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  1. August 7th Start Date

    Hi, Sara: With your mayo, you might just try keeping going past that curdled-looking phase. Keep drizzling in the finest thread of oil and blending slowly, and I bet your mayo comes together. As for other condiments, I am totally hooked on the "Sunshine Sauce" recipe in the Well Fed cookbook. Sunflower seed butter plus coconut milk, spices and vinegar. Absolutely scrumptious. I also find a simple red-wine-vinegar and olive oil plus some dried herbs, salt, and pepper is a perfect fit for most salads--very Italian restaurant or Greek diner. Those are my go-tos.
  2. RX Bars and Lara bars

    A couple of points: Remember that sugar (and all sweeteners) is about ingredients, not nutrition content. Fruit, sweet potatoes, winter squash, and many other vegetables for that matter, contain plenty of grams of naturally occurring sugar. It is the ingredients sugar, honey, maple syrup, stevia, etc. that are out for Whole30. This is definitely not a low-carb program. Re: Larabars and RX bars specifically, the proprietors have made it clear that while these are made up of Whole30-compliant ingredients, they in many ways defeat the purpose of the program (eating whole, real foods that you actually have to cook, with the emphasis on protein and vegetables, and putting in all the thought and planning that eating real food requires). They say that this type of bar are for true emergencies only, not to be incorporated into your routine. Good luck!
  3. Nothing appeals to me

    Deb--great idea. Thanks for the recipe. I will try it!
  4. Nothing appeals to me

    MrsStick: These are all really good thoughts. I have not reintroduced gluten-free grains yet, so maybe this weekend I will try making some buckwheat bread or quinoa or something like that, just for the variety I think I'm after. Hash-browns would absolutely do the trick. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I'm at work where there are very limited food options, so I'll almost certainly be sticking with the veg/meat I brought from home. While I'm ok in theory with off-roading, the junk I could get in the cafeteria here is definitely NOT worth it. Gives me something to look forward to this weekend! Thank you!
  5. Nothing appeals to me

    I finished my first Whole 30 about three weeks ago. I have continued to eat clean ever since, choosing to eat some off-plan foods a few times. I've learned that I can eat whole milk greek yogurt in the morning without any ill effect, and alcohol in moderation. Sugar and gluten just make me hungry the next day and have a harder time staying on track. I have not reintro'd legumes yet. Anyhow, right now I am very hungry, and nothing on- or off-plan appeals to me, except for hot buttered toast. I am sick to death of sweet potatoes and squash and coconut oil and eggs and meat and veg. I love to cook and have had great variety in my food, but I'm just fed up and want something comforting, I guess. Anyone else experience this? Suggestions of what might get me through?
  6. what would demand a restart?

    I feel for you. I have young children, and the Whole30 forced me to think about every nibble of leftover food while clearing plates, lick of peanut butter while preparing snacks. My sweet daughter loves to share, so it's been hard for me to say "no, thank you" to every offer of some of her food. But it's been very good to reset my thinking, and eliminate lots of mindless eating.
  7. too much roughage??

    I'm afraid I see two non-compliant foods in your log. Ham and corn. Ham almost always contains sugar and/or other sweeteners (and potentially other additives that are non-compliant). And corn is considered a grain, not a veg on the Whole30. It sounds like you are doing well with the mental part of this, so perhaps starting fresh (using the advice you get here) will not be too hard.
  8. Adrift post-Whole 30

    Good morning: I finished my first Whole 30 on Sunday. I felt well throughout, but never awesome (as I've written about elsewhere, between food prep, full-time work, two young children, and housework, sleep gets short shrift). I figured out about 2/3 through that even fruit and nuts can be food without brakes for me, so I cut those out for the most part as well. I was disappointed on Day 31 to learn that I had lost only three pounds. I have plenty of post-baby weight to lose, and no other real health problems. So yes, I was in it for the weight loss. Now, I want to keep eating in this way in hopes of really getting in the groove and slimming down. I want to follow the "is it worth it" analysis for off-plan eating. But I'm terribly unmotivated given my lackluster results. I should be doing proper re-intros, but I don't have the food in the house. Here's what I've done: Day 31: Three compliant meals, plus I had a square of dark chocolate after dinner. The next day I felt foggy and headachey. Day 32: I had two fully compliant meals. Dinner was technically compliant, but high in fruit and low in protein and fat. The next day I had a splitting headache. Day 33: I ate only compliant food, but I couldn't stomach any protein at lunch, and at dinner I had a small glass of whiskey, which did nothing for me. I made sure to drink plenty of water before bed. I felt fine the next day (today). In general, I just feel blue. Food is really losing its appeal (I'm sick of compliant food and noncompliant food is now tainted with the potential of guilt, weight gain, and general oprobium). I want to lose weight, but feel like I haven't found the key. I'd love to have pasta and yogurt and oatmeal again, but somehow feel it's "wrong," even though I don't think I have any particular sensitivities. I'd love to hear other experiences with this phase, or from anyone who didn't lose weight at first, but did after a while. Thanks!
  9. Whole30 and Fasting

    I have a similar question. I am just coming off of my first Whole 30. It went OK--I did not notice any dramatic changes, and lost very little weight (a couple of pounds, maybe). I am trying to continue to eat in this way, following the "is it worth it?" analysis for off-plan eating. I, too, am looking at a 24-hour fast this weekend. Understanding that I am not doing a Whole 30 at the moment, but still want to reap the benefits of a generally paleo/primal way of eating, do you have any advice for the fast? Thank you.
  10. first whole 30 -- how am i doing?

    There are more experienced folks on here, but I'm thinking you can definitely do with more veggies. Best of luck! I can really sympathize with the busy schedule (and the love of bourbon).
  11. I am a mom of two, including a nursing seven-month-old. I've been enjoying W30 (on day 20), and the sense of control over food choices it has restored. However, I don't seem to be slimming down, and I wonder if it can be attributed to any of the herbal galactagogues I take to maintain milk supply (fenugreek and goat's rue). Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of this issue? Thanks!
  12. Compliant Pre-Natals?

    Check out Innate Response brand. I believe they are compliant and 100% natural and food-based.
  13. April, Fran, and experts everywhere: I am dealing with similar issues--going pretty well (Day 19), but no dramatic changes and my pants are snugger if anything. I will keep going, but won't make it to a Whole 60, as I am planning on having a celebratory cocktail for my own birthday in late October, and a slice of the birthday cake I make for my daughter a few days later. Does it make more sense to roll into a Whole 45, say, and then have those celebrations, or to reintroduce starting on Day 31, and just generally eat in the Whole 9/Whole 30 model most days?
  14. Saw weight at doctor's office

    Ah yes. Time and grace. Working on it. Thank you for the support and encouragement.
  15. Ok; I know it's a 30-day program. And I know weight loss is not the only goal. And I know the things I need to do to "perfect" my Whole 30 (more water, more sleep, less fruit, fewer nuts and seeds). I am also still nursing my seven month-old. But STILL!!! I am on day 19, have been compliant, have been working out more, and according to the scale at the doctor's office today, I have GAINED WEIGHT. I am 5'4", 158 lbs--would like to be 135. I really thought the first ten (getting me back to pre-baby weight) would come off easily with this. Grrr. I could use some encouragement.