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  1. Hi LadyM! Nice to see a familiar name around here :) Day 77... what a great feeling! And all that movement - how awesome! I sure hope you don't end up locked down again After a 3-4 month stint with "mostly" carnivore I've decided to go back to what feels more nourishing and do a W30. I popped into the forum for the first time in almost a year... and... wow, cobwebs :) I used to love this place and the support! And I find it so useful looking back at my old logs... Anyway, just wanted to say hi because your name was the only one I recognized
  2. @LindaLeeWell it sounds like you've got all of this thought through! Good luck with your training
  3. @LindaLee Maffetone for CrossFit... I've never heard of that. Are you actually trying to keep HR low during WODs? I think Maffetone and CF come at performance gains from totally different perspectives... CF is meant to get your HR up, Maffetone is to keep your HR down... so if one does a WOD trying to meet both those goals he/she is actually not meeting either. But maybe not...? I'm not a trainer so don't necessarily listen to me But in general... I think it is best to stick to one training philosophy and not mesh more than one. What is your ultimate goal? Run a marathon? Clean and jerk
  4. @LindaLee As a (former) CrossFitter and half-marathon runner I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you might be undervaluing the intensity of your workouts If you are doing and of the strength or metcon portions of your WOD as intended you need to "account" for them. If you don't mind my asking - what is your HR% in your "aerobic" zone... I've never done a metcon with a heart rate that I would consider my aerobic zone (which I would call <80-85% of HR max). When performed as written, metcons are meant to be hard - so are you not doing them hard or just not "counting" them as h
  5. It would be great for the three of you to go through this together! My best W30 was when there was a thread of 4 of us going through together!
  6. Can you eat avocado? My husbands tuna method is often 1/2-1 baked sweet potato mashed up, can of tuna, 1/2-1 avocado, dried shallots and mustard. It is surprisingly good Totally not telling you to go against medical advice but if you used just the egg yolk that would make almost a full 2 cups of mayo... so you'd be getting like 1/15th of an egg yolk per serving... Only you know how bad your sensitivity is but sometimes the poison is in the dose so just food for thought.
  7. Thanks for the recipes! In terms of ginger and stuffiness... My mom did it, her mom did it... so now I just do it too If you like science maybe you'll enjoy this. Maybe it is the anti-inflammatory nature that helps? I think one of the most useful things about journaling is what you just noticed. It reminds you to pay attention to some of the less obvious changes that might result from a nutritional change!
  8. Well, don't let anyone tell you that you haven't planned and thought this through! Here are a few more breakfast ideas: (leave out the maple) Sweet potato toast is good too... just make sure to have some protein and vegetables with it. Without onion and garlic it is tough to follow recipes as written. I follow a low FODMAP diet (and thus no onions and garlic) and tend to just make recipes without them. Some of the things I
  9. Just an FYI on the recipe... it calls for a lot of coconut oil. I think 1/2 cup? Anyway, I use like 1 tbsp I know pates often have a lot of extra fat added to them so if you are looking to mimic that super smooth mouth feel you may need it... but taste along the way. Nice job making it through a W30 over a holiday. I always wished I had a group of friends that would want to do a W30-esque holiday meal. My friends/family are all about eating things out of boxes with margarine so unfortunately not going to happen any time soon
  10. Well you've got a few years under your belt then! I didn't realize that. That sausage looks like it must be somewhat regional - I don't recognize the names of any of the stores that carry it. But... if you like cooking - this is my go-to for liver. And I hate liver. I made this in a cooking class and even the 3 year old in attendance scarfed it down! I think it is funny that once you start feeding your body things besides muscle meat and processed carbs sometimes it tells you what it needs and yo
  11. You've got a month to get ready! What are some of the biggest changes you'll have to make for a W30? Maybe we can give you some ideas/tips!
  12. In general lots of us are magnesium deficient. We get it mostly from the soil via foods grown in the soil and since our soil is depleted... so are we I casually (and with no medical license) recommend magnesium to anyone with sleep issues, muscle issues, nerve issues and everyone who has ever started on it feels better. Some people who have started it for sleep also notice other things (usually some kind of chronic neck/back/etc pain) clear up. My go-to oral has been Magnesium Serene in the berry flavor (watch out for the tangerine - it is TART). Also, there is stevia in it... so you ca
  13. @Coffeelover99 It sounds like you've recognized that a little bit of balance goes a long way! There was an instagram post today from Renaissance Periodization about how there are up to 11 meals between Thanksgiving and New Years that could be "problematic". But so many people are like: screw it, it is the holidays, I'm eating whatever. This post really resonated with me because I'm definitely in the f-it camp and this perspective really highlights how just a handful of meals shouldn't be the reason to throw all self-restraint out the window. I remember reading a statistic once that most
  14. @hollysmokes I NEVER meet anyone who knows about Katy! I love her work. How did you learn about her stuff?