingers to be swollen the next morning, soy gave me a stomachache and headache, and non-gluten grains gave me diarrhea. Oh and when I had sugar for the first time after my reintro (without eating a meal before hand), I WANTED SUGAR SO BAAAAD. It was scary. Has anyone done a reintroduction where you reintro for a whole week or month, not just a day? Sometimes I wonder if the reactions are just because you're body hasn't had that food for 30+ days. It would also be interesting (and probably sucky) to see what other reactions to the foods would develop. For me, maybe dairy would cause my fingers to swell the following day, but after a month of eating (even grass-fed, organic) dairy, it would cause depression or something else.