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  1. jeslight

    New Group Starting 8/1/18 :Support and updates!

    Hey Kelly! I've done W30 a few times over the years too! I'm back, having just had a baby a few months ago- ready to get at it! With a newborn who doesn't like to sleep well and three teenagers and work, I need my body operating in tip top shape! Plus I have nothing to wear. Today was day one although I guess I unofficially started Monday! I'm also doing something called Healthy Wage for extra motivation (I bet $$ against myself that I'll lose a certain amount of weight within six months- that'll keep me straight!) so I don't worry so much about cheating because I literally can't afford to, haha. Today was a typical Day 1 for me - woke up late and ran out of the house without breakfast or a packed lunch! Thankfully my boyfriend had my back and packed me leftover steak and salad. I feasted on a banana, coffee and ice water and as lunch came close- I got a phone call- boyfriend was in a car accident (he's ok) and instead of eating lunch I went to meet him and follow him home. Thankfully I had pistachio nuts in my car because I was HUNGRY! We got home and I had the steak but the veggies didn't cook right so I tossed those. Cut up a red bell pepper (my very favorite snack food) and that was it. By now the headache was starting and I knew I was lacking a few nutrient filled calories. I cut some strawberries and another banana up and had that. Now it's almost 8:30 and the baby was fussing this evening so I'm just now getting around to dinner- salmon and roasted potatoes w/ squash and zuchhini! Not an ideal first day, and my head is throbbing, but tomorrow is a new day! My struggle this time around will be working out. I just haven't figured out how to effectively fit that into my day. I've done some calesthenics but that's it. I'm also following along with the book Whole 30 Day by Day, how fun! How was your first day??
  2. Starting August 1st! The stakes are big for me as I signed up for Healthy Wage, and Whole30 is going to be an essential part of what gets me to my goal! I can't afford to throw away so much money, so I have a huge motivator to keep me from cheating! I have a 2 month old baby who doesn't like to sleep much along with three teenagers and a full time job so I need the energy and improved cognitive function that whole30 has given me in the past! I don't have a ton of spare time for all of the pretty whole 30 recipes and I am pretty domestically challenged anyways so I'll be going with pretty simple foods. I AM all about keeping things fun, though! So I'm looking forward to doing this alongside others!
  3. jeslight

    Starting January 2!

    Well, day 3 here and the headache is surreal. It's been 12 hours straight of the throbbing. I'm pregnant so I can't take anything for it (I'm not big on OTC meds but at this point I would have totally caved otherwise). I've tried essential oils, tea, almonds, bananas, a hot shower, etc. I've been here before and I know it just has to play itself out- THIS is just how dependent my body is on sugars and caffeine! Crazy! I made an amazing chili last night So yummy! How's everyone else?
  4. jeslight

    Starting January 1, 2018

    Gosh I love New Years! I've done W30 successfully several times and made many more attempts. I'm stoked to rev it up again and get to feeling like my best me! Today was day 1 and it was a doozie. You'd think by now I'd be better prepared, especially for the inevitable stress-obstacles that never fail to attempt to throw me off track right out of the gate! SO many opportunities to make healthy wise decisions in the next 365 days! Let's do this!
  5. jeslight

    Can I change my carb-loving teen daughter?

    So much about this age is tough! I have three teenage girls ages 13, 15, and 17 and they all LOVE junk food. None have weight/obesity issues, but I've spent a good 5-6 years learning about truly good health and nutrition and I try to share that with them. They know that the sugary and processed foods are genetically made to be addictive, they know that poor diet is to blame for acne or catching colds easier or their energy levels and stuff like that. I'm open about my own struggle with "But it just tastes SO good!" and they've witnessed me go through a few whole30s and how much better I feel when I'm active and putting good food in my system. It's never about weight, but I have explained that it is just one of many side effects to being self-destructive with our food choices, that it's not even the major ones, just symptoms of bigger issues. That being said, it is still a struggle. I've laid out the knowledge and I control what is eaten in our home or bought with my money. I've been super lax lately, but I've somehow convinced them to do a whole30 as a family as an experiment to see how big of a difference it can make. "It's JUST 30 days." They know its gonna be crazy hard but they seem to be in. Then the results will do all of the convincing. I homeschool and so I'm incorporating a super insightful, eye-opening nutrition curriculum that my foodie friend put together and that will be throughout their spring semester, so whole30 will be tied in with it. Mostly what I've learned through this stage of parenting is that you model the right behavior, be open and honest and talk to them like adults, provide the right options and opportunities, but ultimately we have to learn to let go and pray and hope that something will stick at some point. Good luck!!
  6. Ladyshanny and Tonya, thank you! I just went out and got some potatoes and sweet potatoes. I was eating them almost daily at the beginning of the month (I'm on day 24) but haven't at all really since. This is my second w30 and I did the lurong Paleo challenge before that and potatoes at those time either weren't allowed (LuRong) or were suggested mostly for really active athletes in moderation. I'm usually pretty active, too, but there's been a ton of rain lately and I haven't gotten out to run much in the last two weeks. Yesterday was my first day back to Crossfit in over 2 months! I'm blissfully sore today! And truthfully (go figure-after my rant) woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed before the sun this morning! But I will add back in starchy veggies (no complaints here- I love them!) and see if that helps too!
  7. Starting to do some research on adrenal fatigue. I am weepy tired all of the time, this week has been especially so. I've been upping my fat intake all week but I feel like a wreck. Like I can't clear the fog. It feels like simple basic everyday tasks wipe me out completely. So, I guess I have a lot of prolonged stress in my life. It's unavoidable stuff, not going away anytime soon (single, homeschooling mom of three) but honestly, I love my life A LOT and don't necessarily feel stressed out at all. Sure life is busy, whose isn't?? There are SO MANY other people with SO MUCH more going on. Besides, I've been doing this on my own for a long time. NBD. I'm an extremely laid back person with a deep faith and subsequent peace. I'm easily amused and laugh a ton everyday. It takes a whole heck of a lot for me to feel angry or offended. I have great family and friends, so much support. I have super easy going kids that are a blast to spend every day with. I was told tonight by my dearest friend "Jes, anyone who has the list of stuff you're dealing with right now would be crazy stressed." My genuine response is "It's no big deal." So, CAN your body be stressed when you don't feel stressed at all? Granted, with the lethargy I've been feeling this week, I AM starting to feel it too... Wherefore art thou Tiger Blood???
  8. Yay for homemade mayo! Y'all were right about the immersion blender! What a difference! Found this tutorial online: And doubled the recipe and it took less than two minutes, start to finish! Blended for about 30 seconds! Beautiful, great tasting mayo, no need to slow drip the oil, no need to have the egg room temperature. The hardest part was finding a jar with a big enough mouth on it... wound up in a glass jar clearly labeled "SUGAR" which I find more than a little amusing I do believe I have a new favorite kitchen tool!
  9. Day 20 for me. I'm craving dessert in a big way. Despite being wildly busy it keeps seeping into my thoughts... all day... chocolate.... Went through the drive through today: "I'll have an UNsweet tea!" (extra emphasis!) Got to the window to pay, "You got that as an UNsweet tea, right?" (in an extra nice but still emphatic voice) "yep!" Got to the next window and am handed my drink, just for added measure, "This is UNsweet right?" (can you see I've dealt w/ this before?) "Yep!" Drive to my destination, walk in the building, poke straw through cup and sip...... can you guess??? southern girl problems, nobody orders that here. Anyways, no tiger blood, but I finally slept like a champ last night! I'm in that tough spot where I feel like nothing's working but I remember that's normal and I'm not about to give up right before the breakthrough. Can't recall if I'm spot on with the w30 timeline, wasn't day 20 or 21 typically the toughest? Tired of the same foods, need to look into homemade sauces and dressings to liven up my meals. Alright, no more whining, this cranky pants is going to bed, exhausted.
  10. ok... my appetite must be shrinking. i couldn't eat the whole ribeye on my own tonight . what. in. the. world. had like 6 bites left and i just couldn't do it. i'm pretty serious about my steak y'all.
  11. Hey peeps! I am still around and in the game but have had a busy week! My sleep is almost NON-existant!! The only thing I can think of for this is that I have not been able to get out and run much in the past two weeks and not at all in the past week (thanks to a lot of rain and...well... LIFE) so maybe my body has become dependent on that activity. I made some most excellent almond-crusted baked chicken tenders the other night I just loved! Ground up some raw almonds w/ my ninja, added some cayenne, pepper, salt, paprika, and garlic powder and mixed, battered some chicken tenderloins in a few whipped eggs, coated with almonds, baked at 350 for 30 min. ===== yum!!!! And so easy! Hope y'all are having a great first week for the 1/12 starters! And everyone else too! I have tried to figure out how to post pictures on here... someone might have to walk me through that!
  12. Tulip, I'm on day 13 and I have felt the same way all day. I'm so tired and had such a busy day and was almost tempted to throw in the towel. I haven't felt like snacking lately but today was a different story. Hang in there! We'll be so glad we did! And my oldest daughter did that with black permanent marker when she was a toddler- I feel for you!!! Tiger Blood is when you feel full of energy and unstoppable and on top of the world... it's pretty awesome! can't wait to have it back!
  13. oh how i would have loved to scrub the floors today, but sadly ..... that'd be my oldest daughter's chore and she had it done this morning before I even made it downstairs for the day.... darn! We run a pretty tight ship at Casa De Light! I love Mondays! Y'all might think I'm crazy and I do appreciate weekends and the fun, but by Monday I'm ready for routine! It's raining here which can taper our enthusiasm but I'm knee deep in Latin and Algebra and Government class prep for my homeschool students I tutor on Tuesdays! I hard boiled a bunch of eggs, cooked up some compliant pork chops for the next few days lunch, and have a yummy soup i saw on instagram this morning slow cooking for dinner w/ friends tonight And my scale? She's tucked away! That might be my biggest hurdle! Since I'm technically on Day 12 I'd like to report, while I'm not sleeping super well lately, I AM waking up earlier and more alert! One of the things I was looking forward to happening again- turning me into a morning person w/o the typical grogginess and "just 5 more minutes...." whining, I get up and I'm ready to go! I've done the homemade mayo, but its time for another batch. In the past I used my Ninja blender, and while it certainly worked, it was kind of awkward and cumbersome to do that slow slow drip w/ the oil... i'm thinking it might be time to order one of those immersion blenders what does everyone else use?? my first attempts w/ homemade mayo were with the stand mixer but they were a bust! I know other people use them with success though! Happy Monday rockstars!!!!