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  1. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @Dragonslayer Sounds like you've got a plan! A while back Sarah (who started this thread) messaged me about some supplements she has taken that have helped her. Maybe shoot her a message if you are interested in finding some supplements that may help. I think the yogurt setting keeps it at 110 degrees for the fermentation period (after bringing temp to 180 to pasteurize it). I don't know if you could set the temp without that function.
  2. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @hmg1993 You shop like me "oh, an internet stranger said it was good - I'll buy it!" (that is how I ended up with both the IP and Chemex) But I promise you won't be sorry! The chemex filters are expensive (for filters) but they do work better. We tried the #4 (is that it?) size filter from our regular automatic coffee maker and it ripped. But because I'm so cheap (I mean, environmentally conscious) I dump the grounds from the filter into the garbage and then put the last of them stuck to the filter down the garbage disposal as I rinse of the filter to reuse it... like 3 times. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new gadgets! Let us know if you find any good IP recipes! @Dragonslayer Hope you are feeling a bit better today. Hope mom is too. So my run of no urges ended yesterday. All the dried fruit and too much almond butter (there wasn't much left in the jar, so the almond butter fiasco wasn't as bad as could have been) but the dried fruit was bad. Raisins, dates, apricots... all the stuff I keep around for "recipes" that usually ends up being eaten during a binge. I had like 3 days in a row where I was going almost 8 hours with one meal - Saturday it was due to work and Sunday and Monday it was due to being stuck out of the house and just not having access to anything compliant besides fruit. So both days at 4 PM and being STARVING when I came home I tried to be reasonable - I ate HB eggs with mayo and had kombucha (Monday this worked) but yesterday I just lost it and dove into the raisins and it was downhill from there. But, it didn't turn into a processed food binge. I'm not sure if that counts for anything or not. My stomach hurts today but I don't feel as bad mentally as I normally do. Not sure what to do from here W30 wise. Maybe I'll just try to string it out to a W50 (I was on day 21 I think). The only reason I'm disappointed is because so far this W30 was soooo much easier than others. I just stopped my munching of fruit after dinner like it was nothing, was really sticking to 3 meals a day with no problems... I'll think about it today and decide how to go forward.
  3. Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    I didn’t realize they were bigger bags of broccoli. So yes on the spinach, maybe a week on the broccoli.
  4. Little House on the Whole30 Prairie

    That is our broccoli and spinach supply for 3 days.
  5. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    @hmg1993 The kalua pork is possibly the #1 reason to buy the IP. It is like crack. Not kidding. I could eat a whole 3lb roast in one sitting. Well, I guess for a binge eater that isn't too impressive but it is good
  6. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    The illness of a parent (especially coming on so suddenly and unexpected) is so hard and it doesn't help that she is so far away. Do what you need to for yourself right now, and do NOT worry at all about us judging you! This is a safe place for all of us to come to about using cookies, dried apple slices or spoonfuls of almond butter without judgment from a group of people who understand how that can even happen. We are here for you no matter what! Prayers for mom and hugs for you.
  7. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    "and you have a cartoon of eggs that are about to expire" - yeah, like that ever happens when doing the W30 Our little family of 2.12 goes through 4 dozen a week. Sometimes more. Last Sunday I bought 3 dozen. We ran out by Thursday :/ @hmg1993 hope that apple stomach ache ends soon! Buy your husband this. We love ours (and it makes plastic-free coffee, if you are into that sort of stuff). It probably won't do your taxes though. And honest, it makes an amazing cup of coffee. More counter space for the IP Which, by the way, today I have used twice. First I made Nomnompaleo's Kalua pork (with virtually no clean up since the bacon was cooked in the IP), I rinsed the pot then tossed in the bones of the chicken we roasted for dinner (on the grill) with some celery, onions and carrot so I'll have bone broth by tomorrow. Then tomorrow after little man and I walk to the grocery store in the morning to buy a roast I'll also make some sort of roast in there. So I'll do all that cooking with just one appliance and so far no dishes! These recipes you guys are posting all sound so good! Have either of you tried the tri color roasted carrots that come frozen at TJ? They are pricey (3 or 4$ for only a lb) and compliant. So of course I bought them. And they were good. But then I realized I could cut my own carrot coins and toss them in oil and add salt, pepper and thyme. So we did for dinner tonight. Roasted at 400 until browned. Holy yummy. For 0.79$ instead
  8. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    Hi guys! Its been a busy few days so I've been off the forums for a bit... I'm plugging along at day 17 now. I've had a few days with too much fruit and/nut butter (gosh my stomach so does not like almonds) but nothing too bad. Hubs is 5 days behind and doing well too. He is trying to go a little lower carb to see if that helps with weight loss. We'll see! @Dragonslayer Those recipes look great. I'll check out those marinades on Thrive. Glad you like the kombucha habit. I just bought 2 cases at WF... :/ I wish I could make my own taste good - but it never really did. @hmg1993 Tell your husband you'll throw out some appliances - you won't need a slow cooker anymore for sure! Sorry that the return to real life has been stressful... as an outsider it makes me wonder if you can trim down your to-do list. I have no idea what you do for a living but you sure do work a lot - is there a way to limit all those long days? I know sometimes people really can NOT change all they have to do. I know a few friends at the hospital always feel obligated to pick up extra shifts whenever they are asked - and work 60+ hrs a week. Which is great (yeah $!) until it isn't great and they eat a bag of dried apples <-- which PS, is often my hiking food, along with a block of cheese!
  9. Binge eating and re-starting Whole30

    I've never done Shepard's pie in the IP. This is the one I make. Go get yourself a brisket and make that in the IP!
  10. This has happened to me too. I'm totally normoglycemic but since starting W30 my fasting sugars are 100-105. I have a glucometer around from a stint at keto so I don't check regularly but I'm perplexed as to the high readings as well.
  11. Heating it (warming really - just anything above 90 degrees will do it since coconut goes from solid to liquid around 80-90 degrees) will bring it together and keep it from reseparating if you don't use the whole can. I find I get the longest life out of my cans if I transfer them to glass jars. I usually buy brands that separate, TJ is one of them, (personally I like AroyD better but locally that is only sold at Asian grocers) - I LOVE having the cans separate - I just dump the water and eat the solid stuff . Also, if you are making a recipe that calls for 1/2 c "mixed" coconut milk you can always add just add a little bit less of the solid cream and then make up the volume with water.
  12. Supply Issues

    It sure sounds like you are doing everything right... bummer that this is happening. Is your sleep ok (or is it worse than it was?). I've noticed a few back to back nights of crappy sleep seems to affect my supply. Can you drink even more water... I'm 12m PP so little guy is nursing less than he used to (though not much) and on good days I get in 120+ oz (I'm about the same weight as you). If this is a big dietary change (in terms of carbs) for you the loss of muscle glycogen also causes some diuresis. Are you salting your food well (with a good salt - like Himalayan)? The only other thing I would suggest is bone broth (with salt).
  13. Amount of Meals

    My bad, I didn't read carefully - I thought the "squash" was zucchini and didn't catch the other potatoes. That should do it I guess I'm confused though - you say you are hungry in the first post (and making it hard for you to sleep) but then saying you can't add in a fourth meal. Even through newborn phase when my little guy was nursing every 90m overnight (shudder...) I didn't eat at night. There were times when my stomach would growl but I didn't want food. I drank some water or seltzer just to put something in my stomach just so it wasn't empty. If you are having trouble sleeping because of feelings of hunger I guess you have some options - try that 4th meal (especially days where lunch is closer to 11 and dinner closer to 6 - that is 7 hours...), keep some food by your bed easy to eat (maybe a little lunchbox size cooler with a hard boiled egg, some full fat coconut milk, something like that) to grab when you feel hungry at night or try just having some water overnight.
  14. Have you tried Mother's Milk Tea. I always saw a bump up the following day (probably because I had an extra 48 oz of water drinking all the tea )! Did those cookies really double output? That is crazy!
  15. Amount of Meals

    Are you exclusively nursing? If so, I'd follow the suggestions for 4 meals per day. I know it is a hard mindset to adopt to eat more... but if you are hungry I think your body may be telling you it agrees I was a bottomless pit even at 3-4m post partum! I work in the NICU sometimes and the rule of thumb there is breastmilk has 20 kcal per oz - so if you are exclusively nursing babe is getting maybe 30 oz a day (do you pump? that could tell you roughly what she gets) that is 600 calories per day your body is making of milk. So if you are hungry, enjoy that 4th meal Also, if there is a chance your supply has dipped a little (which may be why she is nursing more overnight) maybe try having more starchy carbs (your meals look on the low carb side of things) and make sure you are hydrating really well. By 14 weeks your supply is just passed the "established" mark so it may be a little easier to dip than someone nursing 6,9, etc months out. Have you read Melissa's guidelines for nursing moms? Maybe this link will work.