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  1. jeslight

    New Group Starting 8/1/18 :Support and updates!

    Hey Kelly! I've done W30 a few times over the years too! I'm back, having just had a baby a few months ago- ready to get at it! With a newborn who doesn't like to sleep well and three teenagers and work, I need my body operating in tip top shape! Plus I have nothing to wear. Today was day one although I guess I unofficially started Monday! I'm also doing something called Healthy Wage for extra motivation (I bet $$ against myself that I'll lose a certain amount of weight within six months- that'll keep me straight!) so I don't worry so much about cheating because I literally can't afford to, haha. Today was a typical Day 1 for me - woke up late and ran out of the house without breakfast or a packed lunch! Thankfully my boyfriend had my back and packed me leftover steak and salad. I feasted on a banana, coffee and ice water and as lunch came close- I got a phone call- boyfriend was in a car accident (he's ok) and instead of eating lunch I went to meet him and follow him home. Thankfully I had pistachio nuts in my car because I was HUNGRY! We got home and I had the steak but the veggies didn't cook right so I tossed those. Cut up a red bell pepper (my very favorite snack food) and that was it. By now the headache was starting and I knew I was lacking a few nutrient filled calories. I cut some strawberries and another banana up and had that. Now it's almost 8:30 and the baby was fussing this evening so I'm just now getting around to dinner- salmon and roasted potatoes w/ squash and zuchhini! Not an ideal first day, and my head is throbbing, but tomorrow is a new day! My struggle this time around will be working out. I just haven't figured out how to effectively fit that into my day. I've done some calesthenics but that's it. I'm also following along with the book Whole 30 Day by Day, how fun! How was your first day??
  2. Starting August 1st! The stakes are big for me as I signed up for Healthy Wage, and Whole30 is going to be an essential part of what gets me to my goal! I can't afford to throw away so much money, so I have a huge motivator to keep me from cheating! I have a 2 month old baby who doesn't like to sleep much along with three teenagers and a full time job so I need the energy and improved cognitive function that whole30 has given me in the past! I don't have a ton of spare time for all of the pretty whole 30 recipes and I am pretty domestically challenged anyways so I'll be going with pretty simple foods. I AM all about keeping things fun, though! So I'm looking forward to doing this alongside others!
  3. jeslight

    Starting January 2!

    Well, day 3 here and the headache is surreal. It's been 12 hours straight of the throbbing. I'm pregnant so I can't take anything for it (I'm not big on OTC meds but at this point I would have totally caved otherwise). I've tried essential oils, tea, almonds, bananas, a hot shower, etc. I've been here before and I know it just has to play itself out- THIS is just how dependent my body is on sugars and caffeine! Crazy! I made an amazing chili last night So yummy! How's everyone else?
  4. jeslight

    Starting January 1, 2018

    Gosh I love New Years! I've done W30 successfully several times and made many more attempts. I'm stoked to rev it up again and get to feeling like my best me! Today was day 1 and it was a doozie. You'd think by now I'd be better prepared, especially for the inevitable stress-obstacles that never fail to attempt to throw me off track right out of the gate! SO many opportunities to make healthy wise decisions in the next 365 days! Let's do this!