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  1. Also, if you're working out every day (and you're on your feet all night), you might need an extra meal beyond the 3. Not eating enough will have the opposite affect you're seeking, and your body might start holding onto body fat thinking it's entering starvation mode.
  2. KayKay

    Is pumpkin not a starchy carb?

    A local restaurant serves eggs baked in delicata rings on a bed of sauteed kale (with cheese on top the eggs, so it was a post W-30 breakfast). So good!
  3. KayKay

    Starting April 6th

    Congrats on all your victories, Sue! That's fantastic! I didn't weigh myself before, but my pants are definitely fitting a lot better and my waist has thinned out. My workouts have been great this month and my skin is better than ever. I really want to keep this going, as much as possible. I just need to get out of the mindset that I have to be on an official, declared W30 to continue to stay away from certain foods. Sugar is a huge slippery slope for me, so i need to keep that sugar dragon at bay as much as possible to continue seeing results. Congrats to everyone on our 30 days!!
  4. KayKay

    Starting April 6th

    I'd be willing to keep posting here if others are. (And to clarify, I'm planning on 95% compliance after this, with minimal off-roading, but I'm not officially extending my W30. I'm looking forward to having some birthday cake at my dad's 79th this Saturday!)
  5. When you pick out an exciting post-W30 treat, and it's not cake or chips, but a container of shelled green peas.
  6. KayKay

    Starting April 6th

    OK, who else is still going here? Day 29!! I hope everyone is feeling great and is proud of their journey. I am in that blissful "the Whole30 is amazing!" stage where I want to stop people on the street and tell them all about it. I feel great, my pants are fitting nicely, my moods and energy level are fantastic...I don't really want this one to end! So I'm not thinking about day 30 as being done. It's just the beginning! How is everyone else doing?
  7. KayKay

    Celebrating nothing with all the junk

    Yep, I have to say, now that I'm at day 28 of my third W30, I'm totally ok with not eating any of it -- which would have blown my mind a year ago. Does it smell yummy? Yes. Am I totally looking forward to my kalua pork and veggies at lunch? Even more so!
  8. I work in a tech company and it's May the 4th---so of course we have to celebrate this nerdy reference with pounds and pounds of fat, sugar, and wheat! There is a table 15 feet from my desk filled with cookies, donuts, and any other combination of chocolate and flour you can think of. Thankfully it's around the corner and I can't see it. It really does seem absurd when you think about it - any excuse you eat crap. Why do we do this to ourselves?
  9. KayKay

    Butternut Squash

    Yum! I just made (and savoured) the Velvety Squash...amazing! Thanks for recommending it, everyone!
  10. KayKay

    Day 7, Feeling sad and alone

    Hey Molly, I'm sorry you're feeling sad and alone. I was a SAHM for years and know it can be very isolating and more difficult than you probably imagined at times. But I have to say that you should feel pretty great about a statement you made...that you want to hold on to this commitment to yourself. That's impressive and exciting! That's a tough thing for so many people, especially a new mom - to put themselves first. And to do a W30 while your baby is just starting to experience food is the best timing. I so wish I ate better and knew better when my kids were babies, so that I had set them up with better habits from the get go. I'm sorry you're missing your reunion. But do come here lots when you're feeling alone. We're all here together!
  11. KayKay

    Had it easy and now this?!

    Agreed. I ditched mine almost two years ago and haven't looked back. We all know when our pants are tighter or looser; we don't need a scale and its minute daily ups and downs to drive us insane and make us unhappy. Plus, many of us have an unreasonable scale number in our heads that we want to achieve, when often our bodies have their very own unique happy spot that might not be anywhere near that number. If you eat good food, eat until you are satisfied, and move your body every day, your body will find its natural state. Hang in there!
  12. KayKay

    Starting April 6th

    I certainly don't have a countdown calendar on my fridge that I cross off daily! Nope, not me.
  13. KayKay

    Its may!! what's for dinner?

    Tonight was a mustard and apple butter grilled pork tenderloin with roasted carrots and parsnips and garlicky zucchini zoodles. I am in total love with my new spiralizer.
  14. KayKay

    Corn the vegetable

    It cracks me up when my local grocery store puts their "corn fed" stickers on their beef, as if it's a good thing.
  15. Yum. I want to eat all of your food! LOL