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  1. Dried fruits?

    craisins have added sugar, so not compliant I believe ascorbic acid is ok...it's also in applesauce usually.
  2. Would this be SWYPO?

    Oh I must be thinking of another recipe then
  3. Would this be SWYPO?

    Ya, I looked at the "waffle" recipe and figured the reason it was SWYPO was more the flours that you add to it to make it like a baked good. We've eaten burgers by themselves or piled with grilled/sauteed veggies, but I liked being able to pick it up instead of cut with a fork and knife. We definitely had other veggies on the side (the s. potatoes didn't take place of regular veggies). Can't remember what we had for sure but I'm thinking it was roasted cauliflower. I wish I liked mushrooms ~ the portabello idea is great. I was a fairly adventurous veggie person already but I'm just not a fan of mushrooms. Maybe I'll give them another try sometime.
  4. Would this be SWYPO?

    Mix together eggs, shredded sweet potato, s+p; fry patties in coconut oil to make hash browns; use as buns for hamburgers. SWYPO?
  5. Ok maybe ignore this...just looked at my log and I've been consistently snacking in the afternoon. It never feels like enough to kill my appetite (and would not have pre-whole30) but I'm going to try harder to cut that out and see if it helps my snacking isn't even because I'm hungry, which makes it harder to get under control for me (if I was hungry I could alter my previous meals to solve that).
  6. The last several days I haven't been hungry at dinner time. I eat anyway (a good, template amount) and I'm hungry in the morning for breakfast, but not for dinner. For the last 2 days I've also not been hungry for lunch. I went almost 8 hours between lunch and dinner a couple days ago - had 1/2 a Lara bar and a couple nuts after about 6 hours because I knew dinner would be late, but I wasn't even really hungry then. I've been logging my food - will try to figure out how to link Ideas? Am I getting too much fat? Protein?
  7. Sweating WAY more

    For me the sweating doesn't seem related to exhaustion - it's really just that I'm dripping by the end of my workouts . I'm wondering if I'm just a lot more hydrated now!
  8. Besides being diligent with the probiotics, anything I should do? It's been over a year since I took abx last, and doc has me on 875mg 2x/day 8/
  9. Veggies in your breakfast, and I'm sure a mod will advise you to have a pre- and post-workout snack, even if you're eating breakfast after. Otherwise I think it looks like the template.
  10. Sweating WAY more

    I'm finding that since starting the whole30, I'm sweating WAY more and sooner than I did prior to starting the program. This is only during workouts, and isn't really a problem, more an observation. My heart rate (afaik) is normal exercise rate. My workouts are treadmill, HIIT, elliptical, and moderate weight lifting. Anyone else? I'm on day 37.
  11. I'm on day 37, and feel like I'm now seeing some benefit. I had to modify after the first 30 days (limiting nuts, fruit, dried fruit) and am focusing more on higher protein breakfasts, and it seems to be making a difference. I also did the first 30 days with my hubby and 3 kids (age 2, 4, 6) and that stressed me more than I realized. Now that their restrictions are a bit relaxed, I'm finding the whole thing a lot easier.
  12. Why are nuts not protein?

    Ah ok thanks! Now that you say that I think I remember reading it in ISWF...
  13. Birth announcement :-)

    Congrats! Oh I wish you could bottle that new baby smell <3 enjoy!
  14. I know nuts are considered fat for the whole30, but wonder why they aren't also protein? One serving of almonds has the same amt of protein as an egg. I know nuts have more fat, but with the new "fat is good" mentality I'm curious :-)
  15. Any sort of deli turkey

    Plainville oven roasted turkey is compliant - our local health food store carries it. We also do Applegate farms turkey bologna for the kids (and me )