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  1. Why does my mayo taste like metal/meat?

    What is the exact recipe you use?
  2. I only buy AroyD (I think it tastes the best). I used to just keep it in the can once opened (didn't know better) but now keep it in a mason jar with a plastic lid. Target sells plastic lids for wide mouth and regular ball jars. It keeps 5 days or so for me this way vs going bad in 2 in the can.
  3. Well, 10 months of poo would certainly account for the 5 lbs
  4. Feeling Very Weak

    At 10 weeks postpartum I was still having all sorts of body temp wackiness - I routinely was soaking the bed at night sweating... I don't know when it stopped exactly (I'm 4.5 months PP now and no more weird temp issues!) but that *might* not be W30 related. The lightheaded stuff... that could be
  5. Homemade hot sauce?

    Has anyone made (or found commercially) an alternative to Frank's Hot Sauce? It is compliant but it is soooo salty that for casserole recipes that call for 1/2 -3/4 c I'd rather not use all the Frank's called for but still have the flavor come through. Thanks
  6. Working 12 hour night shifts

    I used to work 12h days so not quite the same but still shift work in a hospital... I posted a lot of pictures in this log. Some of which were at work. When the ER is slow, do air squats
  7. It sure can! Are you posting in a log yet or one of the threads where a group of people with a similar start date post to support each other? If you can stick with crossfit you can stick with W30 Not quitting in the middle of a WOD is a lot tougher than black coffee!
  8. @SugarcubeOD Its ok! I was more wondering about experiences with trying to lose weight (like, it doesn't, until little one weans), supply issues related to eating... things like that. And for the record - the number on the scale doesn't bother me. Its the shape of my body right now... I think it might be time to just buy some clothes that do fit well and wait until the monster decides he is done with boob juice I'm doing a W30 right now with my family so maybe that will slim out my middle * a little * and I'll just be thankful I've got friends who sell LuLaRoe clothes!
  9. I never asked for ways to hack the whole30... I was asking moms how they went about trying to get back to a physique that made them happy after having a baby
  10. 4 months post partum. Little man is breastfed exclusively (via boob and bottle). I put on about 27-30 lbs during pregnancy and within 2 weeks of delivery ~20 were gone. Over the next 6 weeks I got back down to within about 6 of pre-preggo weight and have been there for the last 2 months. I was on bedrest for close to a month though due to a traumatic delivery so I suspect that the amount of fat is higher than the # suggests since I must have lost muscle. It has only been the last 2 weeks or so that I've been able to do what I would even consider "work outs". I've been walking pretty regular since 2 months PP but there was too much pain/weakness to do anything else. I spent 24 hours away from babe once and the amount he took via bottle was pretty much the same as I pumped so I'm nervous about a supply drop since I don't seem to have an oversupply. Is it too soon to start thinking about this? Should I just keep rockin' the elastic waist bands and sighing at the pictures that show my pooch hanging over my old pants? If it isn't too soon - how should I go about trying to lean up a bit while still giving my body what it needs to feed a baby that is on track to nearly triple birthweight in 6 months...
  11. Have you tried Magnesium? Magnesium Serene and Magnesium Calm are two popular brands. If you get unflavored they are compliant. Probably won't help with the gassiness but might help you poop! I take the full 800mg dose (2 tsp) of Magnesium Serene to help with regular pooping. The Calm brand is a lower mg/serving. Also, is your probiotic a pill or fermented foods? You get more bang for your buck from real fermented foods than pills - more like the way we were meant to get the little buggers into our guts Kombucha is a pricey (yet tasty!) option, fermented carrots and ginger (vs sauerkraut)... things like that. And one more crazy thing. I'm about 4 months post partum and was having the WORST constipation for about 2 months. I went every day but they were rabbit pellets and when they bunched together... holy painful. I read about resistant starch and started incorporating a lot of cooked and cooled potatoes into my diet. I also upped the Magnesium. I don't know which helped but I'm still eating only cooked and cooled potatoes (meaning I never just make a potato and eat it - I cook a bunch so they can cool before being reheated and eaten) and taking daily Mg. All good on the poo front now! Bloating is tough - its whack-a-mole trying to find the culprit... in general fewer gassy veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts) and more veggies like lettuce, spinach, zucchini etc might help! I'm sure each person on here can tell you what makes *them* gassy but out of your list apples (oddly enough) are my issue... If you do decide to do the FODMAP thing maybe finish your W30 first - see if in 30 days W30 changes help sort things out before doing two things at once.
  12. BEST brussel sprouts EVER

    this looks good! I have compliant liquid smoke at home. I wonder how much to use...
  13. Should I be worried? In an effort to not just eat white potatoes for starch at every meal I've been eating more butternut squash and baby carrots. Baby definitely takes on an orange hue around his nose if I munch my way through... 8-12 oz of carrots :/ Googling seems to say my milk might also be an orange hue. It isn't. Problem or not?
  14. That has senna in it which is a stimulant laxative so be careful with that I think it can lead to dependency... try magnesium (and cooked and cooled potatoes if you don't think I'm totally off my rocker ).
  15. Baby Led Weaning

    Thanks! I'm a pediatric RN so have baby CPR... PMed you for the FB group. What is the blog? Book?