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  1. @ladyshanny Yeah, it was a good video - I had never seen it either! It did bring up another question for me though... slow roll, she talks about waiting until mom bakes cookies and then you decide, ok, today I'm going to try a cookie. When you do slow roll are you introducing entire recipes you like (so a cookie, which may have gluten and dairy) vs food genres (gluten, dairy, etc)? Thanks!
  2. She says "you reintroduce these foods... in an order that we've outlined for you... least problematic to most problematic". So I guess I don't see that as "you can reintroduce foods however you want but we suggest x,y,z" - her words make it seem more like a "rule".
  3. @ladyshanny Oops! Sorry, I thought I posted this in a different thread (the one that referenced the video). Here is the link: 5:08-7:42 is the time where she talks about it.
  4. The video seems to say the opposite of this. Was there a point in time where the reintro order because a suggestion rather than not quite a rule but more than a suggestion? Thanks for the link to the video, btw, I'd never seen that before!
  5. I think I am keeping GT's Kombucha in business single handedly... Not taking any bottled probiotics. Not a ton of fermented stuff these days either. I should buy some. Overall gut feels the best it has in a while. But pregnancy seemed to have somehow done that - after getting over the insane post partum rabbit pellet poops I've settled into the least bloated/gassy I've been in a while. I do have an appointment with a rheumatologist next week. That should make my fingers heal up - making a doctors appointment usually cures me!
  6. Ok. One other question - I'm pretty sure removing them has made no difference. Would knuckle pain be a longer-than-30-days kind of thing to test?
  7. I'm finishing up a nightshade free W30 the day after tomorrow. Any suggestions on reintroducing them as a group vs individually - so three days of tomatoes, then three days of peppers or just reintroduce "nightshades". Thanks!
  8. I batch brew. Maybe I'll pick up a flip top and see if it helps for second ferments. I put the lids on really tight - sometimes I have to tap the bottle on the counter because I can't even open it I have one GT bottle size second ferment that has been sitting there for 3 days now I think... a little mini SCOBY is forming on top. But when I opened it... no fizz. Any idea what that means?
  9. Jenx (or anyone with second ferments in GT bottles) - how much second ferment "food" do you add to each GT bottle? My second ferments practically never get fizzy anymore. I'm not really doing anything different - I've tried whole fruit (maybe 2 tbsp blueberries or 3-4 strawberries per 16 oz bottle), fruit juice (maybe 1/4 c) and then my old standby - sliced ginger with 1 tsp sugar and they barely get fizzy. Thanks
  10. After giving up on my GTs gingerade copy-cat attempts I decided to try one more time. I thought maybe the SCOBY had something to do with it... so I got 2 plain GTs and put them in a big ol' jar with some sugared tea and grew a GT SCOBY. I figured I'd pass this along since there is conflicting info out there about whether with GTs "new" formulas growing a SCOBY is possible. It was. Its been about a 2 weeks and its a decent size already. Less expensive than buying a kit too!
  11. I used Maine wild blueberries so, no I didn't cut them My husband actually suggested maybe mashing them next time but when I put in mush (as in the grated ginger I tried last time) I got nasty mini SCOBY/ginger blobs floating at the top of my bottles. I just scooped them out before drinking but no chance of converting any non-booch drinkers if you handed them a bottle of that! I'm hoping that fresh ginger juice will help. I've tried store bought ginger juice but that didn't work. I've tried ginger slices, chunks and grated - non of which worked. Every once in a while one of the bot
  12. What you using for a container for a second ferment? I usually just use GT bottles. So I have about 2 cups of booch in there - any idea how many cups are in your second ferment container?
  13. So are most of you using fruit juice for second ferments? I had been using ginger but I'm giving up on recreating GT's Gingerade... ain't gonna happen. I put a spoonful of blueberries into my last second ferment (bottled in GT bottles) and all it did was turn the booch dark - I can't taste them at all. I was just given a Nutribullet which, per my dad, is as good as his juicer so maybe I can make ginger juice and I'll give the Gingerade one more shot. But besides that is using fruit instead of juice why I'm not tasting anything?
  14. Purpleish? Brown stringy things are yeast (I believe). Could the berry juice have darkened them?