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  1. Minamyna

    Baby Led Weaning

    Yea so mozzerella sticks, the Stoney filed organic yogurt sticks, my daughter loves sliced turkey(lunch meat), Nick's Sticks you have to cut them (We sell them in the Metro Detroit Crunchy Club), but my daughter eats a lot of carbs compared to me. I used to be more worried about it than I am now. Myka likes tuna with a spoon (I don't know if you are using utensils), almond butter on a spoon. PM me if you want any more info.
  2. Minamyna

    Baby Led Weaning

    Yes there is a blog, a book and Facebook groups. I recommend all, mostly having supportive moms who do BLW is the most helpful. PM me and I can add you to a group on Facebook. I didn't do the book I had great friends and a Lactation consultant who got me started. I think the biggest fear in BLW is true choking, but they can choke (gag) on breakmilk or purees. Soooo there is a great video on a BLW blog. I recommend doing the choking/ CPR certification its liek 2-4 hour class. Sooo worth it. I used it once when she ate a piece of plastic packaging off the floor. OMG I was scared but the training took over she was fine.
  3. Minamyna

    Baby Led Weaning

    @MrsStick Sounds perfect, I would just not mention it, my doctors have given up asking if we co sleep.... shrug.
  4. Minamyna

    Baby Led Weaning

    Okay, I don't know if your doctor is older? None of that advice is good. I am part of a big group that does BLW, maybe look for some on facebook, or there a ton of great blogs out there. They can have water at 6 months, the recommendation is less than 4 oz a day, I think you will find it is hard to give your baby 4 ounces a day, - you should still be either nursing or formula until at least a year, if you have already weaned, then there is something called weaning formula, it is very common in Europe. I find that my baby only has pooping issues if I feed her grain and dairy. As long I make sure that she gets fruits and veggies with each meal to the best of my ability, the poop works. Cheers, mom of a 9 month old that has been eating meat off and on since 6 months,