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  1. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    Deb-LoL! Love the pic of blueberry girl! I sware, I might turn into her! But really...I have one serving of blueberries today. I'm proud of myself! The sugar dragon was begging to be fed... I have decided since I did an official W30...and rocked that one...I am going to just follow autoimmune paleo. I read The Paleo Approach, and also have the Cookbook. I will check back to this group now and then...but it's hard for me to keep up in this thread. I wish you all the best of luck and success with your W30 programs! Take care.
  2. outdorsgrl

    Whole 30 Binge

    I am right along with you. I happen to come across this thread...and for the last week or so, I can't seem to stop snacking...especially on blueberries. I am on my 2nd W30...this time AIP. I am on day 12. I am wondering if I am not getting enough of something?!?!
  3. outdorsgrl

    Time of the month and Whole 30

    I am almost ravenous the week leading up to my period. I am glad I can across this post. I will eat more starchy carbs. Keep rocking your 2nd W30!
  4. outdorsgrl

    Congrats on Baby9!

    Congrats to you both! I am relatively new around here! :-)
  5. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    I can't keep up on this thread! I have young kids who occupy my time (as you all understand, I'm sure)! I. can't. stop. eating. blueberries. I think I am going to turn into one. I am wondering at this point if I have fallen off the W30 bandwagon?!?! I may need to restart once I can get a grip on this. I completed a W30 recently with no problem. I wasn't eating this many blueberries...it's like my body needs them! I wonder if it's because I don't eat eggs and nuts/seeds anymore with AIP. I must not be getting enough of something. CC: I did see you are doing a triathlon. Super awesome! Good luck! You are inspirational to people like myself who run. I saw your post as it was the first one when I logged on...then I lost track. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :-)
  6. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    Ha ha...thanks for the laugh Dave! Totally needed it! I am going to do whatever it takes to tame my sugar dragon. That is why I am here on this flight with you fine folks! Thinking of everyone...and hoping you having a good week so far. :-)
  7. outdorsgrl


    I am on my 2nd W30. This one I am doing with AIP. I would like to enjoy some pumpkin. What can I make with pumpkin?!?!?!
  8. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    Hey everyone! Hope you had a great holiday weekend! Day 9 of my W30 w/AIP. Over the weekend I craved blueberries and coconut manna. I just couldn't get enough. My menstrual cycle is next week, and I always seem SO hungry the week before...almost bottomless. I stayed within W30 foods, but I know I had more blueberries and coconut manna than the template allows. The sugar dragon seems to have a grip on me. I can see the inflammation in my stomach. I am thin, but by evening I look 3-4 months pregnant. I think I need to go cold turkey and stop eating the coconut manna. I think it's a BIG culprit...but hard to say. Dang SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) too. Ugh...I have a LONG way to heal! Lots of great people in this group...and I will read more of your quotes, etc. Great support system here! Have a fantastic week!
  9. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    Good morning! Day 5 for me...and definitely more conscience of what I am eating, especially the coconut manna. I am working hard to limit it to 4-5tbsp. a day. I forgot to mention I am FODMAP intolerant at the moment...and from what I have read...coconut is a high FODMAP food. I would love to be part of the IOD...but am a little stricter than even an AIP. I will do what I can! I did an AM yoga circuit this morning...but would much rather have done it on a paddle board in the ocean, etc. like what Meadow posted! Have a fabulous weekend! Thinking of everyone...much success with your W30's! :-)
  10. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    I just got my copy of the Paleo Approach Cookbook from Amazon. I am excited to get in the kitchen and cook! Day 3 of W30 + AIP...and doing okay. I had coconut manna for a snack, but less than I normally would. Following the guidelines otherwise. I am finding it harder to get out of bed in the morning. I feel groggy...but I pushed myself to run this morning. I made it 4.36 miles. Not too shabby. I will eventually catch up on reading posts, I sware! Hope everyone's week is going well! :-)
  11. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    @Deb: It is definitely a no brakes food for me. I found one thread...thanks! I find motivation in others with my running/exercise. We can all motivate one another. :-)
  12. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    Hi all! I haven't had time to read through all the posts in this forum...just glance quickly. I started my 2nd W30 today...only this time with AIP. I found it relatively easy to cut out the two big things I was continuing to still eat during my 1st W30...and that was eggs and nuts/seeds. So far so good! I think my biggest problem is I still like to snack between meals. I will typically grab some fruit or my latest addiction...which is coconut manna (puréed coconut). It is easy for me to grab a spoon and enjoy 1tbsp...sometimes 8 or 9. I know I should not consume that much...must be I need it, or the sugar dragon has it's claws in me. Other than that...I follow the W30 with AIP. A little about me: I have intestinal permeability and autoimmune thyroid disease. I am looking to heal my body with nutrition/food and exercise. That is why I am here doing my 2nd W30 with you fine folks! I run 2-3 days a week...typically 4-5 miles each time...with a long term goal of running a half marathon next Fall. I am also going to start a program to cross-train between runs...and it's called PiYo...which is a combination of pilates and yoga. Supposed to be good for toning, and building core strength. Thank you for letting me come along on this "flight" with you! Much W30 success to everyone! :-)
  13. outdorsgrl

    Dirty 30 8/21 Start

    Looks I have pages and pages to read in the forum! I am going to join ya'll Monday, and have been slowly getting myself/food prepared. Any tips for this AIP virgin?!?!?!
  14. outdorsgrl

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    Thanks...I figured I would need to avoid it. What is the "mother?"
  15. outdorsgrl

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    I will be starting another W30 with AIP...and I am confused about apple cider vinegar. I am also following a low FODMAP. With a low FODMAP, I am supposed to avoid apples. Apple cider vinegar is made with organic apples. Should I be avoiding it?!?!?! Thanks! :-)